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Mission Statement:

The objects of the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club shall be to encourage and promote interest in, as well as to foster the art and enjoyment of, the sport of sailing by providing the opportunity and means for the development of individual skill and knowledge, encouraging excellence in seamanship and navigation, and by providing participative events wherein these qualities can be exercised under the aegis of the LHYC burgee.



We would once again like to thank the following members for their support of the new engine for the Melrose. Ayers, Bolen, Coneys, Corso, Epstein, Feore, Keller, Mavronicolas, Mindich, Olsen, Powers, Rubel, Savan, Scarpulla, Sherman, Sterflinger, Suss, Rave, JStorckJr, RStorck, Vascotto, Walters, Whitehead. With the added 50/50 raffle donations from captains & crew members at our final Nicky’s event and at the Awards Dinner, we are only 30% of the way to reaching our goal of paying for the engine without depleting our reserves, wonderful as it may be, this is not enough! Suggested donations of $100 are being accepted by mail to Mike Olsen, Treasurer, LHYC PO Box 60, Huntington NY 11743.


The Fall Series weather was about as nice as it gets. Sunshine and warmth came along with gentle breezes. Roy Sherman and Chris Dara sent the spinnaker boats on a few windward/leeward courses where the observant captains didn’t make the same mistake twice with wind and current. The JAM boats sailed off on a navigators course and came back to do a quick windward/leeward race giving them some variety to test their skills.


Decommissioning showed us the same wonderful weather – after a late start this past spring it was so nice to have such a wonderful Fall sailing season.  The raft up extended on as we shot the cannon and lowered our burgees on our 41st year.



The Awards dinner was held at Northport Yacht Club and we filled the house. A grand spread of silver, wood, and glass was spread across the room with wonderful trophies carefully chosen by Roy Sherman. The extended happy hour gave everyone plenty of time to catch up and the annual slide show entertained us all thru dinner.



Santa found us this year at the Outback Steakhouse with a crowd of over 50 members. He brought goodies for all the kids and the club made them stockings. After each one had their turn, Santa walked thru the restaurant giving all the children candy canes and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!



It is with great sadness that I must inform you of the passing of Charles Strub. Longest active Charter Member and Past Commodore (1968-69).  With 40 years at the Huntington Fire Department he was Chief and spent the last 20 years as their Financial Secretary.  He is survived by his wife Carol, four sons – John, Steve, Charlie, and Ron, along with five grandchildren. It was so nice to spend time with founders and several long time members of the club hearing stories of cruising and racing in the early years. Such an amazing group of people with energy and spunk and a true love of the sport – nice to see that as much has changed about the club, the best parts are still there and the “flavor” is quite the same.


There will be many new ways to help your club next year. We will be starting a digital archive and straighten up and add to the originals archive of the history of our club. Members will be needed to plan and coordinate picnics, parties, and cruises. If someone has some art and/or marketing talent to share, we have projects to be done. There will be more race committee training as we grow and improve our circle of knowledgeable Principle Race Officers, the more we have the better our programs become and the more boats we will attract to our events. We look forward to each and every member playing a small part, let us know how you can help!


Upcoming Events

Annual Dinner & Meeting – January 9th – Mangiamo Restaurant –Come for dinner or just the meeting, but please come and show your support to vote in the new officers and send off the old! Flyer enclosed.


Ski Trip is on for February 9th 2008 – alert your crew –location to be determined based on conditions as we get closer!



Thank you for allowing me to guide you thru the waters these past two years, I could not have done it without the assistance of my wonderful Flag Officers and Directors. I hope the New Year brings each and every one of you health, wealth, and lots of enjoyment!


Proud to be at the helm,

Leigh Sterflinger

LHYC Commodore





Where did that come from?  Ever wonder where certain terms came from? 

There are terms with nautical origins that are used every day.


First recorded by Captain John Smith in 1624, swamp was a term peculiar to the North American Colony of Virginia as it was used in rural England. Used to describe low-lying ground where water collected. A ship is said to be “swamped” when she is filled with water and in danger of sinking. Figuratively, an individual is “swamped” when significantly outnumbered or overwhelmed and unable to complete the tasks at

hand as scheduled or desired.




FYI – there is a box down at the Willis Marine Center sales office for LHYC that contains sailing videos and other information to share with the membership. Feel free to borrow and return in a timely fashion for others to enjoy!  Videos of the 2005/2006 Volvo Ocean Race and the Acura Miami 2007 Race Week and the America’s Cup Challenge have been added to the library.


NEW!!   As a free service to our members, LYHC provides free sailing related (please) merchandise and crew finding/boat finding Classified Ads as an excellent way to sell their used equipment and match up boats with crew. Older listings will be removed after two months. You may always resubmit a listing that has been removed. To post a listing, simply send an email of 50 words or less to webmaster@lhyc.org. Please notify once the equipment is sold to remove a listing or the ad is otherwise obsolete. Due to virus risks and to maintain a uniform format, please send your ad text in the email body, not as an attached file. Be sure to include the item, information about your item and contact info (name, phone number and/or email address) for all listings. It's helpful to also include the sail number and age of the gear. If you have pictures (JPGs < 25KBs please) we can try to link the pictures to the ads and ads may be subject to edit by the webmaster ;-).

We still have transom stickers available at $5 a piece – put them on your boat or on your car and show your Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club pride!


If you are not receiving emails from us or would like to change your email please alert me at commodore@LHYC.org.  Although we attempt to get all news out in Telltales there are occasional needs for short notice bulletins.


Have news, a story, or a photo you would like included next month please send it on.  If you have archival materials let us know. We can accept originals or email files to archives@LHYC.org



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