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Mission Statement:

The objects of the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club shall be to encourage and promote interest in, as well as to foster the art and enjoyment of, the sport of sailing by providing the opportunity and means for the development of individual skill and knowledge, encouraging excellence in seamanship and navigation, and by providing participative events wherein these qualities can be exercised under the aegis of the LHYC burgee.



The adage “no rest for the weary” certainly rings true this time of year.  With fall sailing just barely behind us, award dinners to attend, the start up of frostbiting and winter preparations for our respective fleets, who has got time for anything else?   With commuting and working on the railroad (all the live long day), this year went by like a screaming down-wind reach.  However, it’s been a fun year and the events outlined in this issue of Telltales made for a very exciting fall season.  It was great seeing the crowd at our awards dinner this past month and if the size of the event continues to grow, we will be looking to hold it in a small convention center.   Thank you everyone for making the award dinner a great success and hope that the upcoming Holiday Party on Dec. 14, in a new location (see the att flyer) will enjoy comparable success.  I enjoy sharing with you the various exploits and events involving our members and hope that you will all continue to keep me in the loop so that I may fill these pages with interesting news.  Until next time, wishing everyone a healthy and Happy Thanksgiving,

Rich Rubel, Commodore LHYC

J-44 Celebrates 20th Anniversary – Hard to believe, but the venerable J-44 celebrated its 20th year of providing great one design racing.  To mark the event, Jeff Johnston was on hand, along with Gary Jobson at the New York Yacht Club on the evening of Oct. 30.   LHYC was amply represented by the Willis family and Challenge IV team, as well as the Rave family from Resolute.  In addition, new members John and Sue Belle were on board, being crewmembers on the Sea Cliff boat, Charlie V.  

Being a jaded New Yorker, I was a bit awestruck by the environment at the New York Yacht Club; the event was held in the model room which holds models of every America’s Cup boat and challenger ever raced, as well as hundreds of half hulls.  Interestingly, the room that once held the Auld Mug, adjacent to the Model Room, was somewhat stark and dimly lit, having lost its purpose and contents that graced the club for scores of years.  But, we were there to celebrate the continuation of the J-44 class, as well as Resolute’s receiving their second place prize for the Newport to Bermuda Race and the Challenge team winning the North American’s.  Especially moving was the tribute to the J-44 class president of Golddigger fame, who, it was proclaimed, the “J” in J-44 stands for Jim Bishop.   


LHYC Victorious at MBFS – For the third year in a row the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club was honored for the best team effort at the Manhasset Bay Fall Series.  You may recall last year, fully expecting to win the Huguenot YC team award , it was between us and the New York Yacht Club, but it was ultimately awarded to the NYYC on a tie breaker (however, we were the first club to be awarded the plaque back in 2006). This year it was no tie, with our claiming the plaque with a first from Jeff Hammer’s Dreadlocks, a second by Doug Vaughn on Vex and a third from Bill Maher on Rift.  This was no easy feat this year, having sailed mostly in 25 + knts. of breeze for three of the four days.  Plus, our team was slightly reduced with the J-44’s sailing out of Sea Cliff over the first weekend for their North Americans.  However, our club had the most entries in the event and once again furthered the clubs’ reputation at this prestigious western Long Island Sound event.  Thanks also to Cesar Vallejos racing his Tizona and Jordan & Shannon Mindich sailing Shakedown in the large J-105 fleet.  Hopefully you will get to see the impressive plaque, visible in the photo, displayed proudly at the Willis Marine Center

The award ceremony at MBYC presented by Huguenot YC.  From L to R, Chris Arleo, Leigh, Tom Carroll, Doug, Rich, Reuven Latovitski, Bill Maher and Adam Lorry from Huguenot YC.

J-24 District 3 Champs: Oct. 18, 19, Noroton, CT - This regatta would count for the top District 3 boat to qualify for the J -24 Worlds next year in Annapolis.  We were expecting 15 to 20 boats so we were a little disappointed to only get 11, but there was no shortage of talent: Tim Healy from North Sails, the Twins from Z Sails and a competitive college sailor from Newport sailing Mookie.   The first day saw winds 15 to 20 out of the NE and shifty, with four footers out of the east.  The race committee got five windward/ leewards races off.  There was one race with four or five premature starters and with all the boats chomping at the bit, the next race was a general recall.  Day 2 brought more wind out of the NE, 20-25 with higher gusts, and 4-5 footers with occasional bigger rollers; all boats had the small jib up. When the dust (spray) settled, Tim Healy took top honors, Leveigh from Newport was second, Twins were third, Aiden Glackin’s Mental Floss fourth, Brian Simkins skippered Harry Benson’s Blue Strikes Back to fifth and Double Vision was sixth.  Aiden was the top District 3 boat that hadn't qualified, so he qualified for next years Worlds.   Congratulations to Aiden and team Mental Floss for qualifying and regatta winner Tim Healy. 


Moosehead Luncheon – The International Society for the Perpetuation of Cruelty to Racing Yachtsmen, AKA the Moosehead Committee, convened at the Stamford YC on Nov. 2, for their 67 annual meeting and luncheon.  Being an election year, the jokes were pointed, merciless, crude at times, but always hilarious.    LHYC was represented by PC Leigh Sterflinger, Secretary Theo Novak and I, thinking that we may have been a contender for our Stratford Shoal Race.  Having rode over on the CYC RC boat, Ladyhawk and schlepping CYC’s moosehead up the gang way, I did manage to get some molting moose on me, but that was as close to the moose as LHYC got.  We dodged the major award bullet, but have not been forgotten or forgiven and received a barbed comment about the lost Moosehead we had and did not replace from a fire at Guy DeNigris’ office.   Our friends at CYC gave up their Supreme Moosehead in favor of a slightly less prestigious award; they again took home some fur for their performance, or lack thereof, in the Vanderbilt Cup.  It was, however, a great day for all the attendees (even for New York YC who took home two awards) and  it was a sight to behold watching our Sgt of Arms, Chris Schneider, who has been co-chairing CYC’s racing program, shoot off all the remaining 2008 shells from our shotgun and cannon mounted on the port side of Ladyhawk. 


Board Meeting Bullets: The November Board Meeting hosted by the Sterflingers addressed the following as part of our agenda:


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