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Mission Statement:

The objects of the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club shall be to encourage and promote interest in, as well as to foster the art and enjoyment of, the sport of sailing by providing the opportunity and means for the development of individual skill and knowledge, encouraging excellence in seamanship and navigation, and by providing participative events wherein these qualities can be exercised under the aegis of the LHYC burgee.


 Late Summer 2008

Summer may be receding but there’s still much boating and social activities ahead at Lloyd Harbor YC.  In this issue of Telltales I will attempt to recount some of the summer doings, that to me, now seem like the distant past.  Time certainly flies when you’re having fun!

The Little Brown Jug was held on August 10, and although the day was dampened by some late afternoon precipitation, a race was expertly run by ZZzooom’s Joe Nakelski and won by Bryan Coon’s new entry Orion, a good looking 34’ S2. I hope Bryan knows the tradition come November.  VC Joe Scarpulla pulled together a great barbecue, but, I guess because of the weather, the attendance was a little less than what was expected.  The weather did hold out for most of the Wednesday nights for the Summer Series, allowing us to get eight light air races in of the ten race series.  We tried something new for the Clash of the Champions – sparing the Wednesday night for the regular series racing and moved the Clash and its accompanying party raft-up to Friday, Aug. 1.  We did have 15 boats race, but a little less than that for the party, leaving us wondering if the membership appreciated that day change or not – please share your thoughts with us.  And for the Sunset Series, Meatloaf once said, “four out of five aint bad.”  Of course, for all the details, our website with the Regatta Manager can outline all the racing highlights.

While we have all been busy either cruising, racing and just running around, it occurred to me that a large segment of our club’s sailing is not being captured by this newssheet, i.e., our kids  in the various junior sailing programs at our neighboring club’s different  programs.   While only one of my daughters was peripherally associated with the Northport YC’s program this past summer, I called out to those sailing moms (I wonder if the lipstick joke applies here too?)  and dads, to fill me in on their children’s exploits.  In true Lloyd Harbor fashion, a few rose to the task with junior sailing tales which are featured below.  If the junior sailing programs don’t actively state it, I will, our kids are the future to our sport.  They will ultimately leave behind their Opti’s and Lasers and join the ranks of our PHRF fleets and perhaps crew for us older guys and gals, or race against us on JY 15’s, to use frostbiting as an example; skippers needing crew and race organizers looking to grow the ranks certainly appreciate the presence of junior sailors, and I look forward to the continuing, youthful bourgeoning of our various Lloyd Harbor fleets. 

As always, I wish everyone the best for the remainder of our season and hope to catch up with the fleet at our last few races and at the decommissioning raft –up on the Lloyd Harbor mooring on Sunday, Oct. 5.  Until then, peace and tranquility,

Rich Rubel , Commodore LHYC

Lloyd Harbor Lads and Lasses on the Water:

It was a busy year as usual for our "yutes," with regattas ranging from Miami, to San Fran, to Buzzards Bay. And our next generation of LHYC sailors did us proud in '08 - some of the highlights are listed below, and we do have many accomplishments of which to be proud:

Austin Anderson had some top fleet finishes in major regattas including the 420 NA's and the Hyannis Regatta before going off to sail at Hobart College.  Ian Storck captured 3rd in the competitive Hyannis Regatta, as well as winning the CORK 420 division, with over 50 boats.  And Alex Hering capped his season by actually finished 2nd out of 115 boats at the Buzzards Bay Regatta!  Way to go, boys!

The USODA National Optimist Championship 2008 was held in Patchogue from July 23-27 in very windy and choppy conditions in the Great South Bay.  Roger Dorr, son of club members Roger and Kris Dorr, participated in this event.  Twelve races were held over four days, and Roger placed 48th out of 345 sailors.  Three weeks later, the JSALIS Optimist Champs were hosted by Manhasset Bay Yacht Club.  The sailors faced extremely light air and variable conditions.  Of 140 sailors from Connecticut and Long Island, Roger placed second, losing a tough first place tie breaker.  Roger will continue his sailing this fall and winter, participating in the Atlantic Coast Championship in Brant Beach, New Jersey and the Mid-Winters Championship at the Southern Yacht Club in New Orleans.   

Speaking of Junior Sailing - here's an interesting heads up - - one of our local home growns, Nicole Hering, this past summer, worked for the JSA of LIS and launched a new sailing web site blog, http://www.jsablog.com/ . You gotta check it out! (Just by visiting it you're supporting one of our locals and the sport we all love.)

The site's audience grew quickly over the summer and was successful enough so that it got written up in Windcheck, was recognized and mentioned in Scuttlebutt and by Gary Jobson himself.  It has quickly become a top sailing blog site and is now the #1 junior sailing blog site in the US.  Even though it's targeted primarily to junior sailors, their parents and coaches, it still has rich content for all sailors and I strongly encourage you to visit it.

The audience is now large enough so that Nicole will continue to post content periodically through the Fall and Winter from her college perch, although less frequently than during the summer.

Thank you to the sailing parents who submitted the above and for staying involved in both junior sailing and our club’s newsletter. 

US Team Racing Championships: After three beautiful days of sailing, the race committee successfully completed 190 team races to crown the New York Yacht Club Silver Panda team as the 2008 U.S. Team Racing Champion. The third and final day of the U.S. Team Racing Championship at the Erie Yacht Club in Erie, Pennsylvania stated off promptly at 10:00 with sunshine and 12-16 knots of wind out of the west. As planned, Sunday morning progressed with seventeen teams completing the third and final elimination round which resulted in the following eight teams moving onto the quarter finals: New York Yacht Club Silver Panda, Woonsocket Rockets, TAP N' GO, Tannery Loungers, comprised of John Storck III, Erik Storck, Charlie Enright, with crews Kaity Storck, Lindsay Gibbons-Neff, and Maris, Larchmont YC, Meerkat Mayhem, West Kirby Hawks, and SoCal Seis Amigos. The crowd and excitement was building as the semi-final action was beginning to heat up! After 177 races, the following teams had the honor of racing in the semi-final team racing matches: New York Yacht Club Silver Panda, Woonsocket Rockets, TAP N' GO, Tannery Loungers, and the West Kirby Hawks. At the conclusion of the semi-finals, the New York Yacht Club Silver Panda and the West Kirby Hawks had the distinguished honor of moving on to the U.S. Team Racing Championship Final which was a best of five races gun slinging showdown. The match-up for third and fourth place was between Tannery Loungers and Tap N’ Go. The Tannery Loungers earned the third place victory after beating the Tap N’ Go team in 3 to 1 in a best out of five racing format.

The U.S. Team Racing Championship concluded with the New York Yacht Club Silver Panda team claiming victory. In the final match up, the New York Yacht Club Silver Panda quickly executed their strategy, tactics and finesse to sweep the West Kirby Hawks in three straight race wins. 30 matches later it was obvious that no other team at this year’s team racing event could match the intensity of the New York Yacht Club Silver Panda team. Looking at the facts, you will see that Silver Panda dominated this year’s 2008 U.S. Team Racing Championship. Round 1 – Silver Panda sweep their matches with 5 wins and 0 losses. Round 2 was a little more of a challenge for them – resulting in 7 wins and 1 loss. Round 3 had the same winning results as round 2 – 7 wins and 1 loss. Silver Panda then moved on to win the quarter finals with 2 wins and 0 losses. The semi finals were also an easy sweep for this powerhouse team with 3 wins and 0 losses. No reason to slowdown the domination now, The New York Yacht Club Silver Panda wrapped up the 2008 championship event in the finals with 3 wins and 0 losses. All said and done at the end of the three day competition, the New York Yacht Club Silver Panda team raced 22 matches and lost only two of the matches. Congratulations Peter Levesque, Elizabeth Hall, Clay Bischoff, Lisa Keith, Colin Merrick and Amanda Callahan for a championship well sailed, good luck at the Worlds in Perth, Australia.

The Tannery Loungers just finished third in the Hinman (US Sailing Team Racing National Championship). Since the second place team was from GBR, the Tannery Loungers will join Silver Panda at the Team Race Worlds to be held at Perth in January.


Ensign Sailing Anyone?  One of Lloyd Harbor’s own had a very successful 2008 Ensign Nationals; congratulations to the skipper and crew of Ensign #1271, Ohana (sometimes confused on the water as Obama), the sole representative of Fleet #7 for securing a very respectable 3rd place overall.  With Scott Apmann at the tiller, and Mark Swanson, PC Leigh Sterflinger and David Waldo in the cockpit, they made a statement by scoring three firsts and one second place finish, during the nine race 35 boat regatta in Niantic, CT.  Clearly a boat to watch in the future.

While on the topic of Ensign Nationals, everyone is aware that our local Fleet #7 is hosting the 2009 regatta, with Centerport and Northport YC's as the host venues. We are pleased to announce that Leigh Sterflinger has agreed to act as our Regatta Chairperson. All active members in Fleet #7 will be expected to help out in some capacity, so be prepared to volunteer, or be volunteered.  Submitted by past Ensign national champion Thom Hering who came in second in local fleet #7’s 2008 championship. 


YRA LIS Champs: On August 9 & 10, the YRA of LIS held its 4th Annual Championship Regatta which a attracted three LHYC yachts, Rascal, Rift and Tizona.  The weather provided beautiful sunny skies, but light and variable winds on day one and lots of drifting around.  The Riverside RC did a good job setting the second course, adjusting for a substantial shift and managing to get two starts off in the frustrating conditions.  Ironically, when racing concluded for the day, the wind strengthened and would have provided ideal racing conditions with a 10-15 kt. south-westerly.  However, the celebration onshore beckoned and none of the crew seemed to mind too much. The afternoon wrapped up tremendously with perfect weather, great music and a gorgeous setting sun to travel home by, sort of resembling a college road trip.

The second day began with a frustrating three hour drift before the wind picked up.  Some thought RC should have started us around noon, when there was enough wind to move about, but when they got the first division off by around 1300 hrs., they promptly abandoned that race due to a 60 degree shift and re-set the course.  By now, menacing grey skies had occluded Manhattan, areas south of Long Island and a similar picture had shaped up over Westchester.  Rascal and Rift would race that day, while a frustrated Tizona sprinted home with a storm-weary crew and reluctant skipper bounding home at 7.5 kts. on a broad reach under grey skies. The crew, fresh from July's Newport Nationals aboard LHYC yacht Brilliant, saw enough rough weather to cause concern among some of its hardiest; respecting that concern, Tizona retired to race another day. Congrats to Rascal for her third place finish, Rift on her 5th and kudos for "crew love" to Tizona. 
Submitted by Cesar Vallejos

Board Meeting Bullets: The September Board Meeting, hosted by the Sterflinger’s at their home addressed the following as part of our agenda:


Katrina & Winkle Cups:  Lloyd Harbor partnered once again with Centerport for the running of CYC’s 55th Winkle Cup and our 41st Katrina Cup.  With only approximately 3 or so knots at the appointed start time, Lloyd Harbor’s PRO PC Charlie Powers, with family in tow, worked some magic and held a race to be marveled.  With a half mile leg, twice around, the fleet of 20 all finished in very light, but manageable breezes.

In previous runnings of this late summer event, races were often abandoned, or Centerport’s race was held and the southerly would not arrive in  a timely fashion for us to compete for the Katrina Cup.  Not this year - perched up on high CYC’s committee boat, the Lady Hawk, Charlie headed us out further north, saw that there was a very localized little southerly system and quickly got the race started.   For the bigger boats, half mile windward legs seemed like a “sprint series,” but we got in two extremely competitive races and made it back to CYC in time for a lovely barbecue and race announcements.  Kudos to Charlie, to Mark Glackin for stepping up and running the Melrose as a mark boat, and to PC Chris Schneider who liaised with Centerport YC, making this one of the more memorable partnered events in our recent history. 


Stamford Denmark Friendship Race

After much fretting over the arrival of Hurricane Hannah, a LHYC contingency headed across the sound on Sunday September 7, in a stiff northwesterly for the on time start of the Stamford Denmark Friendship Race.  While this is typically a late summer drifter, the hurricane remnants stayed for the morning’s sail over and remained on the course for most of the day, making this one of the most enjoyable races they ran in the past few years.    The LHYC pack included Orion, Vex, Rogue, Rascal, Tizona, Soul Rebel and Brilliant, along with our Huntington fleet members Rag Doll, Ranger’s Charlie and Loki.

            The day ultimately settled down to a beautiful 12 kns. staying out of the north west, making for a great 12 mile course, with a windward mark at the Greenwich Harbor entrance, a run to Gong 15 at Lloyd’s Point and then back north to the yacht club where the Havarti cheese and Akavit awaited.  As with most successful races, the party was up to prior year’s standards, and the Huntington gang enjoyed their collective success and the fine fare of the Stamford YC.  Out of our group, there were five prize winners and many who enjoyed the awards ceremony, cheering on those present and those who needed to head back across the sound.    Being one that needed to head home, tracks were made by popping the assym.  Sensing the enjoyment of all who participated, as well as hearing from a few, this is certainly an event to keep on your calendar.  Perhaps we will seek to incorporate this style of navigators’ race into Lloyd Harbor’s repertoire should the sailing populace so desire. 


Miscellaneous Illuminations:

On September 20, 2008, the American Littoral Society is participating in the 22 Annual International Coastal Cleanup, picking up debris and documenting the kinds of litter found.  In 2007, 9,339 volunteers collected over 70 tons of debris along 677 miles of NYS shoreline. This year, Girl Scout Troop 2872 from Greenlawn will collect debris at Centerport Beach . You can contact Cesar Vallejos (cjvallejos@gmail.com) a Beach Captain to participate, or Barbara Cohen, ALSBeach@aol.com or (718) 471-2166 and the Cleanup Hotline: (800) 449-0790 ~~__/)  Condolences to the Carballal family on the passing of Terri’s 93 year old father in late August.  We extend our sympathies to the family. 


Upcoming Events:  Remember to mark your calendar, RSVP and support our club’s racing and social events:


Fall Series – Saturday, October 4

LHYC Decommissioning – Sunday, October 5

Awards Dinner, Northport Yacht Club - Saturday, Nov. 8


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