LHYC.org                                                                                                          May 2004

Mission Statement:


The objects of the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club shall be to encourage and promote interest in, as well as to foster the art and enjoyment of, the sport of sailing by providing the opportunity and means for the development of individual skill and knowledge, encouraging excellence in seamanship and navigation, and by providing participative events wherein these qualities can be exercised under the aegis of the LHYC burgee.



Well, things are really hopping now, the boat yards are empting out, weíve had our first on the water social event/race, and the weather is beautiful!  As you can see in the below picture, Janann is not quite ready, so if you thought you were behind schedule, I hope this makes you feel better, (note the date, 5/6/04).  Itís coming along though, with a little, (read lots), help from my friends, and I promise the Powers gang will be there for the Memorial Day Cruise.



Social Functions

The winter speaker went off well, with Tom Castiglione giving a nice slide show.  The room was full, summer sailing schedules and crew positions solidified, all this and we got cookies and beer too!

The Steflingerís held up their promise, and had the house renovations compete in time for the New Members party.  Attendance was outstanding with 70-80 members welcoming 5 of our newest members into the club in Lloyd Harbor YC fashion.

The first monthly Friday Raft-up/Race was held Friday, 5/7/04.  It is now underway and will be held the 1st Friday if every month, and June 4th will be run in conjunction with the Womanís Spirit race.  If youíve lost the circular itís posted at the web site.  The rating spread for the race was ideal, with all yachts coming in between 69 and 72 PHRF!  Pied Piper squeaked out the victory and then met everyone at the mooring where a good time was had by all, (see more pics at the web site).

Now that the season is under way, events are going to come at us fast and furious.  Let me try to break it down:

  • This Saturday, 5/23/04 starts our racing program.  All are invited to the Willis boat yard after the racing for free beer and pizza, (due to arrive around 5:30).  Even if you donít race, come down, greet the sailors and hear about all the tall tales from the race course.
  • 5/28-5/31 the 3rd annual Memorial Day Cruise has really blossomed.  We are going to City Island on Saturday and American YC on Sunday, (see attached flyer).
  • 5/31 the Cruise will end up in Lloyd Harbor in time for the Clubs COMMISSIONING!  This will be a raft up at he Club mooring at 1500.  Please make arrangements to come out and help us ring in the 2004 season, (I confiscated the Cannon from Schneider).
  • 6/4 the Womanís Spirit race will be held the Friday before the Huntington Bay Championship again this year.  This is all apart of the Susan G. Komen Sail for the Cure, which has become a world class event.  The Notice of Race is enclosed.
  • 6/11 the Commodoreís Cup will be held on a Friday night again this year.  This may be one of our, ďfriendlyĒ, races and it is a fun night out, but there is one hitch.  The perpetual trophy for this race is probably one of the most elegant we present at the Awards Dinner.  Itís a beautifully finished Captains Chronometer, and has lured some of our finest yachts to the starting line on many occasions.  Hope to see you on the line, or at the raft-up afterwards.
  • Coming soon- keep the date open...4th of July cruise right around the corner.  The 4th falls on a Sunday this year, and the Vice Commodore is dreaming up some nice destinations for us.

Speaking of cruising, some one had a great idea concerning how we could all keep in contact with each other, and maybe coordinate cruising schedules.  It seems that through the years, usually after the fact, you always talk with another member that happened to be on vacation and cruising their boat just one harbor away from you.  We are going to ask the Webmaster to figure a way to post a calendar.  We could post on it on the web with the where and when we will be cruising.  It might just help to start up some great trips.  Please e-mail Mike Sterflinger, webmaster@lhyc.org, to post your plans, (we will post by boat name only).


While Iím on the subject of the web page, donít forget to visit it regularly, or even make it your browser home page.  The LHYC home page is an always changing view of upcoming events and information.  This is the best and easiest way to be in the know and increase the participation in club and other sailing related events.  If you have anything youíd like to post, or ideas for the page, Mike is always eager to hear from you.


Member News

It is with great sadness that I inform you all of Chris Schneiderís father passing away.  Mr. Schneider died Thursday morning, 4/29/04 after many long bouts with pneumonia.  They had a quiet family service the following Sunday night only.


Our young sailors are still hard at work.  Austin Anderson WON the 2004 USODA Team Trials in Miami Florida last month.  Rather handily I might add, over 157 other Optis, quite a feat!  Austin is now rumored to be racing that little boat all over the world, not bad for 14 years old.

The Storck clan keeps marching on.  Kaity and Erik both qualified for the 2004 U.S. Youth Sailing Championship held this June in Charleston, S.C.  Dad is doing his best to keep up.  John and company took 1st place at the Annapolis NOOD in the J-80 class.  Congratulations, and good luck.

A number of our J-24 members brought their Wednesday night groove to the Nationals in Annapolis last month.  Just to show you what our Wednesday night division can do for your caliber, come out and have these hot shots show you the ropes.  Out of 74 boats, all of U.S. National ability, Aiden Glackin 12th, Mark Swanson 13th, and Harry Benson brought Blue Strikes Back to a 6th one race!  Nice going kids.



Itís finally that time of year again when we can start enjoying the boats out on the water.  The three moorings are all in, and if you notice in the back of your new Roster we dropped the rate for the Block Island mooring.  We didnít think it should approach what the Town is getting, but please remember to pay the fee to the PO box shortly after using them, I know I forget to pay if I donít.


I thought Iíd also take this time to talk about mooring etiquette.  Letís not forget that as a paper club our primary social venue is on our boats and rafting up is encouraged.  I remember when Janet and I were just getting to know everyone in the club, we looked forward to meeting up with people on the Lloyd Harbor and Port Jefferson moorings.  Everyone would always hail us, and welcome us to raft-up.  Please extent the same courtesy, especially to our new members, and make them feel welcome.  Unless the weather conditions are ugly, there is enough mooring for at least 3 boats at all the locations.  We even upgraded the Block Island mooring a few years ago to 800 lbs. so even our bigger boats would feel comfortable enough to invite others to raft up.  Please use the long standing LHYC hospitality and always hail/welcome other members to come along side.


Race Committees

Our fearless Fleet Captain could still use your help.  Rich is still in need of a few volunteers to run our racing program.  You can pull up the schedule of events, and whoís already stepped up to which races on the web site.  Just pick an open one and e-mail Rich, we count on everyone to help to keep the high level of racing management that we are famous for.


Fix-it Corner

This monthís fix-it corner came to me while working under one of those blue tarps in 100F.  I was working with our favorite polysulfide, Life Caulk.  This is a great bedding compound, but is tough to get off anything it touches, including your fingers, which is how most of us get the excess off.  For the last few years Iíve been using a method thatís probably not new, but feels genius to me.  I take a thin piece of cardboard from the garbage, (Coors lite boxes are perfect), fold it to match the angle of the joint Iím removing the excess from, and then use it to shave off the excess into a neat, clean corner.  It works great, clean, and leaves a nice edge.  For those times you find yourself working with silicone, Iíve just heard from over the wire, that if you need to go back and clean up one of your beads, a little saliva on your finger keeps it from sticking, and helps you run a nice bead.



See You Out There,




Charlie Powers