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The objects of the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club shall be to encourage and promote interest in, as well as to foster the art and enjoyment of, the sport of sailing by providing the opportunity and means for the development of individual skill and knowledge, encouraging excellence in seamanship and navigation, and by providing participative events wherein these qualities can be exercised under the aegis of the LHYC burgee.



Time to Weigh In: J-44 Heavy Weights Prevail at Block Island, By Thom Hering

The competitive J-44 fleet had their usual tight series of close racing at Block Island Race Week, again proving that this class epitomizes pure one-design sailing for big boats.  The J-44 Class Association owns all the sails and rotates them among the boats for each regatta, which levels the playing field.  LHYC was well represented in this division, where there was some friendly jabbing going on at the dock between Resolute and Challenge.

            In a tight fleet, Challenge won the first three races on Monday & Tuesday in heavy winds ranging from 22 -32 kts.  But day 3, with the wind range dropping considerably to 10-15 kts., saw Resolute make a huge comeback by winning the next two races.  And that's where this story begins.

            In what seemed like a Resolute press conference, the media smelled a story and descended on the dock and interviewed the Resolute crew.  It gets a little fuzzy here.  Thom Hering, Resolute Tactician, claims (with a wink) that his quote was taken and printed out of context, but on the front page of the Thursday Block Island News was the headline: "Challenge crew outweighs the Resolute crew by at least 40 lbs per person."  Hence, Challenge dominated heavy air while Resolute won back to back races in the light stuff. 


After reading this, the Challenge crew, who despite their appearance, are apparently a sensitive bunch and see themselves as rather svelte, took umbrage with the reference of them being on the hefty side.  That day (in light air), they actually beat Resolute.  With their self esteem and good humor restored, post race, waiting for Thom back at the dock was a complimentary "Crow" burger, which he ate while tipping his hat to the Challenge crew.

            After all the racing was over, there was one more little twist to the story.  Since Challenge won the regatta, Thom felt safe enough to congratulate and present the Challenge crew with a jumbo container of Weight Watcher’s Yogurt, for those future light air days on the LI Sound.  Cheers to both boats for having some light 'n ' lively spirited fun beyond the race course, while capturing 2 of the top 3 spots.


Excerpted from the J-Boats Newsletter:  The Solent-like conditions from Block Island’s round the island race led to several mishaps, including a man overboard on a J/122 (and safely recovered).  The J's are well represented with one-design class starts for the J/122s, J/44s, J/29s, J/105s and J/109s.  The Around Island Race on Monday was a rare event.  With a strong NNE 15-25 knots wind, the RC sent the fleet around the island clockwise.   A start off the R2 Bell sent the fleet north to 1BI Bell, then a right turn around it to SE Lighthouse cans and the bell off SW corner and back up to the finish off R2.   The winners for this race included the following:  J/105s- Brian Keane on SAVASANA, J/122s- Mike Bruno on WINGS; J/29- John and Tony Esposito on Hustler; J/44s- Jeff Willis on Challenge IV; J/109s- Group W on GOSSIP; and PHRF 3- John Storck on J/80 Rumor.

             Congratulations to all LHYC boats at race week who win by virtue of competing in one of the best race venues and beautiful waters in North America. 


Stratford Shoal Race a Breezy Success

Not having the statistics on all of our events, I would guess that the 37th running of the Stratford Shoal Race was one of the fastest on record.  Jeff Wright with certified race manager in training, Peter Hutchinson from CYC, started 33 boats at Lloyd Neck’s Nun 6 in a 15 kn SW breeze that got the boats out of dodge in no time.  Upon clearing the line, the spinnaker boats launched and were well on their way to Can 13 and then straight to the lighthouse, a slight deviation from our previous course which took the racers to the flasher safely to the south of the lighthouse.     


Spirit in hot pursuit at the JAM start, finished third. Photo courtesy of Nautical Exposure

Notwithstanding the catamaran Double Digits that was screeching all over the course, missing their start and then starting approximately ten minutes later, the first boat to the lighthouse (and then home) was the lovely Santa Cruz 52, Magic at slightly past 6:00 PM, followed by the J-120 Soulmate and then the little boat that could, Sleepy Head.   But, despite the great wind, LHYC did not fair well, only garnering one division win with Paul Eliea’s Marie, in the second spinnaker division.  Overall honors go to our friend from Masthead Cove YC and past Stratford Shoal winner, Matt & Annie Berger on Rag Doll.   It was definitely a sprit boat race, but with an effort made not to burn off too much speed taking one north of the rhumb line on the way to the lighthouse.  But perhaps the biggest story of the day falls to De la Mar, from Northport YC, in their Catalina 380; with some beginners luck and a bit of boat speed they won the JAM division handily by 14 minutes, correcting out five plus minutes ahead of another longtime friend of LHYC distance races, Marc Luxemberg of On the Mark.   

            Finish times were coordinated by new member, Bert Rubin-de Cervens, under the watchful eye of Bryan Coon.  It bears repeating that the two RC boats’ volunteers for the start and finish line deserve our thanks for their efforts on July 11.  This race itself, i.e., not including the junior sailing regatta and associated fund raising, garnered the Make a Wish Foundation approximately $3000.  The fact that it was expertly run this year, helps us attract more and different distance racers from harbors north and west of Huntington and grow the event each year. 


Women’s Skipper Race:  On a beautiful sunny day, the racing women of LHYC met off Sand City on Saturday July 18, to compete in the time honored Women’s Skipper Race.  Palantir, Shakedown, Shuriken, Sleepy Head, Soul Rebel, Tizona, Vex and White Star, were divided between JAM and spin divisions, and ably directed by the Powers’ PRO team to get in two races and a cozy raft up on the club mooring afterwards.  Race one started and suffered from a major wind shift to the north, making it a drag race and suited for Shakedown’s assym.  The next race utilized bell #8 and made for a more tactical race for all.  In order to arrive at an overall winner, the spinnaker boats took a 30 point hit on their rating, hopefully serving to equalize the spinnaker and JAM divisions (both did sail the same course) and made for a competitive day of racing for both divisions. Congratulations to Shannon Mindich and the Shakedown crew for winning the overall Women’s Skipper honors. 


Jr. Sailing Shorts:  compiled by PC Leigh Sterflinger

Shelter Island Opti Invitational, July 7 – The winds piped up to15-18 kts with gusts even higher, and the RC was fighting to get in races before a ridge of thunderstorms arrived.  Roger Dorr had a commanding lead in these conditions finishing first in the regatta.  Race 2, Peter Sterflinger was in 4th place when he capsized and couldn't recover fast enough, but still ended up in the top 10 of the fleet; Rachel Glackin and Lena Scarpulla handled it well and completed the course where most of the white fleet dropped out.  Congratulations to Roger for winning the red fleet and Peter coming in 9th in the 21 boat division.  Also, kudos to Rachel and Lena for coming in 6th and 7th respectively in their 38 boat white fleet.   

Douglaston - winds 5-10 kts and rather fluky.   Roger was up in Maine training with Team Gnarly, Peter dominated the red fleet winning with four firsts and Rachel winning the white fleet with 3 firsts and a fourth. 

            Head of the Bay – With winds at 3-8 kts and threats of thunderstorms that sucked the air out at times, Roger was ahead most of the series with Peter right on his tail.  Roger was over early in the second race and Peter was OCS in the third.  In this race, all fleets race together and Roger won a tie breaker to take 1st overall; Peter ended up 3rd in the red fleet and 4th overall.  Rachel came in 7th overall and 1st in white fleet with the next boat 66 points away!  Lena sailed impressively with a 5th in the white fleet.

            Still to come, Centerport Yacht Club’s Regatta and then Opti Champs where they will all race each other again.


Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club’s Moorings – In my never-ending effort to promote our wonderful club (not that it needs any promoting with nearly 100% membership), I often tout that we provide the full gamut of boating services: great racing, lively social events and cruising destinations both near and far.  For cruising, of course, I am speaking about the three moorings we maintain at Lloyd Harbor, our summer base of operations, at Conscience Bay in Port Jeff and our coveted mooring in the Great Salt Pond at Block Island.  Did you know that we pay $1,500 annually, just for the Block Island mooring permit?  Each mooring locale requires permit renewals, fees for setting and hauling our moorings (expect for Lloyd Harbor where Bob Storck’s generosity, once again, assists with our operations and bottom line) and lastly equipment upgraded for the bigger, heavier displacement boats our fleet is graduating towards. 



We do not come close in covering in the expense on this important club amenity with the mooring usage fees we collect, but a slight defect is fine.  However, we need to a better job in capturing more of the daily fees we have coming to us to help defray this costly line item.  To help us do this, our Regatta Manager program has provisions, which we’ve added on the website to assist with the mooring fees.  Upon returning from a cruise, please enter your payment conveniently with a credit card, so that this much needed revenue comes to us in a timely fashion.  Our old system of paying at the end of the year does not work; we inadvertently forget the number of days that we are responsible for, plus, it is more onerous when coupled with your annual dues.   Please help us close our mooring budget gap, by paying your fair share, on line and on time. 


Miscellaneous Illuminations: Recent sightings around town; check out You Tube for a great video of the 200 dolphins cavorting in Northport Bay this past month, and speaking of cavorting, did any one see Chris Schneider and the Rascal team fly their chute out to the race course on July 1?  ~~__/) Congratulations to the Scarpulla family for their long awaited decision to purchase a power boat.  VC Joe finally pulled the trigger and selected a beautiful, late model Grady White that looks quite ample to handle those bouncy RC jobs in late fall and/or mid-sound.  We are waiting for the “Soul Man” to make a christening announcement regarding his move to the dark side.~~ __/) It was also good to see PC Jon Ayers on his new craft, a Grand Banks 36, the Lady Anne, at the start of the Stratford Shoal Race.  Nothing goes to windward like a proper motor trawler.   Jon and Anne have recently returned to our home waters having delivered the boat up from Florida.  Congratulations and again, it would appear that this stout vessel could come in handy for our club. 



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