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Mission Statement:


The objects of the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club shall be to encourage and promote interest in, as well as to foster the art and enjoyment of, the sport of sailing by providing the opportunity and means for the development of individual skill and knowledge, encouraging excellence in seamanship and navigation, and by providing participative events wherein these qualities can be exercised under the aegis of the LHYC burgee.


I hate this time of year!!!  Labor Day has come and gone, which can only mean one thing…summer’s over.  Everyone’s back to school, the Summer Series’ are completed, and those pick-up long weekend cruises are out of the question.  Only in our memories are we capable of stopping the march of time.  There are still a couple on the water events to go, the Woman’s Skippers race/ De-commissioning, (10/3), and the Fall Sprint Series, (10/10).  Hope to see you out there.


Member News

As I write this the J-24 World Championships are almost upon us.  They will be racing Monday, 9/27 thru Friday 10/1 at Noroton YC.  If you haven’t heard already, we should be very proud that one of our very own, Aidan Glackin and company, have qualified!  If anyone is interested in taking a day off from work and going over to view the racing, the Fleet 106 Fleet Captain Joe Scarpulla is coordinating boat pooling.  He can be reached at (631) 427-9368 or jjsarch@aol.com, and the results can be followed at j24worlds.com.  Good luck Aidan.


One of our newer members is going to be expanding our ranks…Pete Zarcone was able to convince Christy Foresta to marry him.  Leaving nothing to chance, Pete really pulled out all the stops.  In late August, he arranged entrance to the Huntington light house, posted a huge banner asking her to marry him, and then later sailed her by it.  An evening champagne cocktail in the light house after topped off the night.  Very smooth sir.




Past Events

I was bubbling over with pride at the Little Brown Jug, as the call for participation provoked a great showing with 16 boats on the line.  The race committee of Joe Nakalski and the Zzzooom crew set the traditional course of 11B and back in a lovely southerly.  With the sun shining brightly the fleet headed downwind to the mark, and after the beat back, Roy Berg and crew on Ember proved to be the overall winner.  I’m looking forward to the Awards Dinner when you get to take this beautiful perpetual trophy away from last year’s winner.  Just beware Roy, for as you know, they get to poor a shot of the secret elixir from the jug for you before you can get the hardware.  After the race we all meet at the beach for a BBQ.  Thank you to Alice Blauvelt, Mike & Bernadette Olsen for all their help running the party for us.


The Labor Day cruise too had good turn out, including Mother Nature in all her glory.  If you haven’t noticed the pictures on the web site, take a look and you’ll notice one of the night shots of the raft up includes some power boats.  To answer some questions I’ve received, no, the By-laws have not been changed to include power boaters.  Let me start at the beginning…


1500 Saturday at the Port Jefferson mooring- After a lovely day on the mooring messing about in the little boats, to the beach, to town and into Setauket, more and more boats started to arrive from abroad.  Cocktail time saw 7 boats in all, with quite a lot of LHYC team spirit.  Hating to break the raft-up apart we did the responsible thing and listened to NOAA at 2200, “light and variable, going NE late 8-10 kts.”  OK, we’ll give it a go…2330 the NE fills with a furry of 25-30 with much higher gusts.  As we all scamper about striking sun covers, etc. the raft starts to drag, right towards another raft of power boats.  We start to break the raft up and motor into the wind when one of our rudders snags their mooring ball!  I quickly climb down the swim ladder and start jumping on the mooring pennants to free them, but realize the swim ladder would be a problem if I succeeded.  One of the men from the other raft then climbs down to take over for me, (his wife by the way had come out the front hatch butt naked).  As the raft became smaller, we were able to free the rudder.  We then spring forward and came right back along side their raft like we meant it.  A few fenders and dock lines and we ended up with the picture you can see, (by the way, it couldn’t have been all that chaotic, since one of us was kind enough to document the whole thing in pictures, (sans the nudity)).  As morning broke and after spreading some good old LHYC comraderay with our new friends, we all began to practice some boating science 101 in a mere 15-20, trying to untangle the three remaining boats from various lines and anchors deployed at night.  I must congratulate all involved in their cool headedness, and there was zero damage or injury!

Boner and Grounder Nominations

While I’m on the subject, I might as well take this time to make some other nominations for our two most prestigious awards.  I almost let this one slip through the cracks.  It dates back to the 4th of July cruise, when one of our Board members brought his boat around to Oyster Bay shorthanded to pick up his wife there, (she gets sea sick).  While finding his way to the dock he found one of the shallower spots, tide going out!  He, and she, waited patiently of the water to return, and then get her on board just in time to see the fireworks.


Another happened when one of our members took one of our most visible boats to Stamford for the high profile Stamford Denmark race.  After going to the party and being called to the podium to take a picture accepting his award from their Commodore, they headed back to start the journey home.  With the echoes from one of the crew’s remarks while finding a mooring on the way in, (Stamford is a shallow and rocky harbor), ringing in their heads, they head out of the mooring field.  It must be safe if other boats are moored in the area, so why go straight out to the channel when you can cut the corner through the field?  A bit of throttle and some rum and wouldn’t you know the bottom jumped right up and grabbed them hard.  Bodies flying, one hung by his waist in the companion way upside down for a while makes quite a memory.  The crew however, showed their years of experience, and not a drop of beer or rum was reported spilled.


Please keep the nominations coming in, the seasons not over, and you too could get your name engraved on one of these fine plaques.


Upcoming Events

Sunday, 10/3/04 is the annual Woman’s Skipper race, (flyer enclosed).  This is a great time for the woman to show us how it’s really done.  There’ll be two divisions to keep the sharks from the minos, and the woman have to drive, but can have anyone they want on the boat, (men included if they want).  It is also jib and main only.  This is followed by the De-commissioning afterwards at the Club mooring.  Hope to see you there, and if you can’t/don’t want to race, hope you can make it to the raft-up.


The Fall Sprint series will be Sunday 10/10/04.  Even if you don’t race, please feel free to come to the party afterwards.  Watch the web site for the party announcement.  Rich Rubel is still looking for a PRO for this and the Woman’s Skippers race.  If you could help out, or would just like to go along to learn, please give him a call at (631) 754-0891 or fleetcapt@lhyc.org.


The 7th annual Oyster Festival cruise is Sat./Sun. 10/16 & 10/17.  Anyone not doing Manhasset Fall series and would like to get one more weekend in, this is a nice time.  We typically get moorings at Oyster Bay Marine Center, (516) 922-6331, and it’s only a short walk from there to the festival.  Anyone interested in coordinating can call Leigh Sterflinger at (631) 757-0799 or vicecomm@lhyc.org.

Awards dinner- Saturday 11/13/04, Holiday party- Sunday 12/5/04.


Odds and Ends

I’ve made a copy of the ½ hour spot Gary Jobson did every night during the Olympics, and put it in our video box.  I only got four nights on tape, so if you have any coverage please let me know.  I’ll copy them and return them back to you.  If you’ve never been to the box, it’s in the Willis office, to the right as you walk in.  Just take what you’d like, sign them out, and put them back when you’re done.


If you’ve used one of the Club moorings this summer please forward $20/night for Block Island, $15/ night for Pt. Jefferson to our Treasurer, at the Club PO box 60, Huntington N.Y. 11743.

See You Out There,



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