LHYC.org                                                                                            July/August 2004


Mission Statement:


The objects of the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club shall be to encourage and promote interest in, as well as to foster the art and enjoyment of, the sport of sailing by providing the opportunity and means for the development of individual skill and knowledge, encouraging excellence in seamanship and navigation, and by providing participative events wherein these qualities can be exercised under the aegis of the LHYC burgee.


Well it’s in full swing now, and by it, I mean…”It’s Summer time, and the livin’ s easy”…yea baby.  I know it really feels like summer at the Powers’ home.  Gentle breezes, sailing school three times a week, and vacation right around the corner.  There’s one last big event before the end of summer, the Little Brown Jug race/picnic this Sunday.  You can warm up for it with the August Friday night raft-up a few days before, (see below for details).  Hopefully, what feels like a lifetime away, will be the Labor Day cruise to Pt. Jefferson and Westport, (see attached).


Friday Night Raft-up/Race

Come on out this Friday for the August edition of the raft-up/race.  The race starts with the first warning at 1900 right at the Huntington Lighthouse.  We run the Thirsty Thursday course, and then head to the LHYC mooring for cocktails.  If you don’t feel like racing, just meet us at the mooring!


Little Brown Jug

This Sunday is the annual Little Brown Jug race and picnic.  This race is one of our longest running casual, member’s only races.  The traditional course is to 11B and back, and we’ve updated it with options for a shorter course if the wind is not cooperating, (see S/I’s attached).  This race also has a notorious perpetual trophy, (one year retention), that the winner must drink from at the Awards Dinner in November.  After putting the boats away, we all gather at a beach for a lovely picnic/BBQ.  It’s a great setting this year, Bay Hills Beach, with the kids running around and hopefully a lovely sunset.


I also hope to take this opportunity to welcome our three newest members into the Club with a presentation of tie and burgee.  We may get the chance to formally present any other newer members present that might have not gotten theirs yet.


I’d like to pause at this time, and share the voices from my past, which seem to beckon me strongly lately.  It is the voices of all the past commodores of this club that I have had the pleasure of meeting.  Every one of them, when passing on the knowledge of their term has one thing in common to say.  They have all had the trouble of moving our membership, in whole, to participate in the social functions.  They all say, “Let me guess, you have the regular band of participants, a few more on top of that, and then for the most part the rest of the membership is on the fringe.”  I have stated in my first newsletter that my two primary goals would be to increase participation in the social functions and the racing events.  We are, by definition, a club of sailboat owners.  Please help me to bring this club, if not back to former glory, (100 boats on the line in the ‘60’s & 70’s), then help me turn the tide back to a flood.  Please try to attend this Sunday.  Enough preaching, (I get dizzy from the height of a soap box).


Racing News

Our fearless Fleet Capt. has put together the Fall season Notice of Race.  All should receive it in the mail soon.  Just to preview the upcoming events: this Wednesday is the notorious Clash of Champions, which is a chance for our Summer Series racers to let their hair down and have all the division leaders start at the same time.  It’s quite a sight with first gun in the Bay at 1915.  There is a raft-up afterwards at he Club mooring, and all are welcome, even if you didn’t have your boat entered this year.  Rich Rubel still has T-shirts available; please give him a call if you’d like some, ensign1601@aol.com or (631) 754-0891.


The following Wednesday, 8/11/04 is the newly expanded Late Summer Series.  Wipe the slate clean from the earlier series and start up again with a 5-week series.  There will likely be one throw out, so even if you have vacation, come on out.  Entries will be accepted until 8/18/04.


Past Events

The 4th of July cruise was run with great weather, and even better spirits.  We had a good turnout, though most were spread throughout the harbor, watching Mr. Dolan’s fireworks.  There was a raft-up at Bayville, with some hotly contested Sunfish racing, (results have still not been finalized).


The Stratford Shoal Wake-a-Wish started in light wind.  The southerly was an hour late, or so, but made up for it in velocity.  There was also some commotion going on at the finish line with a number of boats sticking around, rafted up to the committee boat to ensure they did a proper job, (and maybe stealing a few hamburgers from the grill).


The Northport YC half of the event went off this past Friday, with more kids than I ever imagined on the starting line.  One of them, particularly close to my heart may have even finished first in her division.  She also had the honor of finishing first in the fund raising, congratulations Christine Powers!  It was hard to tell if she was more exuberant over the trophy or the prize she won for the fund raising.  I was torn between her successes and the real prizewinners, the Make-a-Wish kids.  We should all be proud of ourselves.  We have been the second largest contributor to the foundation in past years, and with the continued efforts of all the people involved, I’m sure we can keep it up.

Labor Day Cruise

The circular for the Labor Day cruise is also enclosed.  Although this holiday is bitter sweat for all of us, at least it is a chance to get out for one more long weekend on the boat.  It will start with the Friday night raft-up in Lloyd Harbor, move on to Pt. Jefferson, and then to Westport Conn., (see enclosed flyer).  In addition to the BBQ at Cedar Point YC, I enjoy walking around and looking at all the different one-design boats they have.  This club is truly committed to sailboat racing, and this comes though clearly in their Corinthian spirit they always show us.


Odds and Ends

The Secretary has mailed out all the Rosters some time ago.  He has had a few people approach him to let him know they never got them.  If anyone has not received their Roster, please contact Roger Dorr at secretary@lhyc.org, or (516) 883-1889.

Don’t forget to pass along any Grounder or Boner nominations you might have.  I promise to keep them confidential, and the parties involved remain anonymous, unless they make the final cut at the Annual meeting.


Scurvy Dog Quote of the Month

A dear friend and boat yard manager for years always like to use this one.  After tending to the Christine in Oyster Bay long before anyone other than OBMC had an eye for her, he learned it the hard way.  “We would have to go to her daily and man the pumps.  You almost always arrived ankle deep in water, and if you were lucky the pump engine wasn’t under water.  The one saving grace was, ‘as it gets lower, it comes in slower’.  He meant by this that at least as the boat got lower in the water, the pressure becomes more equalized, somewhat stemming the flow.  Of course he also had to pull her up off the bottom more than once too!



See You Out There,



Charlie Powers