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Commodore’s Message


It’s been an active season.  Many a LHYC crew went to Block Island Race Week, the Commodore’s Cup was run despite the wonderful weather and my absence, a very successful 4th of July cruise, and good participation in the Summer Series.  Don’t slack off yet, we still have the Little brown Jug Race, the remainder of the Summer Series and a Labor Day Cruise planned over the next six weeks.  Lets keep up the participation.



Block Island Race Week - LHYC was well represented at Block Island Race Week.  The skippers and crews of Challenge IV, Zepher, UFO(he raced the J-80), Hot Pepper, Pied Piper, Zoom as well as John Fait, Dennis Drumm, Gary Victorson, and Keith Goldstein joined in the festivities.  Several LHYC “sailors in training” were also reported to have invaded several of Block’s most prominent beaches.  They were kept in line by their trainers in between sun bathing, drinking, cooking, drinking, providing logistical support to the racers and drinking.  

Commodores Cup (by Charlie Powers) - As the day of the race approached, it looked bleak; North East breeze 15-20 knots, rain and fog!  Janann II was seen tucked in behind Wincoma Point near the Melrose getting ready, and hoping the R/C might not show.  Sure enough Brandon Prior and company arrived and was willing to tough it out.  After an exchange of beer and pizza the, “Little Yellow Boat”, of the Sterflingers showed up, and as the saying goes, two boats in the same general area equals a race.  Under reefed mains the R/C got them started.  Tight racing with close mark roundings ensued.  John Fait and company joined just after the start, (having trouble with his GPS in the fog).  The finish was something to write home about, with much controversy about an overlap gained from behind and which end of the finish line was indeed the proper course.  Please see the scores below. 

LHYC Stratford Shoal Make a Wish Regatta - We had 37 boats show up for a great race.  Winners included:

Stratford Shoal Trophy – Challenge IV – Jeffery Willis

Silver Girl Trophy – Silver Girl – Bruce Hasnas

First Home Trophy – Challenge IV – Jeffery Willis 

Fourth of July Cruise Feeder Race (by Charlie Powers) - The 4th of July cruise started like clockwork with the hotly contended race from Bell 8 to Oyster Bay.  The breeze didn’t exactly cooperate, with a very light northwesterly.  Two boats stuck it out though, with Palantir showing 7 knots at the masthead.  This breeze may have had trouble coming down to the, “Little Yellow Boat”, and Leighway had to concede the race.  Both finished, and the Fleet Caption did a nice job with the awards ceremony the next morning over breakfast


Fourth of July Cruise – We counted 14 LYHC boats out to watch the fire works Friday evening.  By Saturday morning the crowd had diminished quite a bit.  It was reported that the Vice Commodore’s anchoring techniques literally shook some fellow rafters away.  His technique did provide entertainment for the rest of us.  Saturday afternoon a new raft up was set in the cove near Centre Island which included the Vascotto’s, Power’s, Sterflinger’s, Dorr’s, Suss’s, and Walter’s.  Several sunfish regattas were held, seven children and two dogs set the water boiling, and Charlie’s famous mud slides kept the adults smiling.   We all slept soundly that evening, despite the 12 to 15 knot breeze  (Good thing I carry a virtual mooring on Playpen).  Sunday included Brunch at Seawanhaka and the end of a great weekend. 

Little Brown Jug Race – Please join us on August 3rd, 16:00 hours at the Bay Hills Beach even if you can’t get out on the water and compete for the esteemed prize.  Please see attached flyer for more details. 

Labor Day Cruise – Please join us for the annual Labor Day cruise.  Charlie is planning a great trip t Port Jeff, including a BBQ and beach volleyball. Please see attached flyer for more details.



Bonner Award Nomination - This story was anonymously submitted for nomination.  Although the year is not over, it’s a tough act to follow, and it’s entertainment value should not be limited to a privileged few. 

Pied piper was at Payne's dock after an overnight journey from Huntington.  Her skipper (on very little sleep) was concerned about sum looseness around the tiller. Taking the tiller off he found that he wanted to tighten some bolts on the rudder.  I was standing next to him making sure he didn't start using the sawsall when as he started pulling a long bolt from the rudder post.  He was heard to say "let's see how strong these set screws are" as he slid the bolt out.  As the bolt slid out we heard a woosh! Followed by a "oh shit" looking at the skipper I said what's the problem. He said the rudder just fell out. I said "What" he said the rudder fell out as he peered through the deck hole to the water below.  Not much was said to the other crew members as they all responded "what" ,"know way", or "you're kidding right".  Panic set in on the skipper as the thought of abandoning race week went through his head.  The skipper and I went out to find a diver.  Charles Powers, Doug Vaughn and Bob jr. decided to give Bobby an anchor to hold to get him down the necessary 18 feet to grab the rudder and bring it up.  By the time the skipper returned the rudder was on the dock and was ready to be put back.  We can never leave the skipper alone with tools on the boat again. 

Proposed New Members

The following new members are being proposed:

Dennis and Marianne Drumm, Scrimshaw, LeCompte 45, by Letica

Kevin and Anne Coneys, Perserverance, Colgate 26, by Suss

Cynthia Favata, Sea ‘N Me, Catalina 30, by Schneider



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