A Yacht Club for Sailors

Founded in 1966, the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club is truly a yacht club for sailors. A club of one hundred members, dedicated to enjoying, perfecting and practicing the fine art of sailing. Whether it's racing, cruising or just gunkholing on weekends, our schedule of events offers members and applicants activities to suit their needs.

A Water-based Club 

Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club devotes its time and resources to providing an environment on the water that is conducive to our members' activities. We sponsor and run over twenty-five races each season, many of them YRA qualifying races. As we have no land based clubhouse to support and maintain, we provide moorings in Lloyd Harbor, Port Jefferson and Block Island for the exclusive use of our members. A nominal charge is required for the latter two locations. In season, we have monthly Friday night raft-ups at our Lloyd Harbor Mooring. Member rafting on all our Club moorings are encouraged, with an overnight limit of 3 - 4 boats, weather permitting.

Land-Based Activities

Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club offers a full schedule of shore-side activities to complement our water-based focus. During the sailing season we have an annual picnic with a barbecue and all the things that go with it. Our new-member cocktail party provides an early season get-together for new and old members at the home of one of our members. And there are land cruises to various interesting locations during the off season. Our Annual Awards Dinner and Dance is the highlight of our social season in the late fall and our Christmas Party, at one of the local Yacht Clubs, closes out the season.
There are also several monthly meetings during the off-season, with speakers and topics of special interest. The Club's calendar provides a wide variety of water- and land-based activities throughout the year, providing items of interest for everyone.

Come Join Us:

As discussed previously, the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club has earned and displays an outstanding reputation throughout Long Island Sound. Our membership and continuing recruitment of sailors who want to take part in the learning experience, makes this possible. We are looking for such sailors to fill out our current roster.
If you would like to join one of our Friday night raft-ups and meet a few members, or want more information about the Club, contact the Membership Chairperson or any Officer.

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