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Mission Statement:


The objects of the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club shall be to encourage and promote interest in, as well as to foster the art and enjoyment of, the sport of sailing by providing the opportunity and means for the development of individual skill and knowledge, encouraging excellence in seamanship and navigation, and by providing participative events wherein these qualities can be exercised under the aegis of the LHYC burgee.


I know that the last Telltales was out only three weeks or so ago, but things are in such high gear I felt I had to get out one more to pass the word to everyone.  There are a number of events in the near future and please see the enclosed flyers, (also on the web page), for further details.


Upcoming Events


This Friday will be the running of the annual Commodores Cup.  We have a “fun” race around the bay, and the boat with the best corrected time, Cruising class or Racing class, gets to keep the beautiful perpetual trophy for a year.  The first gun is 1900 around a 3 nm course, with a raft-up afterwards.  Hope to see you, even if you can’t make the race, at the raft-up.


The J-24 Mid Sound regatta is closing in on us too.  This will be the weekend of Saturday 6/18/05 and Sunday 6/19/05 and is run by Fleet 106, Joe Scarpulla, LHYC and Centerport YC.  The J-24 sailors know what a nice event this is, with quality race management and a great party afterwards at CYC.  If you, or anyone you know, would like to crew in this event, or if you want to be a part of the race committee team please contact Joe at; jjsarch@aol.com, or 427-9368.  They are in real need of a larger power boat from which to run the race from.


The cruising season was kicked off beautifully two weeks ago, and what better way to follow it up but with the annual 4th of July cruise.  We will be keeping it close again this year, in hopes of attracting members that can’t make a big time commitment.  We will set up base camp in Bayville in the eastern part of the bay and all pile on a few boats to watch Charlie Dolan’s firework display on Monday night.  Come on out, it’s a real relaxing weekend.


I’ve also included information regarding the Little Brown Jug race and picnic.  This is still a little ways off, Sunday 8/7/05, but as you can see my cruising schedule is really kicking in now.  We have been developing some ideas revolving around a grass roots effort to bring some more racers onto the starting lines.  One of the approaches we are going to try is to try and entice people that already own sailboats, maybe even race them in some lower key events like Thursday nights, but might feel intimidated to come out for a more formal race.  In this vane, we are going to try opening the LBJ up to non members this year and have a third “silver fleet” class.  If you know anyone that might fit this bill, please pass along the enclosed flyer, (also on the web page).  With this and the great picnic at the beach afterwards we hope they might become less apprehensive.





Past Events

The Spring Series was plagued by light winds again this year.  Primary Race Officer, Rich Rubel managed the wind wisely, sending the fleet off on a short windward/leeward for the first race.  With one in his pocket, he tried a more traditional length course.  The breeze shut down however, and after shortening, we were off to the party.  Our old time sponsors let us use the main office at Willis Marine to keep out of the rain.  Although the weather slowed down the racing, it couldn’t dim the LHYC spirit for an after race party.  The turn out was nearly double that of the starting line, as non-racing members showed up for pizza and refreshments.  Sorry, I forgot my camera, so no pictures.


The cruising season started with a bang, (literally), with the annual Memorial Day Cruise.  The gathering at Indian harbor was marked by trips into the town of Greenwich, and all the lovely stores and restaurants there.  The previously mentioned “bang” came as the crowd was gathered under the roof of the outside bar and a squall rolled in.  We all watched with heavy hearts, as we knew one of our fleet was in the Sound working their way over due to a late start.  There was a bit of a bright side though, knowing that the two of them are some of our saltiest members, and even some laughter at the fact that they don’t even have a dodger on their quick little boat to hide behind.  The next day was marked by a highly controversial race over to American YC.  We then packed everybody up in Mrs. Wright’s huge people mover car, (we couldn’t believe we did it in two trips), for a run to Rye Playland to set the “kids” loose.  We finished with a BBQ at American in their stunning picnic area.  The race to Lloyd Harbor the next day, was exciting for all, including a few that had never raced their boats before, but the southerly shut down after awhile leaving all disappointed.


The Memorial Day raft up of the Club Commissioning was a huge success.  At one point we had seventeen boats rafted up to celebrate the opening of the season.  Many blenders were heard running, and it almost drowned out the sound of the cannon marking the occasion.


The Summer Series is now under way.  It too has been marked by odd circumstance.  The first Wednesday was cancelled due to gale force winds. The second race, run by John Storck, had many layers of excitement way above the norm.  Let’s just say that there were a number of high ranking officials of the club trying to sort out some details at the after race gathering at Nickys.  By the way, if you would like to get in on the fun you can still enter the series until June 16; just contact Rich Rubel, fleetcapt@lhyc.org.


Member News and Odds and Ends

A number of our members raced at the Jamie Boeckel event.  The Willis’ took first in their division of J-44’s.  Dreadlocks was there with Jeff Hammer getting 5th place in a tough division, and the Olsen’s brought Salient there with a “pick up” crew and having a respectful showing none the less.


A few of our younger members are due recognition.  Having gained the age, just barley, to start skippering boats with engines by themselves, they raced off to take the required boating safety course.  All passed, but are still being reminded on a daily basis that just because they can, doesn’t mean that they will be allowed.  Congratulations.


Lastly, look to your mailbox soon for the delivery of the 2005 Roster.  It’s a little late in coming this year, but you might be happily surprised with some new formats, and maybe even a surprise inside.

See You Out There,


Charlie Powers




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