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Mission Statement:


The objects of the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club shall be to encourage and promote interest in, as well as to foster the art and enjoyment of, the sport of sailing by providing the opportunity and means for the development of individual skill and knowledge, encouraging excellence in seamanship and navigation, and by providing participative events wherein these qualities can be exercised under the aegis of the LHYC burgee.


The last on the water events are now behind us and though we begin to look at the winter activities, with this letter I am going to try and keep us out there one last time.  I will start with the Vice Commodores elegant summary of the Woman’s Skipper and Decommissioning;


What a beautiful day for our Women's Skipper Race and Decommissioning!


We had a recent record number of participants, sunshine, and almost enough breeze to get us around the course. Fortunately our Race Committee of Rich Rubel and family quickly moved themselves to shorted course by one leg and the race was a success!


Congratulations to Ronit Adler helming Sleepy Head and Leigh Sterflinger running Leighway2 and all the Women Skippers!  Details are attached.


At the Decommissioning we quickly fired up the blenders for the first annual Blend-Off. Leighway was equipped with a cordless drill attachment to grind the ice, there were a couple of boat blenders, Janann had her home blender fully backed with a large inverter, and then there was Todd Willis with his "weedwacker blender" (notice the need for ear protection). Everyone mixed up some wonderful concoctions!


Chris Schneider was our most "senior" member at the raft up at #18 with the Kendricks following at #21. Salient had the most crew on board - and they have the room. Drink of the Year? We are not sure - we never got around to voting and some of us never got to taste that bright orange one Todd was mixing up, whatever that was. I will accept votes should you wish to do so.


When the sun set, we shot off the cannon and lowered our burgees for the season.


Leigh Sterflinger
LHYC Vice Commodore


Well the voting is in, and the clear winner of the 1st annual Blender-off is…Todd Willis.  Congratulations Todd and you may have started a war of bells and whistles to be continued next year.


Since I’m continuing to plagiarize, why not borrow from our fearless Fleet Captain for his wrap up of the Fall Series, thanks Rich;


LHYC marked the end of its racing season with yesterday's Fall Sprint Series.  Although the day started with much vim and vigor, the middle stretch of race looked anything but the fall.  However, with a strong
northeast breeze we headed out to Cable and Reef Gong and then fought our way back to Target Rock, making for nearly a ten mile race.  Fortunately the breeze held and we were then afforded a true fall northerly two lapper.
I would like to thank Dave Owen, who served as PRO and his able bodied assistants, Harry Benson and Don Rave; the RC work in rocking conditions was certainly appreciated. I would also like to thank the Willis Marine Center for again allowing us to convene for our end of season party, and my wife
Janet who prepared a pot of chili for a very cold and tired bunch of sailors.  For a while I was wondering if it might've been too warm for chili, but I assure you, it was not.  I also want to thank the racers who
came out for this event and those scheduled throughout the year; I hope you had a great season and are planning on joining us for next year's races.  As always, your comments and criticisms, to make the racing program better are always appreciated.  Until we meet again, health and happiness, and if
anyone is interested in frostbiting JY 15's starting mid November, give me a call.


Rich Rubel

LHYC Fleet Captain



Thanks Rich, and Janet for the chili, it was delicious.


Life Abroad

LHYC has had much to be proud of lately.  As we all know Aidan Glackin qualified for the J-24 WORLDS held here on Long Island Sound.  At one point they were in the lead for one of the races!  They rounded the weather mark in first place and felt good going down the run when…the breeze shut off, race abandoned!  Sorry Aidan, but remember, rounding that mark in first and leading the run down is something you’ll never forget for the rest of your life.  Congratulations.

I was also impressed with the number of LHYC boats at the Manhasset Bay Fall Series.  I would say we had more boats entered under our burgee than almost any other YC there, (excluding American YC).  Congratulations go out to Jeff Willis and the gang for not only winning their division, but are now the 2004 J-44 National Champions!  Jeff Hammer won his division AGAIN, Rich Rubel and company took second out of 10 very tough competitors.  Ed Dole had third out of nine against some of the tougher new boats, the J-109’s and Benetou 407’s.  Also there were the Olsen’s, the whole gang on Sleepy Head and the Rave’s.  Kudos to all for competing in two very heavy weather weekends.  Once again we can hold our head up high and see that the sailing in Huntington Bay and the LHYC program produces some of the best PHRF sailors on Long Island Sound.


Up Coming Events

Come on out and rehash the whole season with everyone.  The Awards dinner will be held at Northport YC this year on Saturday, November 13th.  Northport is a little smaller than the room we’ve had the last two years, (although very beautiful in its’ own right), so if you haven’t made your reservations yet you can contact Leigh Sterflinger at vicecomm@lhyc.org or 631-757-0799.

We are trying out a new venue for the Holiday party this year.  We will be using the upstairs room at Tello’s on Sunday, December 5th.  This lovely room is rectangular in shape and we hope to be able to accommodate both the children at one end and the quieter crowd at the other.  Circular to come in the mail soon, same contact information as above.


Fix It Corner

At this time of year as we all begrudgingly cover over our boats I am reminded of one of the saltier members I have met over the years.  Every year before covering the boat for the winter he would do his bottom preparation and painting.  As the paints have progressed most of them no longer must be launched within a few weeks after being applied, but can go as long as a year before they must be put in the water.  He always felt that in the spring you often run out of time trying to commission, as the weather often doesn’t cooperate with April showers bringing on May flowers.  Instead in the fall we often have weeks on end of dry days and sometimes even warm temperatures.


Please remember that the year is not closed out yet.  If you hear of any possible nominations for the Boner or maybe even the Grounder, pass them along.  I promise to keep all sources confidential, and unless you get your name engraved on the trophy, no one will ever know who it is we are talking about.



See You Out There,


Charlie Powers



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