Race Committee

We love racing our boats and the camaraderie and the challenge it presents, all in the most beautiful setting imaginable- our local waters, with a gorgeous setting sun across the Sound. On occasion it is framed against our lighthouse as we head home and it’s all smiles on our boats as we put away the gear.

But… who makes these evenings possible? Who is both the enabler of our fun and the butt of our jokes and the selfless couple of hardy souls who dash about the bay to set a course in the nick of time?? It’s your Race Committee, of course! Without them we wouldn’t have this fun.

So… Please give a big hand to the RC. NO, wait… Please BE the RC. Your club needs you. Your crews need you. You need to be on the RC boat, giving back to the club in the most meaningful way.

At least once a season, please bring your crews out for the best seat in the house, for what is sure to be a great learning experience.

Thank you in advance!

The Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club


Race Committee Volunteer Sheet