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Mission Statement:

The objects of the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club shall be to encourage and promote interest in, as well as to foster the art and enjoyment of, the sport of sailing by providing the opportunity and means for the development of individual skill and knowledge, encouraging excellence in seamanship and navigation, and by providing participative events wherein these qualities can be exercised under the aegis of the LHYC burgee.




Well it is hard to believe that the 2011 season is now over after this weekend’s Fall Series Regatta.  I know I have been busier this season than any I can remember (which at my advancing age isn’t that much!).  It seems like we were just talking about Wednesday nights, going to Oldfield’s for our after race merriment, then it was Sunset Series and then a few other events and BAM! – done!  Talk of frostbiting has begun, but I am NOT ready to say goodbye to my shorts and sandals yet!  I may have to start looking at sailing events further south this year – Key West anyone?


We really had a great season for the most part, the Race For The Case was a great success with more boats than last year and a number of good one-design classes represented.  We plan to keep building this event and hope that it will become one of the banner YRA events in the sound.  It takes a lot of work and again I have to thank the work of the Regatta Committee and of course our FC in transition – John Belle.  Yes John has moved on, but his efforts really paved the way for us this year and with his continued assistance, it has been relatively easy to hold the final few events together in his physical absence – he has stayed very much in touch through emails.  While I am thanking folks I might as well thank Mike Sterflinger who enabled us to take race registrations on our website using PayPal.  It took a lot of pre-season work, but he pulled it off just in time for the RFC.  It has saved us a lot of time and also the expense and aggravation of using the Compete-At program we had been working with the last few years.  It enabled our members and guests to sign-up and make payments for races and their use of the club moorings more easily and more timely.  I would also thank the other flag officers and board members who contributed to making this season come off without a hitch.


Not to say that we didn’t have a few hiccups, but that is to be expected.  For the most part the weather cooperated – we had decent wind for almost all of our events with the exception of three Wednesday nights and our usual contingent of RC volunteers made it possible for us to enjoy getting out there on the water each week.  The event that really suffered with weather issues this season was our club’s  –FRIDAY NIGHT SERIES.  It should have been called the Wet and Wild Weather series.  We cancelled the first scheduled event due to a huge weather front that dropped down on us.  Then we got one good race in before we had another huge weather system come in on us the following Friday night.  We held off calling the race until the last minute when it became clear that the big nasty T-storm was coming right for us.  I think that was the night that a twister hit Brooklyn and CT got slammed pretty badly as well.  We got lucky, but missed another race night and raft-up.  We followed that with a sleeper in which all but one boat dropped out.  I rescheduled two more times, but bad weather caused cancellation of the final two events.  So, Friday Night Series racers we will have to wait until next year, when we give it another go and they can try to claim the coveted winner’s hats.


Just a final word about LHYC racing and the end of the season events.  We have seen a trend over the last few years and this year was no exception – in fact it was an exclamation point on what has become a real issue that we must face for any regatta planning in the future.  The fall events for our club and the other local clubs have seen attendance drop off in a huge way.  The Katrina & Winkle Cups, The Vanderbilt Cup, the Fall Series as well as a few others have not gotten nearly the turn out that should be expected given the number of boats in the area and their past participation rates.  We know that the limited number of boats participating is not isolated to our harbor; it has been the trend all over the sound and in further reaches.  I would welcome some feedback from the membership as to what we can do to reverse this trend, or perhaps we need to consider a change in what we do in the fall. 


There has been some talk of combining events and even the unconscionable suggestion to retire certain events.  Now, some of these regattas have a long tradition, so the prospect of losing them is dire thinking indeed.  Fall weather can be difficult but it often gives us some of the best sailing of the season.  Our Katrina-Winkle Cup event – co-run with Centerport YC, gave participants an absolutely great day of racing with moderate temperatures and winds in the 15-18 knot range – just ideal conditions.  So, please make an extra effort to support these events and pass the word along.  Let’s see what we can do to bring these fall events back to where the races are a good competitive showing of our fleet.  I don’t expect to see the numbers from the 70’s and 80’s when we had over 80 boats out for these events, but it would be nice to see numbers in the 20’s, with the ability to make better, tighter divisions within our given rating bands.  Anyway, that’s something I’d like to see our members work on.  Now, off the soapbox!



THESE GIRLS CAN'T BE BEAT - First year Blue Jay sailors Ella Simkins, Kayla McKenna and Lena Scarpulla completed an epic run of 12 straight bullets over the course of five days of sailing in two extremely competitive regattas.  This incredible feat has led them to first place honors at Manhasset Bay YC Race Week and Larchmont YC Race Week.  When asked about their seamless transition to Blue Jays from Optis the girls cited their many years of sailing experience in the CYC program and the fact that they work well together as a team.  However, the girls all agreed that the most important factor in their success was that they're having fun and enjoying the great sport of sailing.  Coming fresh off their victory at Larchmont Junior Race Week, Ella Simkins, Lena Scarpulla, and Kayla McKenna of Centerport Yacht Club (pictured above, with perpetual trophy) finished first at the Blue Jay Class Nationals held at the Roton Point YC this past August.

JSA CHAMPIONSHIPS - Nearly 150 sailors qualified for this year's championship, which was held in Stamford Harbor off Shippan Point. Tuesday brought pretty breezy conditions and two races were completed in a 15 knot easterly before the torrential downpour and thunderstorm warnings began. Conditions were lighter on Wednesday morning, with the wind hovering around a 5-6 knot southwesterly before building back up to 10-15 in the afternoon.   In the 420 fleet, Centerport YC sailors Sean Cornell and Peter Sterflinger, showing that consistency was the key to success, stayed in the top ten for the entire regatta to finish first.

"It was important to focus on current, especially on laylines and on the line.  Another thing that helped us was that my crew Peter is also a skipper and we both can discuss tactics and put together our inputs," said Cornell. 

2010_AYC_Spring_Series_A_267_onlineAMERICAN YC FALL SERIES – Two of our local boats finish in the top 3 in the J-44 class at American Yacht Club’s Fall Series – the lead changed between the three top boats over both weekends with all three boats getting bullets in a number of races.  Jeff Willis’ CHALLENGE IV lost the tie breaker to Gold Digger earning them a second place finish and Don Rave’s RESOLUTE took third in this hotly contested regatta.  Congratulations!  You’ll get Gold Digger next time!




USA 49

Gold Digger

J 44

James D. Bishop Sr.














USA 42880

Challenge IV

J 44

Jeffrey W. Willis














USA 43787


J 44

Don and Rick Rave















The cockpit of Jordan and Shannon Mindich’s J-105 SHAKEDOWN served as the daycare center for the growing group of toddlers at one of the clubs raft-ups this summer.  I hear applications come out for next season’s program soon and the tuition fees are cheap – crew chits are available.  The Shakedown Daycare Program includes knot crying, tick-tac-toes and sun screen basics 101.  Root beer will be served



PC Charlie Powers has graciously taken on the position as the newest YRALIS PHRF handicapper.  We would like to offer our condolences!  Seriously - Good luck in your new position Charlie!


Mooring Fees can be paid online.  Please take this opportunity to pay for your usage of the club’s moorings.  Again, these moorings are a large expense for the club and the usage fees help to minimize the drain on the club’s resources.  As of this date – the limited number of fees collected may suggest that the moorings are not getting used enough to warrant their expense to the club.  Please – if you picked up the pennant – pay the piper!  Thanks!





This year’s presentation of awards will be held Saturday night, November 12th at the Northport Yacht Club.  VC Steve LaPorta has organized another sumptuous evening and will be mailing out invitations shortly.  This is our biggest event of the year and it is always a great night.  Please make your reservations early so that we can plan accordingly.  Friends and crew are invited.  I look forward to seeing you there. 



This year’s party is still in the planning process, but the date is tentatively set for December 11.  Please mark your calendar and we will update you as soon as possible.  Last year we turned this event in to more of an adult-themed event and it was very successful.  We hope even more of you will take the opportunity to join us for a little pre-holiday merriment.


As we move into the off-season I’d like to thank you all for helping to make this past season such a great success!  As a member run club that relies solely on volunteerism - it never ceases to amaze me how much time and effort so many of you give to the club, to our shared friendship and to the great sport of sailing.  Have a great off season – I hope to see you soon!


Warmest regards,


Joseph Scarpulla

Commodore LHYC














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