LHYC.org                                                                                 February 2004


Well after 14 years of henpecking others, it appears as if Iím now in the hot seat, and am responsible for writing this glorious newsletter.  First off, Iíd like to express how proud I am to have been given this chance to serve such a great group of sailors.  I look forward to the next two years.  Looking back, it seems to me that I should focus my efforts on two main goals.  As you can see by the enclosed numbers (Participation Summary), our racing participation took a sobering downturn last year, probably due to a miserable spring.  We have been working hard at this since the late 90ís and have made gradual progress.  Last yearís numbers were disheartening, and without continued growth, our sport could become less and less attractive.  This will be my first goal, as it is the mainstay of our club.  Secondly, will be the growth of participation in the social functions that we offer.  There are plenty of events scheduled throughout the year and Iím a firm believer that through these events we fulfill the mission statement of our club.


Over the next few months this publication will be going through some changes.  Iíd like to bring back some sections, (the fix it corner to name one), and start some new sections, the Mission Statement on top of every Telltales, Quote of the month, and maybe some pictures too.  I will also try to publish the Telltales monthly, hopefully right after the Board of Directors meetings each month.  Note: Iíd like to keep the letter fresh, so please pass along anything you might see fit for publication.  As any of the Past Commodores will tell you, this is one of the hardest parts of Telltales, as well as not neglecting anyone that deserves exposure.  Iíve also revamped our mailing labels.  Iíve tried to get the information up to date, and have changed the format a little.  If Iíve gotten any of the information wrong, or if Iíve offended anyone, please let me know.  I am available ether by phone (631) 549-2902, or my new e-mail address, commodore@lhyc.org, (see below).  So here we go:


Web Page:

We have a new volunteer, (read sucker), to run the webpage, www.lhyc.org, Mike Sterflinger.  He is very excited about the job, and has published a brand new site.  He will be adding new links, and information on a regular basis.  As with Telltales, he too will hope for information from the general membership to keep the page fresh.  I know Iíll be making it my browser Home Page, and hope that others will find it so useful that they will too.  Mike can be reached at; webmaster@lhyc.org, or (631) 757-0799.


New E-mail Addresses:

Mike has also set up new e-mail addresses for all our Officers.  We hope this will make it easier for everyone to reach us, including the general public off the web page.  We do this in hopes that we can promote the club, and most importantly increase race participation from inquiries from the web page.  All the addresses can be seen on the web page, and follow the pattern of the title of the officer youíre trying to reach:  commodore@lhyc.org, vicecomm@lhyc.org, rearcomm@lhyc.org, fleetcapt@lhyc.org, pastcomm@lhyc.org, secretary@lhyc.org  (Roster updates), treasurer@lhyc.org, and the most importantly, webmaster@lhyc.org.


Race Committees:

It wonít be long now until we are taking the covers off our boats, and the smell of bottom paint will fill the air, ah springtime!  This will also bring dire requests from our new Fleet Captain for Race Committee volunteers.  Please take the time to help Rich Rubel out and step up for either PRO duties, or if youíd like to learn from some of the other members, helper on the boat, or even my favorite, run the Melrose for a day.


In a related topic, Iíve enclosed a brochure for the US Sailing Race Management seminar.  Itís going to be held at Seawanhaka this year, and is a GREAT way to learn to be a PRO.  There will be a number of us attending, and feel free to contact me if youíd like to car pool.


Social Functions:

The Annual meeting was well attended this year.  It was held in a different venue, Off the Wall restaurant in Huntington.  A good time was had by all, the food was delicious, and in addition to the Club business, the exiting Commodore was presented with a nice token of our appreciation for their, (Mary Ann was always there for him), service.

The Annual ski trip went off beautifully.  Mother Nature cooperated with lots of light fluffy snow.  It was a little cool though, with most of us running around with a #3 and two reefs in the main.  It was a nice bus ride again with skiing and sailing videos on the way up, and plenty of food and that stuff the St. Bernard carries under his chin to shake the cold off, on the way back.  See the web page for more pictures, thanks Webmaster.


Iíve enclosed the draft Calendar of Events.  The date for the Winter Speaker is still to be announced, watch for next monthís Telltales, and the date for the Annapolis Boat show trip has not been finalized either.  We are undecided whether to go to the boat show Friday, and try to beat the crowds, or Saturday when most people can get off from work.  This is indeed the best boat show around, and fun day.  Our fearless Vice Commodore, Leigh Sterflinger will be sending out a poll, please send her your opinions on which day to vicecomm@lhyc.org.


Member News:

First, let me start by apologizing for those that I know Iíve missed in this section every month.  I can only publish what Iím aware of, so please help me by passing along anything you have, commodore@lhyc.org.


Iíve enclosed something I stumbled on while reading Windcheck magazine this cold winter.  Congratulations to John Stork for being honored for all he has done for our sport over the years, (sorry if weíve embarrassed you John).


Congratulations to Kaity Storck for making the All-Jobson Juniors, published in Decemberís Sailing world.  Keep up the good work, youíre making us proud.


Key West Race Week saw a few LHYC members doing well.  Roy Sherman was on a J-35 that made a respectful showing.  The Storckís, (both Bob and Johnís gangs teamed up), did quite well.  A strong finish to the week put them in 4th of 20 J-80ís, by 1 point to the Rod Johnston himself, and only 2 points from 2nd.



As is the custom this time of year, let me remind all those that have not paid your dues yet that youíre overdue.  Please send $108.75 to PO Box 60, Huntington, N.Y. 11743 ASAP.  The Treasurer will be sending nasty letters out soon, so try to beat him to the punch.



Jeff Wright has been doing some early spring provisioning shopping and has stumbled on a bargain heíd like to share with us.  Heíll be buying Bird-X directly at 1/3 the normal cost.  This is the equipment of choice to ward off the dastardly cormorants.  Itís the spikes most of us put at the top of our mast, and is usually quite pricey.  Anyone interested, please contact Jeff at jwright3@optonline.net, or (631) 368-5612.


The 2004 Safety at Sea seminar is coming up soon.  This is the premier local open ocean sailing course, and anyone planning to participate in the Bermuda Race should take it, (I believe a percentage of the crew of each boat is mandated to take this class).  It is offered by our YRA in conjunction with the US Merchant Marine Academy, and the date is Saturday, 4/3/04.  Anyone interested can get information through a link weíve put up on our web page, (www.lhyc.org), or from the YRA.



See You Out There,

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