LYHC.ORG                                                                                        June 2003

Commodore’s Message


The season is officially off and running despite mother natures lack of cooperation.  Commissioning was held at our Fleet Captain’s house, the new members cocktail party introduced new members _________  to some of our longest standing members _______, and the summer series is well under way.  I write this to convince myself, and hopefully those of you that have not yet shaken off your winter coats, that it really is late spring.  Many of the clubs members are going to Block Island for Race Week, there is a Fourth of July cruise planned to Oyster Bay and the J-24 Mid Sound Regatta is a mere week away.  Ignore Mother Nature, put on your foulies, pretend it is warm and sunny and come out and have fun.





Sail for the Cure(as written by Leigh Sterflinger)– The LHYC women showed all their strengths out there and proved that women are not meant to be just "beer wenches and galley slaves" or just the organizers and cleaners, that our knots are not just "knitting" and most of all that it is not just a male sport!


They also seemed to have sparked a lot of interest from women who want to join them next year.




1st Place - Anne Coneys, Perseverance

2nd Place - Leigh Sterflinger, Leighway2

3rd Place - Peggy Unger, La Pennogg

4th Place - Barbara Bolen, Spirit


But all a winners for supporting the Susan G. Komen Sail for the Cure!


Commodore’s Cup – This Friday 19:00 hours.  See attached flyer for details.


Summer Series – We are contemplating renaming this series something more appropriate this year, perhaps the “Wet Weather Series”.  It still beats working late!  Remember there is a party after each race at Nicki’s.  All are welcome.


Race Committee – Our Fleet Captain Leigh Sterflinger is still looking for volunteers.  Please help when you can.




New Members Cocktail Party – Over sixty people came to the new members cocktail party.  Many of our most senior members including: ___________ (the Florida contingent) surprised us and rehashed some old tales.  New members _________ were introduced and presented with ties and burgees.


Fourth of July Cruise – Vice Commodore Charlie Powers is organizing a visit to Oyster Bay.  The plan is to watch the fireworks on Friday, go to Bayville area for Saturday evening and stop by Seawanhaka on Sunday.  Please see the attached flyer for more details.


Little Brown Jug Race – I put this here instead of under racing because it is more of a social event than a race.  Please join us on August 3rd, 16:00 hours at the Bay Hills Beach even if you can’t get out on the water and compete for the esteemed prize, (see enclosed flyer).


Labor Day Cruise – The plan is to go to Indian Harbor YC on Sunday 8/31. Please watch for an upcoming flyer for more details.

Block Island Race Week- The crew of Zephyr would like to invite the crews of all LHYC boats at BIRW to a get together at their house, the Thomas House on Coast Guard Rd, Tuesday after the tent festivities.  Food and munchies provided but BYOB (we know how much alcohol you guys can drink!).  Come, enjoy the camaraderie, and rehash the day's racing.  RSVP to  We'd love to see everyone off the water!




Grounder Award- We presented the award in absence to Joe Vitale.  Apparently, his boat (he claims he was not at the wheel) hit old flattop by Huntington Light House.  Next time I’ll teach him how to trade up at the insurance companies expense.


Tying the Knot – Longtime members Jesse Moshein and Betty Woehler were married on April 24th.  Congratulations!!


Melrose- The Melrose is being relocated to a mooring near Goldstar’s beach.  This will allow easier and faster access to the race and solve the problems associated with low tide at its current location.  Major thanks go to Cooney’s for agreeing to provide launch service and to Willis for all the years of providing a slip.  The LHYC locker, Video Library, and bulletin board will remain at Willis.




This year was another terrific year in terms of sponsor support thanks to the efforts of many people.  Next year we are going to change the venue to allow for the proper time to better advertise our sponsors.  We are therefore going to be soliciting our sponsors in the fall for the 2004 season.  We will keep everyone posted as details are developed.