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We are the premiere racing organization in and around Huntington Bay. Our racing includes the types of events listed below, appealing to all sorts of sailors (and yes, cruisers too).

Our non-racing activities include receptions, an awards dinner, a summer barbeque, and collaboration with entities such as the Greater Huntington Council of Yacht and Boating Clubs and the Huntington Lighthouse Preservation Society

Our charitable activities include causes related to our mission, including assisting the HLPS in finishing their amazing restoration of the light and her foundation. Please join us in support of our friend at the entrance to Huntington Harbor!

The 2022 Activities Calendar has been posted

Wednesday Night Racing

This is the heart of our racing program, with 10 nights in the Summer Series and 6 in the Sunset Series. Each Wednesday by 1830 some 30-35 boats will be prowling about the Bay, scoping out  wind, current and amazing sunsets. By 1900 the first signal sounds and the first division is in sequence and fighting for that slot. By 1930 all divisions are on the course and the first and fastest boats area approaching the first leeward mark, giving that week's Race Committee crew something to smile about and tip a fresh beer to the competitors.

By 2100 most boats are almost home and crews gathering at the local watering holes or at whichever YC is rewarding  the racers with a cold drink and savory post-racing repast. Wednesday night is race night on the water and all around the pubs and clubs of the greater  Huntington  area. 

If you have ever wanted to join the excitement, there are always boats looking for crew, so drop us a line on the Club's Facebook Page or contact our Fleet Captain for introduction to skippers looking for crew.

Friday Night Racing

On Fridays, when the week's toil is behind us, several boats head out for a different kind of racing. One where we first and foremost take it easy, have a cold beer and some snacks, and head out in a fun pursuit race format. This kind of race staggers the starts by class of boat and her racing handicap. This means that as the boats complete their way around the course the first boat over the line wins,  it's really that simple. It's also a great way to start the weekend, with a few racers rafting up at the club mooring for some moonlight cocktails. 

This is the best way to discover the fun of racing and the beauty of our local waters in a relaxed atmosphere. We do 13 such races all Summer long, taking the last of these on the eve of the Huntington Lighthouse Musicfest. So get your crews and family and spend some Friday nights with us!

Weekend Regattas

Weekend regattas are where all that weekday practice comes into play. We have  5 weekends where we host local and visiting racers to compete in such classics as The Race for the Case, The Huntington Day Race (the longest running annual race in Long Island history), The venerated Katrina and Winkle Cups, and the Fall  Series at Target Rock. These regattas are followed by barbecues at local YCs and are a great opportunity to test one's skills against boats we don't normally compete against. There are skippers looking to recruit crew for these events as well, so as we said above, check in with the Club Facebook page or our fearless Fleet Captain.

Fun Races

And of course, there are the fun races that are competitive yet also feature something for everybody. These include the Women Skippers Race, where a woman of any age must be at the helm at all times, The Commodore's cup, The Little Brown Jug, where competitors strive to NOT be first across the line, and the Clash of the Champions, which takes competitors from the Summer Series and mixes them up into a fleet of the top finishers in one division, and all the rest in another. 

These races also include the option to race under "Cruising Canvas", where the competition is likely to be less technical and more tuned into a cruising lifestyle. We do this so as to appeal to racers of all types-- racing does not have to be expensive or intense!

Although participation in three of these 4 races is open to Club members only, there are always spots on competitors' boats so again, if you want to participate, you know how to contact us (hint... see above).

  For the Cruising Sailor

If your aspiration is to cruise away from the hustle and bustle of all the weekend traffic on our waters, and would like to learn about our cruising activities, check in with our Fleet Captain and you will be directed.

So now that you know what we're (mostly) all about, what say you get your sailing shoes on and come find a ride aboard a local boat in the best back yard of all, Huntington Bay!

See you on the water!

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