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Mission Statement:

The objects of the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club shall be to encourage and promote interest in, as well as to foster the art and enjoyment of, the sport of sailing by providing the opportunity and means for the development of individual skill and knowledge, encouraging excellence in seamanship and navigation, and by providing participative events wherein these qualities can be exercised under the aegis of the LHYC burgee.




Well, the kids are back to school and the summer sailing season, which seems like it began a few weeks ago, is a thing of the past – where did the time go!  We had a great summer season with plenty of good sailing.  It was a hot summer with a record number of hot days, but we were lucky to have relatively good weather and plenty of wind for our Wednesday night Summer Series.  We did not have quite as much wind for our weekend events, but the turn out was good and a day on the water is always a good day in my eyes (OK I lied – it’s painful to sit in a drifter – unless you have enough beer to drown your misery!). 


With the summer sailing season past us, I look forward to the upcoming fall racing events and plan to squeeze a little more racing in if my crew is up for it – I know that they are!  Typically, the fall season brings some great racing.  I hope to see record registrations for the Katrina & Winkle Cup Race run in conjunction with Centerport Yacht Club and our own Target Rock Fall Series.  Please sign up early and let’s finish our racing calendar with as many boats out there as possible.  If you need crew or if you are crew looking for a ride – please let me know and I will get out the word.  Our Fleet Captain John Belle needs volunteers for these two events so please step up if you are not sailing.  Don’t forget our decommissioning raft-up scheduled for Sunday, October 10th out at the club mooring in Lloyd Harbor – bring your burgees and best club attire and let’s decommission in style.  Prizes will be awarded for best dressed and best boat signature cocktail! 

LHYC STRATFORD SHOAL RACE was held July 10th and is one of our annual charity events.  This year we helped raise over $3,000.00 for the MAKE-A-WISH charity.  The 30 skippers and crew who registered for the event were faced with a long day on the water in very light winds - just as the weatherman predicted.  The boats slowly drifted around the 34 mile course.  Those that persisted made it back for a late night finish, while others packed it in early as TLE was a likely ending for slower boats.  Unfortunately, the light wind prevented any boat in the JAM class to finish the race before the time limit expired.  However, in the spinnaker class, Leverage, co-entered by LHYC sponsor Tom Carroll, was first across the line while PC Ed Dole's Rogue went closer to the Connecticut coast to find a bit more wind and breeze for the overall win! 


THE 2010 SUMMER SERIES – We had a great series with wind every week.  Our first race RC’d by John Storck Jr. looked like it might not happen as the wind dropped just as we got to the course, but John persevered and waited for a southwest breeze that filled in after 45 minutes of mulling about and we were off and running.  We continued the series with varied conditions of light wind on few nights, but had moderate to heavy wind most of the evenings.  We were treated to some beautiful summer nights with great racing in all but one of the ten scheduled races.  The one we missed was down the stretch where every race counts - race 9.  With most of the boats on their way out to the race course, a nasty summer storm blew threw the harbor with 30 mph gusts knocking boats on their heels. 

The RC smartly pulled the plug and everyone made it back to port safely.  For those in tight competition for a place on the winners’ stand, it would come down to race 10 which was a beautiful night with plenty of breeze for the competitors to battle it out for the final standings.  The night was a memorable one and thankfully it ended our series on a high note.  However, things could have turned out differently because during the race, Sleepy Head had to run a man overboard drill.  Jeff Epstein lost his footing and slipped out for a swim in the fray on the downwind leg.  A quick response by another division’s boat – J24 Noodle helmed by Scott Apmann of CYC in place of Mark Swanson came to Jeff’s aide until his crew could recover and come back for him.  Jeff was wet but uninjured and the spirit of good sportsmanship and sound rescue procedures prevailed.  It is a reminder that things can happen out there on the race course and that we should all be prepared to act.  With 39 boats registered in three spin classes, our one-design J24 class and two JAM classes, turnout for our premiere summer event was great.  Thanks must go to all of the Race Committee volunteers and to our Fleet Captain John Belle for organizing a great series and scoring every race.

CLASH OF THE CHAMPIONS - Friday, July 30, we held the annual Clash of the Champions Race.  This race pits the best three finishers from each division against each other in a Jib and Main race for bragging rights and the coveted Clash of the Champions Belt.  The remaining boats race in the Clash of the Contenders.  This year the belt goes to.... Pied Piper. Congratulations!  Results were as follows:  The Champions - Pied Piper, Christe, Perseverance, Edelweiss, Wasabi, Shakedown, Slingshot.  The Contenders – Shuriken, Rift, Quetzal.



SUNSET SERIES – For those racers who wanted to extend their Wednesday night fun – the Sunset Series followed the Summer Series for five more weeks of Wednesday night racing.  Twenty-nine boats registered and came out each week for another great series.  The weather gods stayed with us and we got off all five races in good breeze.  We were treated to great sunsets each week and a special treat of a double rainbow during race 3.  My crew wouldn’t let me take my eyes of my telltales but I heard it was amazing.  FC John Belle again did an outstanding job of putting it all together and organizing Race Committee volunteers – who I again thank for their efforts; we couldn’t race without them.  I have to say that everyone who has volunteered for RC duty has described how much fun it is!

LITTLE BROWN JUG - We held our club event - the 2010 Little Brown Jug Race on Sunday, August 8th.  Thanks again go to Joe Nakelski and the Zzzooom crew for serving as Race Committee.  It is just great that Joe has put his stamp on this event by signing up for RC duty for at least the last eight seasons that I know of and maybe longer.  Thirteen club boats arrived at the starting line and were sent off on the long course out to can 11B and back, in two classes, Cruising and Racing.  A modest southwesterly pushed the boats out of Huntington Bay where they were met by a brief shift to a northwesterly and then no wind.  The boats drifted around can 11B against the strong easterly ebb current and finally making it around headed back.  A strong southerly finally filled in and brought the boats home with Rogue taking first, followed closely by Challenge IV, arguably finishing in the more coveted place for this race, a close second.  Unfortunately, no boats in the cruising class finished before the time limit expired, although they were very close.  The race was followed by a tasty BBQ at Crescent Beach Park ably presented by Vice Commodore Steve LaPorta and his wife Elicia.   Reported in part by FC John Belle


FRIDAY NIGHT PURSUIT RACE AND RAFT- We concluded the season’s new Friday Night Pursuit Race and Raft-up series on August 27th and by all counts it was a great success.  The pursuit style race is a lot of fun and the raft-up afterwards yielded some great stories and camaraderie amongst competitors.  We consistently saw seven boats on the course and all those that participated had a great time.  There was a lot of wagering and bravado going on between some of the cruising boats who had their own private race going on.  I can’t wait to do it again next season and hopefully more boats will join in the fun. 


The final race of the four race series was exciting with boats choosing to go around the course in opposite directions and the faster boats bearing down on the slower boats that started earlier.  Hot Pepper, Palantir, Shakedown Shuriken, Belle Curve and Breeze Pleeze all came out.  Hot Pepper and Shuriken started first with each deciding a different way around the course was favored.  Breeze Pleeze, then Shakedown and lastly Palantir agreed with Shuriken going for the clockwise direction.  Belle Curve followed Hot Pepper in the counter-clockwise direction.  The light, west- north-westerly pushed the boats along, but died out at the finish.


It was a slow run for Hot Pepper and Belle Curve on the first leg with Hot Pepper pulling out to a sizable lead.  Meanwhile, Shuriken, Breeze Pleeze, Shakedown, and Palantir all quickly finished their first leg on a reach with no lead changes.  Things didn't look good for Hot Pepper and Belle Curve going counter-clockwise.  They rounded their first mark to see the boats going the opposite direction all well into their second leg.  Shakedown passed Breeze Pleeze on the second leg while Palantir overtook them both.  Shuriken held on to their lead and looked poised for a third bullet as they rounded the last mark with a decent lead heading for the finish on a beat.  Hot Pepper rounded their last mark well after the other boats had rounded their last mark, but headed for the finish on a reach.  Palantir worked hard to overtake Shuriken on the last leg with Shakedown doing the same.  Shakedown continued to catch up to Palantir, but ran out of room to overtake before the finish.  While these boats were fighting out the lead position, Hot Pepper zoomed down the last leg on a reach catching up and passing them all and finishing first, several minutes ahead of Palantir who held on to second followed very closely by Shakedown, then Shuriken and lastly Breeze Pleeze.  Possibly the counter-clockwise direction was favored as Belle Curve finished before Breeze Pleeze taking fifth for the race.  


All the boats joined the after race raft up on the club mooring in Lloyd Harbor and were treated to  hotdogs and hamburgers supplied by LHYC and grilled by Bob Kendrick, Mike Sterflinger, and John Belle.  A prize will be awarded to the series winner at the annual awards dinner in November.  Shuriken's two bullets in races #1 & #3 assured their overall win for the series.  Congratulations!   Reported by FC John Belle


WOMEN’S SKIPPER RACE - The 2010 Women's Skipper Race was held Friday evening, August 20th.  Conditions were beautiful with a moderate northeasterly breeze of about 8-10 knots that built to 10-15 knots as the race finished.  Five boats raced, all in the spinnaker division, all very ably helmed by a woman.  Those pesky J24s came out on top with Sue Belle in first onboard Liquid Soul and PC Leigh Sterflinger in second driving Shuriken.  The co-owners’ daughter duo of Ariel Epstein and Dani Litwak came in third aboard Sleepy Head.  Nice job ladies!  Thanks to Vice Commodore Steve LaPorta for acting as Race Committee running a twice around windward-leeward race all by himself with no help onboard the Melrose - nice job Steve!  Reported by FC John Belle


MEMBER NEWS:  2010 Around Long Island Regatta (34th Annual) – “Marie” skippered by LHYC’s own Paul Elia with crew Bryan Coon and Bert Rubin de Cervens participated in the Around Long Island Regatta and finished 2nd in spinnaker division 5. After 38 hours of racing Marie finished just 5 1/2 min. behind first.  New member James Montalto finished fourth in the non-spin division.  Joe Nakelski and his boat Zzzooom did not finish due to a grounding episode off Orient Point that damaged the boat.  They continued sailing through the night with US Coast Guard surveillance but were taking on water and eventually took the boat ashore for repairs.  The boat and Joe took quite a hit as the steering wheel was bent from his chest on impact.  Thankfully no one was seriously hurt and the boat is being repaired.  Looks like we’ve got our first nominee for the grounder award and I look forward to hearing all about the navigation theories on board Zzzooom for the next ‘round LI trip.

CREW UPDATE – New crew member Dylan Novak is the son of LHYC Membership Chairperson Theo Novak and wife Nadine Novak who is also Northport Yacht Club’s current Commodore.  Dylan shown here filled the much needed position of trimmer aboard Vex for the first crew assignment of his career.  This photo captures his masterful technique with the windward sheet and his excellent sailor’s attitude – don’t we wish all of our crew could be kept this happy.  Word is he is available to crew for milk and cookies!! 





OTHER MEMBER NEWS: LHYC Members Michael and PC Leigh Sterflinger, Michael and Bernadette Olsen and Doug Vaughn put together a team for a spring BVI vacation.  It was a cruise slash race vacation event called the BVI Bareboat Regatta held back in April.  Their team logo SALVEXIKEN is a derivative of their respective local boat names and apparently they had a great time – what could be better?  The photo to the left is from the August issue of Cruising World magazine where they made the cover page for an article that talks about the concept of bareboat cruising/racing. The full two page spread (which is not shown here) pictures them nosing out the competition off to the leeward side.   Mike Olsen is at the helm, Doug Vaughn is trimming and the girls are on the rail doing their best to look like they’d rather be doing something else (right!) – Mike Sterflinger is not seen in the photo – apparently he was down below mixing Rum Runners!



NYYC RACE WEEK PRESENTED BY ROLEX – July 17-24 – LHYC member Jordan Mindich and Team Shakedown made it up to Newport, RI for the J/105 East Coast Championships.  The top boats in the very competitive J105 fleet were there and Shakedown sailed well, finishing mid-fleet in a tough field of boats after six races.  Perennial favorites Eclipse and Kincsem took first and second place honors respectively, but Shakedown held their own and are getting closer to these top dogs with every regatta – keep at it guys!  For a glimpse of some great racing footage visit - http://t2p.tv/guide/fullviewers/nyycrw103.php.




Katrina/Winkle Regatta – September 18th (Saturday)

Boat Show – Annapolis October 7-11

Fall Series at Target Rock – October 9th (Saturday)

Decommissioning – October 10th (Sunday)

Awards Dinner – November 6th – (Saturday) – Northport Yacht Club

JY 15 Frostbiting commences Nov. 7th – direct your inquiries to PC Rich Rubel

Holiday Party – December 12th – (Sunday) - TBD


PARTING REMINDERS:  Don’t forget to send in your mooring fees if you used the Port Jefferson and/or Block Island moorings this summer.  The club has done a good job of keeping these fees to members at a minimum level.  When everyone who uses them chips in, it helps to cover the ever increasing expense of maintaining these great club amenities.  Please do your part and send in your fees as soon as possible.  Don’t forget, payments can be made on-line through our website.


As always, I welcome your feedback, comments, suggestions as well as the tales of yours or other members’ sailing experiences.  Please drop me a note when you get a chance, so I can share some of your stories with the rest of the membership.  Don’t forget to start thinking about making your nominations for the much sought after Grounder and Boner Awards!  I need to make room in my office for something other than this glass encased model of a sailboat on a rock that requires explanation to every visitor who comes in!!  Nominations, please!  I wish you all the very best ‘Changing of the Season’ and look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events.



Warmest regards,  

Joseph Scarpulla

Commodore LHYC


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