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Mission Statement:

The objects of the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club shall be to encourage and promote interest in, as well as to foster the art and enjoyment of, the sport of sailing by providing the opportunity and means for the development of individual skill and knowledge, encouraging excellence in seamanship and navigation, and by providing participative events wherein these qualities can be exercised under the aegis of the LHYC burgee.



As that great bard of the 60’s, Bob Dylan, once wrote, “you don’t need a weatherman to tell that it’s raining every freakin day!”  Not only have we had one of the wettest Junes in history, we are experiencing cold temperatures that are approximately 15 degrees below the normal warm weather we should be experiencing.  If you’ve been out for our Summer Series, you know what I’m talking about.  And with five races started as of press time, only three have been sailed with enough wind to complete a race.   I know that there is a logical explanation; the jet stream is further north, I am told, causing cooler climes and the predominately northerly breezes. But there are many of us who are looking for summer to actually start, with building southerlies for our regular Summer Series type racing - Ah the good old days.  But we’ll take what we are given and hopefully get the rest of the series sailed in summer like conditions.   Unfortunately the Commodore’s Cup was also postponed due to a deluge that was anticipated and did not disappoint.  Hopefully we can get a Friday evening that is both windy and conducive to a post race raft –up; stand by for the rescheduled date.  Lastly, rain or shine, a LHYC group will be heading out to find fireworks for the fourth; rumor has it that the Dolan show may not go on as planned, but none the less, there is certainly no dearth of holiday entertainment and LHYC members looking to raft –up.  Please check in with our Cruising Chairperson, Dan Corcoran for any club activities that may be developing.    There’s plenty more happening in the immediate future, such as our Stratford Shoals Race to benefit the make a Wish Foundation, summer cruises and the Women’s Skipper’s race.  As I am fond of saying, Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club is a full service institution; always something for racers, cruisers and socialites alike.  Please make it a point to come out and join the fun.   See you out there,



Rich Rubel Commodore LHYC


See full size image2009 J-24 Mid-Sound Regatta, By Glenn Suss

Consistent with previous years, the 2009 J-24 Mid-Sound Regatta  was held on June 6 and 7, in typical early summer conditions of very light wind starting later in the day.   Eight boats registered for the event with seven competing; Kate Morgan from Noroton Yacht Club unfortunately could not compete due to an injury.  Hopefully we will see Kate next year. Liquid Soul, Double Vision and Mental Floss were on the line representing Lloyd Harbor and Centerport Yacht Clubs and were joined by Blue Moon and the Twins from Noroton Yacht Club.  Hoptical Illusion trailered in the day before from the south shore and Trinity, the stalwart team from NYC sailed up from the city to Centerport Yacht Club on Friday, spending Friday and Saturday nights on their trusty J-24!  Impressive dedication and closed knit team, to say the least!



Saturday found the fleet in postponement until 1:15 with the race committee PRO’s of  Bill and Linda Kirkpatrick and Melrose mark boat volunteers Rich Rubel and Jim Ward from CYC doing their utmost to search out a course with enough wind to start the series.  Wind finally filled in from the northwest @ 5 knots but never reached above 7 knots during the day. With determination, the Race Committee was able to get three races off.  A very strong incoming current caused problems for the RC and racers alike.    The RC on CYC’s Lady Hawk had a hard time holding bottom with their anchor in 100+ feet of water and the very strong current, causing the pin to be dramatically favored.  Starters had a very hard time crossing the line with the light wind and current. The weather mark located west of Bell 15 proved particularly hard to round in the strong current providing racers with some interesting roundings and lead changes.  Brian Simkins and the crew of Liquid Soul (including Patrick, the son of LHYC applicant Scott Jacobitti), nailed three perfect starts and finished the day Saturday with two bullets and a fourth, ending Saturday’s sailing in a tie for first place with Double Vision.  Unfortunately, the RC on Lady Hawk after a difficult day, broke down on the way back to the club, but was towed home by the CYC launch.


Sunday proved to be more of the same.  The RC of  Bill and Linda Kirkpatrick, with PC Chris Schneider this time on the Melrose, replacing Lady Hawk, again had to hold the fleet in postponement until 12:30  until very light winds from the north east began to fill in sufficiently to get a race off.  Starts again proved to be interesting, with the pin favored, shifting in the light and spotty wind.  Similar to Saturday, the RC managed another three races for a six race regatta, no throw outs.  Racing was very tight throughout the day with Double Vision winning the series, followed by the Twins in second and Liquid Soul in third. 


Kudos to VC Joe Scarpulla, for his organizing the event (despite attending his brother’s wedding on the second day of racing), arranging  another successful partnership with Centerport YC, and to the LHYC volunteers who stepped up in the breach, and made sure the race was enjoyable for all who participated. 


Miscellaneous Illuminations: Town of Huntington Supv. Frank Petrone, made it a point of addressing the Northport Harbor contingency at the Greater Huntington Boat and YC Council’s Meet the Commodore Night.  He wanted to assure the group that Northport Harbor dredging is a front burner issue and that his staff, as well as the DEC, is looking into the contents of the spoils to determine the nature of their disposal.  As for the beach closing, Petrone feels that the sewer plant may not be the cause of the increased bacteria levels, as much as it could be road runoff and the number of aged failing cess pool systems in homes lining the harbor.~~__/)    LHYC is once again fielding a fleet of racers for this year’s Block Island Race Week.  At the time of this writing, it’s too early to share any results, but we want to wish the best of luck to Challenge IV, Mistress, Resolute, Rift, Rumor and Shakedown.    Two solid yacht club teams; someone please come back with some good yarns for this newsletter.  Enjoy! ~~__/) LHYC is proud to support the training efforts of the Storck-Moore Team campaigning for the 2012 Olympics, by becoming a Bronze Sponsor.  Eric Storck, middle son of John and Collette is working for a slot driving the fast and challenging 49’er skiff.  Their website StorckMooreSailing.com outlines their schedule, budget and provides a detailed bio on the team. Check out the on line videos; your support is needed for them to forge ahead, and help pay for the boat, rig and go-fast goodies to fill that impressive tool box featured in the video.  ~~__/) The Summer Series T-Shirts are in and are being distributed to summer series registrants and for sale at our post race watering hole, Nicky’s for the low price of $15.   The bright, summery shirts come to us, once again from the Sterflinger design team.  Support your club, go yellow, buy some shirts!  


I would like to thank all of the following for volunteering for race committee duty.  If you served as PRO, drove a mark boat or the Melrose, it is all integral to the races we run.  Your participation makes it happen and without your help, there’d be no racing.  Thanks and please, if you have not signed up yet (ck the website for up to the minute volunteer openings) please pick a night to serve.  Kudos to Ron Prior, John Storck, John Belle, Nick Voulgaris, Chris Schneider, Don Rassiger, Kurt Crowley, Tom Bolen, Jeff Epstein, Joe Scarpulla and Roy Sherman.  We are still in need of a race committee for the Upcoming Make a Wish Stratford Shoal Race, which can be divvied up between two parties, one operator of the Melrose for the start and another boat for taking finishing times, if necessary.  Please help us run the best race possible – Your assistance is urgently needed!


Iron Bound, By Mike Olsen


Michael and Bernadette Olsen started the winter and spring seasons by training for their first triathlon.  Neither had done such an G:\MEOLSEN\CVC Documents\My Pictures\Triathlon\IMG_1976.jpgevent before, but what better way to prepare for sailing season than doing 5k runs in 18 degree weather, biking on ice and swimming in the sound’s cold water – training from February to May.  So they trained, joining Steve and Martha Keller for the Doug Wood trail run in April along the way and finally participating in the Ironclad Triathlon, May 31, 2009, in Glen Cove New York.

The Ironclad Triathlon is named in honor of the founder of the Webb Institute in Glen Cove, school of naval engineering where the triathlon is held each spring, and named after William Webb, who was a prominent northern industrialist and shipbuilder.  Webb is famous for taking shipbuilding to a new level, as is his renown as America’s first “naval architect” leading up to and during the Civil War.  He built the  ironclad, wood-hulled USS Durdenberg,* -- a sixteen gun screw frigate, with a 50-foot ram for smashing southern blockade runners -- the longest wooden hulled, ironclad ship in its day.  Thus the event name.  The Webb Shipbuilding Yard closed after the war, and Webb dedicated himself to philanthropy, including establishing the Webb Institute for Naval Engineering and it was dedicated to its present purpose – to teach naval design and engineering, and nothing else.

The Webb Institute, location for the Ironclad Triathlon, now sits on the former country estate of American oilman Herbert Pratt, a fantastic property overlooking the sound from the bluffs of Glen Cove.  The Ironclad Triathlon is in its third year there, and the “sprint” format is inviting for newcomers to the sport.

The May 31 event was a gorgeous day, Bob and Cindy Corso joined to root the Olsen’s on, and they – finished.  (They will say no more.)  They tell us they are building a small Triathlon team within the ranks of the LYHC – so look for more news about our iron sailors in future issues of Telltales.

*Note: the Durdenberg was designed in anticipation of the Civil War, but not completed in time – boat yards never change – and ultimately sold to France, largely to keep her out of the hands of the Russians or Germans.  France scrapped the ship in 1874 to concentrate on making cheese and excuses. The views expressed here are solely of the contributing author and may be the result of physical exhaustion, The Editor


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