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Mission Statement:


The objects of the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club shall be to encourage and promote interest in, as well as to foster the art and enjoyment of, the sport of sailing by providing the opportunity and means for the development of individual skill and knowledge, encouraging excellence in seamanship and navigation, and by providing participative events wherein these qualities can be exercised under the aegis of the LHYC burgee.


Itís hard to come to terms with it, but winter has set in.  Most all the boats are put away and only frostbiting and the Turkey Day Reach are left to look forward to.  At least we will have the shore side activities to gather and commiserate with.  There is a bit of business to get to, so letís get right to itÖ


Upcoming Events


The annual Holiday party is right around the bend.  This year our fearless Vice Commodore has found a beautiful spot for us, the Old Fields Inn in Greenlawn.  I love this party, as itís always the first to start off the holiday season.  Weíve picked a nice eatery to keep the whole crowd interested.  While the kids have fun on one end of the room, come on out with us and talk over the warm summer breezes, (or the outrageous fall racing for that matter).  Iíve enclosed a brochure, and if you have any questions please contact Leigh Sterflinger at vicecomm@lhyc.org.


The Annual meeting is also closing in on us.  This is a nice night out, filled with some club business, and a few hilarious perpetual trophies.  Thereís going to be a few new honors this year and we also hope to introduce some new members, so come on out and enjoy.  Itís always held the second Wednesday of January and the date this year is January 11th.  Hope to see you, and with any luck you wonít be named for the awards ;-)  Place and notice to be published soon.


Past Events


The annual Womanís Skipper race and De-commissioning was held on a fine October afternoon.  The breezes were 10-15 to assist the spirit of competition on the course and the chill in the air was put out by a great big pot of chili, compliments of our host.  The raft up at the club mooring drew a nice crowd, some even traveling from hair raising racing the day before.  It was caped with one of my favorite past times, shooting the cannon, (I think this was my last time to fire this historic piece of equipment).  And, now for the official results; Racing Class: 1st- Cindy Corso / Zephyr, 2nd- Ronnie Todaro / Magic.  Cruising Class: 1st- Janet Powers / Janann II, 2nd- Judy Ambrosius / Atlantean.  First overall was a close call between the two classes, but Cindy nipped it in the end, congratulations.

I hear that the Awards Dinner was a huge success.  Unfortunately I was unable to attend, and am still deeply upset by this, but am to understand that Leigh Sterflinger emceed this event gloriously.  After cocktails, copious amounts of silver was handed out, all while a huge slide show recapped the racing season.  There was an addition of a perpetual trophy this year, the Sunset Cup.  This will honor the overall winner in the late summer series, (formally called the Indian Summer Series, and now to be called the Sunset Series).  Thanks to all for the help provided to run this, our biggest land bound event.


Membership News


Iíve enclosed a new membership ballot for your review and comment.  We continue to have great interest in our club, and the four latest applicants look to become excellent members.  They seem to largely represent the cruising side of our sport, showing that we still have interest in these activities in addition to our notorious PHRF program.  Please return your vote to Jeff Wright via mail or at membership@lhyc.org, (Iíll send a group e-mail soon with this address to respond back to).


Iím happy to report that I also have the nicest of news to share with you this monthÖ

Keith and Jackie Van Eycken are proud to announce the birth of a strapping baby boy.  Jake Arthur weighed in at 8 lbs. 4 ounces on 10/23/05.  Being a third generation LHYC member, (grandson to Harold and Barbara), I see bowman in his future.


Weíve have another addition to the group with the Carballalís now sailing three generations deep.  Matt and Jessica are busting at the seams with pride over their baby girl, Rebecca.  She was born 11/17/05 and was a healthy 8 lbs.


Congratulations to all!


Our gang continues to be active abroad.  I could hardly contain my enthusiasm at Manhasset Bay YC this past October.  We had more boats competing under our burgee than any other yacht club!  Not to mention all the people crewing on various other boats.  The results werenít too shabby either.  Jeff Hammer and the crew of Dreadlocks won their division as well as the fourth time they have won the Ted Clark trophy for best overall PHRF boat, (í92, í94, í99 and now í05).  Challenge IV and the Willis gang won their always hotly contested one design fleet of J-44ís!  Another of ours in that fleet was the Rave gang on Resolute, rallying in the last race to a second place.  John Storck and family won another one design division with Rumor Del Garda showing it can take a licking and still tick.  Our fearless Fleet Captain was set to better his performance of past years.  He has continued to better himself at this event and was now poised for a first place this year, unfortunately due to a broken boom he was forced to retire and give everyone else a chance.  There was rumor going around that LHYC board meetings were taking place during the series aboard Salient, but thankfully the winds kept us busy and it had to wait for quieter times.  Thatís only the beginningÖ Ed Dole in his shinny new J-109, the Sleepy Head gang showed great consistency in trying conditions for a 4th of 11, Brian Coon put Mistress on a trailer and enjoyed his first MBFS.  Congratulations to all, and keep up the good work!



See You Out There,



Charlie Powers



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