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Mission Statement:


The objects of the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club shall be to encourage and promote interest in, as well as to foster the art and enjoyment of, the sport of sailing by providing the opportunity and means for the development of individual skill and knowledge, encouraging excellence in seamanship and navigation, and by providing participative events wherein these qualities can be exercised under the aegis of the LHYC burgee.


There is no doubt that the summer is over now, and it seems the fall racing season is flying by.  It is a great time of year to sail, as the lazy summer weather patterns give way to fast moving cold fronts, ripping through bringing crisp northwesterly breezes.  I love the fall season as we have these great winds, but yet the waterís still warm and the boat is already stocked and fully rigged, it makes it so easy.  On Janann we find ourselves sneaking a few more sails in on the weekend afternoons, getting those last guests that weíve been trying to get out all season but havenít had the chance to during the summer.  One last sail!


Upcoming Events


Next Sunday, October 9th is the annual Womanís Skippers race.  This is a fun race around the Thirsty Thursday coarse.  Woman drivers only, they may draft any gender as crew though.  Itís a fun race and the racing skippers are separated from the cruisers, with awards for 1st through 3rd for both classes.  Flyer enclosed.


On the same day as the above race, we will have the Club Decommissioning and Second Annual Blender-Off.  There will be some new prizes this year as well as the honor of winning the Blender Drink of the Year perpetual, (Todd Willis won last year).  Even if you canít make the race, meet us at the mooring for a last raft-up.  Flyer enclosed.


Still remaining for this year is the Awards dinner, Saturday, November 12.  This will be followed by the annual Holiday party.  Please note that the date for this has been changed to Sunday, December 4.  This was for various reasons, but know that we have secured a very nice restaurant for us, and it proves to be a great time in the making.


Past Events


The Little Brown Jug race and picnic was one for the record books this year.  In my 14 years of involvement with the club I donít think Iíve seen this many boats turn out.  Iíve enclosed the results and can you believe there were 25 boats at the starting line!  Joe Nakelski and crew served as race committee and sent us out on the traditional course of 11B and back.  We had a tight reach out in a Northerly and the run back was marked by a drop in velocity at a convergence as the southerly took over.  The faster boats were able to plow through this and congratulations, (condolences), to the gang on Salient for taking first overall.  I hear Mike is worried about taking the winners mystery shot at the Awards dinner and everyone else has elected Bernadette to the honor.  The picnic after was a super event with many members from the whole range of the roster showing up.  Our fearless Vice Commodore did a great job of running the picnic and thanks also to our members that belong to the beach club for allowing us to use the facilities.


The Labor Day cruise was once again a fun time.  This year we took the precaution of breaking up the raft-up for the night on the Port Jefferson mooring.  The next day saw a beautiful day for the trip to Cedar Point YC with a BBQ at the clubhouse that night.  Labor Day proper saw a fun race in a lovely southerly to Bell 8 and a raft-up at the club mooring afterwards.  We were very proud on Janann to finally win one of those daily first coffee mugs we give out for these races!


The first fall race for us did not see such luck, and was plagued by light/non-existent winds.  The combined Katrina Cup/Winkle Cup, run in conjunction with Centerport YC had to be abandoned and the only real highlight was a nice party at CYC afterwards.  Stay tuned next year, since this event has had the same issue for the last three years in a row, we are thinking of moving the date to later in the fall.


Member News


Once again we have much to be proud of as our members travel abroad.  Although Saturday saw no racing for the Katrina Winkle, Sunday had enough of a light easterly to run both the Stamford Denmark and the Larchmont NOOD.  At the NOOD we saw the new boat to the fleet, Ed Doleís J-109 taking 1st out of 11 boats!  In the J-44 fleet, tight competition, as always, saw the Willis crew missing 1st by virtue of a tie breaker.  Don Rave and family right behind them, taking 3rd.  Over at Stamford, we see Joe Nakelski and the crew of Zzzooom win their formidable class!  Over in spinnaker class 6, we saw the two LHYC boats walk away from the rest of the pack right away.  They then go into an epic tacking duel on the third and final leg to a razor close finish in light air and adverse tide.  Congratulations to the Kendrickís and the gang on Palantir.  The other crew, of course, was the big red boat of Bob Storck, Pied Piper.  Nice job by both of you, and lets not forget that itís the time we spend racing each other locally that gives us the opportunity to pull away from the other competition and raise our game to the match racing level.  Paul Eliea and company had other difficulties and couldnít make the start.  Brian Coon was seen still learning that fine new boat of his, taking 9 out of 11.  Dave Vaughn and the Carballalís finished mid class with Tomahawk and Sunday Diver respectively.  Congratulations to all, and I know Iím very proud to see so many LHYC boats at these travel events on a regular basis.


Boners and Grounders


Iím glad to announce weíve had a nomination in both categories this month.  Before I start, let me remind all that the competition goes on all year and that all sources are always keep confidential.

On the Boner front, we see a few of our more senior members doing the noble thing and volunteering to help a new member with race committee work for one of our Wednesday night races.  I can only imagine the quote now as they meet at the MelroseÖďdonít worry kid; we wonít let anything bad happen.Ē  Well, as they are setting up the course and after dropping the windward mark the engine begins to have a little difficulty.  No problem, weíll just pump the bulb, you know how these outboards are.  Whatís that you say, canít get any pressure, humÖdid anyone check the fuel gauge???  Oh well, I guess weíll have a half mile leg tonight, and oh yeh, can one of you blow boaters give us a tow in afterwards?  Thanks guys, not only have you helped the depth for this award, but at the price of gas these days, youíve saved the club a bundle of money.

Regarding the Grounder, we see a classic mistake.  Although itís easy to misconstrue this as a lack of local knowledge, (they are new members), they may also have many years experience in the area prior to their membership with us, (hope I havenít said too much).  Anyhow, on the way back from a Thirsty Thursday race we see the boat in question cutting the green in the Gold star field only to find the lump on the bottom left there by a sinking barge many years ago.  No damage to boat or crew, other than a bruised ego for the captain.  Glad it turned out OK.


Odds and Ends


As I sit here fondly remembering the summer, Iím reminded that I must pay the fees for using the Port Jefferson and Block Island moorings.  Please remember to do the same.  Itís $15/night for Pt. Jeff. and $20/night for BI.  Just mail the check made out to LHYC to PO box 60, Huntington, NY 11743.


Our fearless Fleet Captain also heads up the frostbiting held at Centerport YC.  He reminds me that itís not too early to start thinking of campaigning a JY 15.  If anyone is interested, Rich Rubel can help arrange entering, buying a boat or even get you on one as crew.  He can be reached at fleetcapt@lhyc.org, or 631-754-0891.




See You Out There,


Charlie Powers



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