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Mission Statement:


The objects of the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club shall be to encourage and promote interest in, as well as to foster the art and enjoyment of, the sport of sailing by providing the opportunity and means for the development of individual skill and knowledge, encouraging excellence in seamanship and navigation, and by providing participative events wherein these qualities can be exercised under the aegis of the LHYC burgee.


Well, the season is in high gear, and a lot has happened over the last month.Let me try to recap and give a look into the upcoming events, including the 4th of July cruise and the Little Brown Jug race/picnic.


The racing season didnít exactly start with a roar.However hard Lorenzo Vascotto and company tried as race committee for the Spring Series we couldnít get a race off.The winds were uncharacteristically light for the Spring, and after many hours it was decided that the party might be the best thing going.There was a good showing, as always, to help out with the pizza and beverages, thanks go out to the Rubel gang for putting this together for us.


The cruising season was nicely kicked off with the Memorial Day cruise.We went west this year, starting in Greenwich Friday night, and then City Island on Saturday.A number of us enjoyed the hospitality of the Harlem YC on Saturday, a dinner ashore topped off with a beautiful sunset.After a hotly contested race, and a grounder, (story to come), we pulled into America YC were we had a lovely BBQ on Sunday.A number of us hunted down the AYC Vice Commodore to congratulate him on beating us in the YRA Commodores Cup, (story below).He was very gracious and let us know that he was going to promote a world-class event for this race next year!After a slog home through a building noríeaster we meet at the LHYC mooring for the Commissioning.With all the flag officers in attendance, and a number of other boats too, we rang in the colors in style, (Iím really getting to like having the Club cannon in my possession).


The following weekend had us once again hosting the Huntington Bay Championship along with Huntington YC.The weekend gala began with the Womanís Spirit race on Friday night.We ran it in conjunction with our Friday Night raft-up/race to allow the boys on the course too, (although in a separate division).Congratulations to Vex, who nipped out our Vice Commodore on Pied Piper in a dieing southerly.A number of the ladies finished back at HYC for a nice gathering.Saturday had a great turnout and some serious breeze to go with it, (not to mention the tide at the weather mark, can 13).Again a party at HYC, although forced inside by the rain, a good time was had by all.


The Commodores Cup was Friday night, 6/11/04.The turn out was less than expected with only 5 boats on the line duking it out for this prestigious perpetual trophy.Congratulations to the crew of Challenge, and a better turn out showed for the raft-up afterwards.The J-24 Mid-sound regatta had similar problems with turn out, a lucky 13 boats registered.The competition was fierce as always with these boats, and we may work on the scheduling problems for next year.We are thinking of the Commodores Cup back on a weekend, and there is some talk of trying to combine the Mid Sound with the Huntington Bay Championship.Anyone with suggestions/comments, please help us out.


Up coming events- The 4th of July cruise is this weekend, with the Friday before coinciding with the monthly race/raft-up.Come on out for the local event Friday, (maybe even stay the night on the mooring), or the whole holiday weekend in Oyster Bay, (see attached flyer).The Make-a-Wish Stratford Shoal is right around the corner, (flyer enclosed).This is a nice way to get all those, I can reach with the best of them, cruising boats out, so if youíve never done a Stratford Shoal race, give it a try.Itís a nice night out on the water with some great sailboat racing without the close quarters of the buoy racing.The Little Brown Jug race/picnic is Sunday 8/8/04.This is what I think is the premier members only fun race of the year.We knock it about for a notorious perpetual trophy, and afterwards all meet up at the beach for a great family BBQ, (again, flyer enclosed).Looking further ahead is the Labor Day cruise, a nice way to wrap up the cruising schedule.


Member News- Iím happy to say Iíve had no reports of bad news this month, however the good news/results abroad is so extensive Iím sure to leave something out, but here goes the old college try.We can see now why the Challenge crew showed up so in tune for the Commodoreís Cup after their results in the American Spring series.Even through some big breeze and some gear failure, they persevered to win their division, congrats.Thanks go out to Ed Dole for letting the Board of Directors take him out on his boat to compete in the YRA Commodores Cup.Although Ed said the boat was weighed down by more beer than heís ever seen on board, we managed to squeak out a second place in this historic race.Thanks Ed.When it comes to the Block Island race, the LHYC has always had a boat or two in the running.No exceptions this year, with Ed Dole taking his division, Erling Kristiansen taking 3rd in his, and no doubt one of the youngest skippers entered, new member Bobby Storck had a respectable finish with the kids from his almamater on board.Congratulations to all.The youngest of the Storckís continue to impress, this time at the US Youth Championships.The final race was shifty, but we of LI Sound are used to that.Eric took the 420 division with sister Katie nipping at his heels, coming in at 6th.Congrats!


We have a new group of applicants to introduce this month.There is a ballot enclosed, please return it to Bob Corso by either regular mail, fax or e-mail.The applicants all show great enthusiasm, and hereís some details;Jay and Sharon Buckley own an Ericson 28 which they would like to start cruising and maybe even some racing.He has been sailing most of his life, and owned a Hobbie cat before this.Sean and Lisa Flaherty own a JY 15 and have been involved in Huntington Bay sailing for a year or so.He has extensive sailing experience all over the country, and is now teaching sailing at the Oyster Bay Sailing School.He hopes to help us with our grass roots effort, as well as crew on the bigger boats as much as possible.Arnie and Cathy Lesser donít really need an introduction.They have been sailing Bon Coeur in LHYC events forever.Arnie has made the decision to join to meet more of the members, and help out in our racing program.Chris and Lisa Waldorf have bought themselves a beautiful J-46.Chris has extensive racing experience, PHRF, one design and he crewed in some of the LHYC events in years past.They hope to race and cruise the new boat with us.Welcome to all, and hope to see you out there soon.


Grounder Award- It is now my pleaser to present to you our first Grounder nomination!It was a glorious job, having lots of visibility, you guest it, during the Memorial Day cruise.It appears one of our newer members might have gotten a little turned around at the entrance to American YC, and thought he was one harbor over.Needless to say the well marked government buoy was passed to the wrong side, (a mistake any of us could have made).Well if any of you were wondering, we have an update and yes indeed, Ship Rock is still in two foot of water, and still very hard.Congratulations on this distinct honor, and remember if youíd like to keep your name out of the Annual meeting ceremony, itís easy, just find some more nominations out there for us to print.


See You Out There,



Charlie Powers