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Mission Statement:

The objects of the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club shall be to encourage and promote interest in, as well as to foster the art and enjoyment of, the sport of sailing by providing the opportunity and means for the development of individual skill and knowledge, encouraging excellence in seamanship and navigation, and by providing participative events wherein these qualities can be exercised under the aegis of the LHYC burgee.



Dear members,


Thank you for the opportunity to take the helm of the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club.  It is an honor to lead the club forward into the future. It is the club officers, the board’s and my goal and commitment to bring you the leadership that you have grown accustomed to and to keep the club running at the highest level of excellence and distinction.


We are continually trying to create ways to further the clubs goals and enhance your club experience, and to get you involved, so please take a look at the 2012 event calendar.  On it you will see our Club Racing, Club related Social events, our Cruising events, our annual Spring Speaker Series and the recently established Friday Night Pursuit Race Series. 


Please join us and join the fun!  As we are a member run and volunteer based organization, we are always looking for assistance with the racing and social events, so please contact us if you would like to get involved.  There is a great pleasure and fulfillment is helping keep our club vital and flourishing, so please DO get involved. 


I would like to take this opportunity to again introduce our 2012 officers and board of directors of the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club for this coming year.  Please reach out to any and all of us with your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and volunteer requests.  I look forward to working with this great group of representatives of the club.


David Willis,        Vice Commodore           

William DeCarlo  Rear Commodore 

Don Rave              Secretary   

Jay Meyer             Treasurer

Jordan Mindich     Fleet Captain

Joseph Scarpulla   Past Commodore 

Board of Directors - Chris Dara, Don Rassiger, Cesar Vallejos, Leigh Sterflinger, Robert Kendrick,




The New Year got off to a great start with our annual meeting held on January11th, a Thursday night at the Oldfield Inn.  Their small and intimate private room worked out great for our gathering, and the food and service were second to none.  If you haven’t been there yet - they have just upgraded their menu and everything is superb.  They have been a real friend to our club as hosts to our Wednesday night after-race get togethers, and we hope to continue building our relationship.


Text Box:  
The club annual meeting gives us the chance to meet, greet and vote for our slate of officers and board of directors.  The voting took place and the slate was ratified by a tally of those in attendance and the submitted proxies.  We had the chance to thank our outgoing Commodore – Joseph Scarpulla and outgoing board members Jordan Mindich and Billy DeCarlo (who we didn’t let go far!), and Michael Olsen and Bill Maher – both past treasurers and board members for their tremendous efforts the past years.


The highlight of the evening was, as it always is for our annual Meeting, the awarding of our most coveted club awards – the Boner, the Grounder, and the Skylark awards.  This year was no different and we had some new winners and some who have had the honor before.  Here are your winners and the accompanying tales of glory and or woe as it may be.  Enjoy!


The GrounderAward – For the fine art and expertise of finding shoals, sandbars and rocks!


This event falls under the category of “No Good Grounding Goes Unrecognized.”

The 2010 ALIR 34 Almost Sinks ZZzooom.  Time:  July 30, 2010 at approximately 1720 hrs., Event: The 34th Annual Around Long Island Race. 


After a long night of sail changes and then followed by a stretch of light air around Montauk Point, Spinnaker Division 6 was going through Gardener’s Bay en masse, neck and neck in what was a building fresh breeze.

Care was given when passing the ruins with plenty of sea room at the north end of Gardner’s Island, and similarly, the crew thought all was well when sluicing through Plum Gut.    However, the crew was tired after being 24 hours into the race, it was low tide and before they knew it they realized that they were a bit too close to the Orient Point Light.


As dumb luck (or the opposite) would have it, they managed to find the one seven foot spot in the channel, punctuated with a boulder of immense proportions.  A hard whack was heard which abruptly alerted the crew that something was amiss.  Their beloved, classic ZZzooom had started taking on water from a crack that formed in the bilge after this seismic grounding. 

Staunching the flow by dropping the sails and easing the back stay, team ZZoomm retired, spent the second night motoring home, and did not stop until they reached the boat yard.  And because they could not be trusted to make it straight home, they were mandated by the Coast Guard to check in frequently en route and sincerely promise them that they will do better next time and leave hazardous shoals with a much larger safety cushion.   


For the above tale of the sea, and for meeting all the criteria of this most prestigious award (albeit one year later), Capt. Joe Nakelski and the Crew of ZZzooom

are hereby awarded the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club’s Grounder Award. 


The Boner Award – For the best display of seamanship. 


No stranger to mayhem at sea (they were a prior Boner winner in 2004 for the helmsman being jettisoned from the boat, the same thing happened again a few years later) and now fate and their antics has placed them once again squarely in the sight of this award committee.   On Sept. 7, race #5 of the Sunset Series, Sleepy Head was out to close out the late summer season in high fashion; the winds were fairly strong out of the east, there was limited visibility and true to the race moniker, daylight was going quick.  The Sleepy crews, as background, have not been a well bunch: Jeff Epstein had undergone shoulder surgery, partner Brad a double hip surgery, Bob McBride a series of maladies that also took him out of his normally healthy and affable state.   Accordingly, most strenuous duties went to Larry who is known for his eagerness and warning cry of, "I got it!"  Poking their way around the course, taking the additional time to locate the leeward mark for the finish in the dark, Sleepy Head did well, placing second for the evening - cause for celebration.  But first, a long slog upwind to Northport Harbor, crank up the retractable keel and put the engine on for the long and winding motor home to Britannia.  Larry, being still able bodied, retrieved the engine, placed the bracket on the transom, affixed the motor to the bracket and once given the command, fired up the expensive long-shaft Honda 5HP, 4 stroke motor.  You see where this is going.   It started right up as a Honda engine would, but when placed in gear, the unlocked bracket slipped off its studded mount, promptly shearing the worn and UV deteriorated safety tether and proceeded to motor itself right down into the drink.  The captain's immediate exclamation of "Oh Sh*t," clearly underscores to this committee that Larry, nor anyone else aboard, did not have it!  Word has it that the Sleepy Head engine protocol will now change having missed the entire fall sailing season and with their purchase of a new engine and a new custom bracket. 


For the aforementioned episode, attributed to post race giddiness, not checking and positively locking the motor mount to their boat, Jeff Epstein and the crew of Sleepy Head  are hereby nominated for the 2011 Boner Award.  


The Skylark Award – In Honor of those members who have most exhibited, overtime, an unfailing willingness to give their energies and expertise for the good of the Lloyd Harbor Yacht club.


This year’s recipient has served the LHYC for many years, serving in many positions over the years and always there to lend a hand in a pinch.  There is no one who volunteers quicker or with more enthusiasm than this year’s nominee.


He served on Board of Directors most recently in 2009 and 2010 and earlier in I think 06-07.   He was one of the Co-founders of The Race for the Case event, organizing the one-design aspect of race, promoting it, and working hard to ensure the inaugural event was a big success.   He served as Protest Chair 07-08.   No one was more thorough and organized in taking on this task, presenting a package of findings and procedure to ensure the ruling was bulletproof.

A staunch J-24 fleet supporter and Organizer - instrumental in promoting, organizing, and running the J-24 Mid Sound Regatta over the course of many years that the club ran the event.  


He served as Rear Commodore - Organized and ensured Melrose was well taken care of and as he likes to be thorough, the treasurer got full reimbursement packages, with detailed spreadsheets, receipts all intact, and packaged with envelopes addressed and with stamps ready to be mailed for each item. 

He also served as Fleet Captain on more than one occasion and this was back when the FC did everything from organizing the event and collecting registrations to getting RC, making sure the Melrose was ready to go each week to making Tee Shirts and more.  All complete with spread sheets and down to the penny accounting for each event.  He is missed his calling as an accountant!


For all of his efforts on behalf of the club, for his willingness to lend a hand and for his genuine good spirit and friendship – we award Glenn Suss our most prestigious award the Skylark Award.




There have been a number of inquiries directed to the YRA of LIS PHRF Committee about sprit kits that can be retrofitted to a boat that traditionally using a symmetric spinnaker where owners are considering changing over to an asymmetric spinnaker for racing.  The rational for doing this appears to focus on the need for both less crew and less experienced crew.


One of the biggest concerns has been the affect on the boat speed coupled with the lack of an appropriate rating adjustment. Another concern has to do with structural issues associated with the installation and use of the sprit and an appropriately sized asymmetric.


While the committee can’t address the second concern, manufacturers such as Seldon and Facnor now have kits which can be easily installed. Based on multiple conversations, it appears that sprits of approximately 120% to 125 % of J have been found to the practical maximum length for most applications.


Over the winter the YRA of LIS PHRF Committee has addressed the rating issue. In doing so the committee tried to be pragmatic using the 125% figure combined with an appropriately sized sail as a reasonable starting place, assuming most installations would be done using this length.  Discussions with sailmakers and recent observations of those using asymmetrics, resulted in the determination that sprits in the range of 118% to 124% with appropriately sized asymmetrics  are in the same boat speed range as traditional 180% symmetric spinnakers flown off J length poles.


Based on this, the table below was developed for determining rating adjustments when the asymmetric is tacked on or near the centerline, either to the deck or to a non-articulating sprit, and


1.        The average length of the leech and luff do not exceed 1.15√(I²+TPS²)

2.        Neither SMG nor SF exceed 1.8TPS


Ratings will be adjusted as follows:

TPS/J%               W/L Adjust.               Distance Adjust.

Up to 100                             +9                           +3

>100 to 108                          +6                             0

>108 to 116                          +3                            -3

>116 to 124                            0                            -6

>124 to 132                           -3                            -9

>132 to 140                           -6                            -12

>140 to 148                           -9                            -15

>148                            (as determined by the committee)


There are a series of points that pertain to this table:


1.      The above table does not apply to:

         Boat models manufactured with sprits, or where a sprit was offered as optional equipment from the manufacturer·

         Articulating sprits·

         Boats that will also use a symmetrical spinnaker.·

2.      Boats with articulating sprits, or with asymmetric spinnaker dimensions in excess of those shown above, will be rated by the Committee on an individual basis.

3.      In addition, credit will not be given for undersized spinnakers.








LHYC Olympian news

Recently, the exciting announcement that local LHYC home grown Erik Storck and crew Trevor Moore, qualified for the 2012 US Olympic Team. They will be competing in the extremely fast, extremely technical and extremely athletic skiff boat called a 49er.  

At the Olympic trials, the Storck Moore team finished in the top 10, so not only are they the best in the country, they are among the best in the world. There next venue will be The Games in London this summer!

LHYC World Wide !

St Maartin Heineken Regatta 2012

 (St Maarten, Netherlands Antilles)- Which comes first, the party report or the sailing report? My guess is many love "The Heineken" because the social events trump the sailing only because the sailing is usually so fantastic and OTT (over the top) that you must celebrate the occasion with family and friends at the soonest possible opportunity-- sunset is perhaps the preferred time to commence festivities. After all, the regatta's mantra is "Serious Fun"!  Rising to the top of the pack was Rick Wesslund's J/120 EL OCASO. They, in fact, won the regatta's top prize— the St. Maarten Cup— for the regatta’s "Most Worthy Performance Overall", emblematic of the winner of the event’s most competitive class, CSA 4.   Just behind them in CSA 4 class was the J/125 AUNT JESSIE, sailed by Jordan Mindich and some good J/105 sailors from America.


Please come out to our races – both competitive and club racing events, and don’t forget to come out to our social events.   Remember to volunteer, and most of all make it a sailing year to remember! 



Steve LaPorta

Commodore LHYC




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