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Mission Statement:

The objects of the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club shall be to encourage and promote interest in, as well as to foster the art and enjoyment of, the sport of sailing by providing the opportunity and means for the development of individual skill and knowledge, encouraging excellence in seamanship and navigation, and by providing participative events wherein these qualities can be exercised under the aegis of the LHYC burgee.




It still seems that summer and fall sailing was just a couple of weeks ago, but the holidays have come and gone, and it is now time to wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year.   While the temperatures certainly indicate that we are in the midst of winter (but did anyone notice that there were five new high temp records set this past year: is global warming really debatable?), I perceive from my vantage point of the Northport train station at 6 AM that the days are getting longer and it won’t be long before we are back at it, or at least in the boat yards.  For some of us, we still meet regularly on scheduled Sundays to race JY 15’s and linger over a few beers afterwards; a recap of the Fall Frostbite series is provided herein and the call for volunteers and sailors is always sounded. We are fortunate that at this time of year, in addition to the frostbiting, we have many club social events that allow us to take a break from our busy lives, get together and catch up with good friends. 

December’s social event was the Holiday Party held at the HBCA “Casino” in Centerport.  VC Joe Scarpulla arranged a beautiful catered affair and Elicea LaPorta provided a gift of a cake from her gourmet bakery; it really was a gift, with white icing that covered a luscious chocolate cake like wrapping paper and a sugary pink ribbon tying up the whole package.  It truly was a sight to be seen, as was PC Chris Schneider, again decked out in his Santa Suit (replete with LIPA boots?).  It really was special to see many of our members’ children receive gifts from Santa.  Thanks to all who helped with the event in one fashion or another and to those who came and enjoyed. 

Do you remember in the 60’s a saying, “What if someone threw a war and no one came,” well that runs through the mind of the Vice Commodore and the planners involved with our social events .  We know that you like to race, but it is important too, and part of our by-laws, that we meet monthly and have parties.  Our upcoming ski trip in February (see the att. flyer) is a case in point.  We count on your participation; please work these events into your calendar, or if you have a party or any other suggestion, drop the board a note.  It is your club, we are here to serve you and provide our members the best events possible.  

Looking forward to seeing everyone, either on the water or at our next event.  Until then, health, happiness and all good things for the New Year!    

Rich Rubel, Commodore LHYC  



Board Meeting Bullets: The November Board Meeting hosted by the Sterflingers addressed the following as part of our agenda:

Some Housekeeping Items:  With your dues submittal you were asked to report any address, email or boat changes.   We strive to have accurate information for the roster and ensure that you get club correspondence.  While your dues should be paid already (Hint, Hint) please let the Commodore know of any changes you would like to make with regards to the above.  In addition, should you wish to receive our newsletter electronically (that way you see the photos in color) and save the club some postage expense, please let me know that as well. 

Payment for using the Block Island and Port Jefferson moorings during 2008 season are trickling in with the 2009 dues notice.  In case you haven’t heard, on our website there is a link to the Regatta Manager program, which is set up to take credit card payments for the mooring fees.   Members are asked to please render payment as soon as possible after the moorings are used and to keep in mind that we wish to maintain this club amenity and open it up to as many members as possible.  I would like to thank the following LHYC members for their 2008 payments:  Amante, Bolen, Calder, Corso, DeCarlo, Drumm, Favata, Heidelberger, Powers, Sposato, Sterflinger, Storck, Suss, Walters, Vascotto, Victorson, Voulgaris, Willis.   Please know that mooring maintenance expenses and the permit renewal fees, like everything else, has gone up, and the club depends on your payments to defray only a portion of their total expense.  Please do the right thing by the club and pay as you go (we are trying to make it easier to do so by credit cards through the Regatta Manager program) so that we can continue to offer this service for years to come.    

Fall Series Frostbiting Over, Spring Series Just Begun:  If the past fall was a harbinger of things to come, we are in for a rough remainder of the winter season.  Out of six scheduled race days for the fall series, only 50 % were sailed, the others were called for high wind, low temps or icy conditions.  But, of the three days sailed, a series was completed and a New Years regatta held as well.   Many LHYC members and friends of LHYC are participating in Centerport’s JY Fleet #104 frostbite program, and in true LHYC fashion, the action is tight and the sailing fun.  PC Chris Schneider as RC strives to set up courses with the longest legs possible and get in anywhere from four to six races in an afternoon. On mark/crash boat, Art Kelley moves the marks as needed and follows the fleet, plucking out a few from the icy drink should they require assistance.  In our neck of the woods, frostbiting is really a misnomer (although the water is cold, trust me).  Should we get winds or temperatures in the 20’s, we would not sail, but, that is not to say we would not meet and reconnoiter in the parking lot, have hot discussions on tactics and other salient issues over cold beers!               

As I stated, the Fall Series, from Nov. 9 to Dec. 28,  comprised of three days, resulted in Rich Rubel sailing with Doug Vaughn got third place, Roy Sherman and Eric François took second, and Brian Simkins ( a perennial winner) sailing with his son Robert won the series.  For our New Years Regatta sailed on Dec 28, Brian was number one, Roy took the second spot and in third, the youthful team of Alex Hering (son of new member Thom, who did some mark boat work that day) sailing with Austin Anderson, back for the holidays from Hobart College, kept us all on our toes and our game up to snuff.

Frostbiting 12-28 095.jpg

After a start at the New Year's Regatta

            It is special however to be on a 15 foot planing dinghy in Northport Harbor with no other boats and moorings in your way – to me it is both invigorating and calming.  Check out our website for a link to some frostbite photos, or better yet, come down to watch, volunteer on a mark or RC boat, or sail. You won’t be disappointed.  

Annual Meeting Held at Mangiamos:  In accordance with Article VIII of our club’s by-laws, our members were feted with Italian fare at our January 14 Annual Meeting.  Despite 20 degree weather, a hearty contingent was on hand to usher in the New Year and vote in the new slate of officers, i.e., the same flag officers, but with the addition of Glenn Suss and Doug Vaughn, replacing outgoing Directors, PC John Storck Jr. and Phil Walters.  John and Phil’s service to the club was applauded at the meeting; as Directors, they lent their expertise in event planning and provided historical perspective to our operations.  In addition, their contributions helped the club move forward and explore new ways of conducting business.  Their attributes, I feel, will be continued in the selection of Doug and Glenn.  

            As part of the proceedings, our Grounder, Boner and Skylark Awards were also presented.  Out of a field of five contenders, the Skylark award, named for PC Jon Ayer’s boat, given to members who over a period of time have shown an unfailing willingness to lend their expertise and energies to the club was awarded to Jeff Willis.   His nomination reads as follows: The Willis family has provided service to LHYC for as long as one can remember.  They act as our official land based club house, they post our messages and results on a display case bulletin board prominently situated at the marine center, they have provided the Melrose with valuable dock side space and still to this day perform the annual hauling and launching of the Melrose, a valuable service and cost savings to the club.  Jeff had served on the Board in the 80’s.  The Willis Marine Center serves as a conduit of sailors with hot new Beneteaus or cruising boats to join our club and support our racing and cruising programs.  Lastly, it is an honor for the club when Jeff’s J-44, Challenge IV, races down the Sound, wins and proudly sails under the Lloyd Harbor burgee.   Did I also mention that his performance at the 2008 Bermuda race is legendary, given the boat break down he incurred prior to the start, coupled with the fact that he sailed the race after experiencing an injury to his arm just days before the race.  This is the stuff of sailing legends. 


            The pickin’s were slim for Grounders in 2008, so two transgressions that put the winner’s keel in jeopardy took the prize.  Jordan Mindich from Shakedown graciously accepted the prize, lovingly nominated and presented by his wife Shannon.  His dubious distinction reads as follows:   Shakedown - Jordan Mindich (with Keiran Glackin's help): During the American Yacht Club Fall Series the boys were celebrating with a few beers on the way back in to the AYC dock.  Jordan and Kieran were yucking it up behind the wheel while Tom and Shannon sat on the rail, now under engine. 
The facts are as Follows: The first channel marker on port coming into the harbor is a shared mark with the channel to the west (being the first mark to starboard for the western channel and the first mark to port for the eastern channel); therefore, this buoy is both green (right side of buoy) and red (left side of buoy) split down the middle.  So, for Shakedown going into the eastern channel, this should be observed as a green mark (i.e., keep it to port when returning from sea). 


Preferred Channel Marks are found at junctions of navigable channels and often mark wrecks or obstructions. A vessel may normally pass this aid on either side, but the top color band indicates the preferred channel. If the top band of the aid is red, it is treated as a red mark and kept to starboard as the vessel passes it while returning from sea. Caution: It may not always be possible to pass on either side of preferred channel aids to navigation. The appropriate nautical chart should always be consulted.

Do I even need to tell the rest of this story?  Myself and Tom pointed out the obvious mark.  The skipper and tactician announced the opinion that we could go on either side as it was both red and green (???????????????????).  Tom and I pointed out that it was marking two separate channels -We were ignored.  The only thing stranger than watching another boat completely ignore a buoy and head into no man's land off of a rocky point is being on your own boat, being completely ignored, and hearing and feeling the scrape and jolt as your beloved racing yacht takes a hit.  OUCH.  Nobody likes to say "I told you so....., BUT...”

And to cement the deal (pardon the pun), on the trip to Key West the Shakedown team lost 3 of 4 wheels off the Shakedown trailer, again exposing the keel to the forces of gravity.

            Lastly, the Boner award had a few choice stories to select from, but by popular demand the prize went to Jeff Willis for a Summer Series race he skippered on the fleet footed but clingy Beneteau 10R, Solution.  The facts, as we saw them, were as follows:  

Solution – Jeff Willis (sans Dave Willis’ help) Background Information: It was a crazy night. The RC came out extra early to set up the course.  As they left Huntington Harbor, the flag on the light house was blowing out of the west so they dropped a windward mark off of Lloyds Neck about 1/2 way out to Target Rock and then proceeded to motor over and drop a pin and anchor the boat off Sand City beach. After about 5 min. the wind swung north and before long, the wind had gone Northwest and we had a nice course using Bell 8 (something we don't get to do very often). Well, that situation lasted about 10 minutes before it started to swing to the east and with only 15 minutes to go before the fist gun.  So much for coming out early. The RC scrambled to set a new windward mark where they were currently set up for a start (i.e., by Sand City) and move the committee boat down to our old windward mark off Lloyd Neck.

Now for the real story: The race got off with no problems. As the first div. came downwind there was a shift in the wind once again leaving most of the boats well past the rhumbline. As they worked back towards the leeward mark the committee boat was ending up on the rhumbline more and more with every shift.  The RC dropped out more anchor line to put the boat back downwind of the mark. The first group came in for the mark rounding and as they passed by, one boat came a little closer than the others; unfortunately this boat has one of the deeper drafts and a "T" style bulb keel.  With impending disasters, they say you could see it coming, the RC saw it coming and as the boat passed, everyone on the committee boat quickly braced for impact.  We were hooked like a big fish and dragged towards the mark, reminiscent to the barrel scene in the movie Jaws.  After some furled sails and unwinding circles performed by both boats to untangle themselves, Solution was well on her way to a Boner nomination and award.  To potential 10R customers, a caveat: This scenario may stick in your mind when you buy a 10R with the high tech keel, as well as purchasing the razor sharp leading edge option and possibly a contract with Diver, Diver, Diver. 


                2009 Ski Trip

                                                         Saturday February 7, 2009



The date is set! The snow has fallen! Conditions look great!


Come join us for our annual group Ski Trip to Jiminy Peak!


Lift Tickets - $39

Rentals - $26

Lessons - $20

Bus – $20

That’s $85 for a complete package (not including lessons)


Snacks and beverages will be supplied for the bus trip - we will leave from the municipal parking lot across from the post office on Gerard Street at 6am Sharp!


Please make your reservations ASAP - invitation is open to family and friends.  Final deadline is January 17, 2008.


Contact me with your interest or send checks made

out to LHYC to:

Joseph Scarpulla

251 Main Street

Huntington, NY  11743


vicecomm@lhyc.org or jjsarch@gmail.com



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