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Mission Statement:


The objects of the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club shall be to encourage and promote interest in, as well as to foster the art and enjoyment of, the sport of sailing by providing the opportunity and means for the development of individual skill and knowledge, encouraging excellence in seamanship and navigation, and by providing participative events wherein these qualities can be exercised under the aegis of the LHYC burgee.


I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year, and I hope all had a joyous Holiday season.  I know we had great fun here at the Powers’ household, and Dad even got some nice boat toys, (no gas powered blender though).  The humdrum for work is now returning, but the good news is I now have the time to concentrate back on boating business.  Good thing too, because though the boats are tucked away, the off the water events are sneaking up on us…


Upcoming Events

This Wednesday is the Annual Meeting, (flyer enclosed).  Since the food was so good last year, we will be having it at Off the Wall restaurant again in downtown Huntington.  If you can’t come for dinner at 1800, please come on down for the meeting at 2000.  As well as business, (see back of flyer), this is the forum in which we pass out some of the most prestigious of all perpetual trophies, the Boner and the Grounder.  Not only will we hear about the winners, but I also promise to announce all the nominations at length, (no names of course).  Please show up and support the Club, it’s a great night out, and you never know if you might have to defend your seamanship!


The seventh annual Ski Trip is also closing in on us, (see flyer).  We are going to try a new mountain this year, Catamount, and will stay with the traditional date of Super bowl Saturday, 2/5/05.  This is a great bargain at $35 you get the bus ride, breakfast, dinner and beer/soda!  Bring the whole crew, or come alone, (there’s always lots of company).  I know my gang is already psyched.


Passed Events

The Awards Dinner saw a return to Northport Yacht Club with a healthy turnout.  Food was delicious, as always, and there were many smiling faces collecting silver.  Not all awards went to those hot racing boats.  Many of the “cruising” boats took home trophies from the Club races too.  Thanks to Bernadette and Mike Olsen for being staff photographers.  You can see the whole collection on the web page, lhyc.org.


This year the Holiday Party was held at Tello’s restaurant.  This was a beautiful room with outstanding Italian fare.  There were even some of the members fresh off the CYC frostbiting course that showed up, and yes they did change out of their dry suits.  As usual St. Nick showed up with presents for the kids, and even a few for the grown ups too!  Oddly enough this year he showed up wearing foul weather boots?  Alright Santa.


Member News

Once again Lloyd Harbor YC has made its mark.  At the YRA of LIS Awards Dinner not only did two of our members receive awards, but both of them topped their class.  Jeff Hammer, 1st overall in the PHRF Fall Competitors trophy, and Ed Dole 1st overall in the PHRF Distance Windigo trophy.  Congratulations are in order, as these awards represent the top of regional sailing as competition among boats from the entire Long Island Sound.


On a sadder note, Sue Storck’s brother, Richard, died recently.  He had had a long bout with stomach cancer and finally succumbed after New Years.  Our Deepest sympathies go out to you and the family Sue.


On the lighter side, our sailing on Wednesday nights has inspired one of our local artists.  A friend of Anne and Kevin Coneys, Joanne Sheridan has done a fabulous watercolor of us dueling it out as seen from the Bay Club.  Anyone interested in a print can preview it on the web page and then contact the Coneys at kconeys@optonline.net if interested in buying.


The area still has some sailing going on, though some think Frostbiting is crazy.  Our fearless Fleet Captain, Rich Rubel heads up this fleet of JY15’s out of Centerport YC.  They sail on Sunday afternoons and there’s always room for more competitors, crew or if you’d just like to come out and man a crash boat, he can help with that too.  If anyone is interested in details you can contact Rich at fleetcapt@lhyc.org or (631) 754-0891.


LHYC Gear is Here

We have arranged a deal with a local embroidering company to carry various clothing for us.  Mary Anne at Interthread Embroidery has digitized our burgee and logo and has arranged pricing for us.  She has various clothing in stock and has worked out the below amounts.  In addition she can change the color of the logo and vary the size of both it and the burgee.  In addition to her items she will also embroider our logo on anything you’d like to bring to her, ($8), or even add your boat name, (additional $2).  You can shop on her web site, www.interthread.com, or can order from another complete catalog, www.companycasuals.com.  You can reach her at (631) 549-1934 or interthread@hotmail.com.


All pre-embroidered;

Hats- $18, ($12 if 12 or more)

Fleece Vests- $47

Double Knit Collared T-Shirts- $12



If you haven’t heard already, there is change in the wind regarding the way we handicap race.  The death of IMS has left a hole for upper end sailing, and US Sailing is going to try and fill this with a new rating rule, the IRC.  They are also going to try and breathe life into the racing that takes place in the middle range of our sport.  Most notably Storm Trysail and NYYC events, including Block Island Race Week, and the Block Island race.  Some of your Board members attended a seminar regarding the application of this rule and here are some of the details; this is a measurement rule, including the weight of the boat, overhangs etc.  It uses Time on Time for scoring.  If you have an IMS or Americap certificate you probably don’t need any further data to obtain an unendorsed certificate.  If your boat is not a, “one off”, boat and IRC has production data including a default weight they may be able to issue a certificate.  Of course this will be a conservative number, and you might want to have the boat weighed and they will then adjust your rating.  As to whom this will apply to; if you rate PHRF 50 or less, you must have an endorsed IRC certificate for the above races.  If you rate 90 or less, you must have an IRC certificate, but it doesn’t have to be endorsed for the above races.  I do not see changes for the LHYC racing for at least next year, although we might offer an IRC division in the Stratford Shoal Make-a-Wish race.  Further questions can be directed to IRC@ussailing.org, (401) 683-0800, or to me, Roy Sherman or Bob and June Kendrick.

The 2005 dues notice went out recently, and there might have been a slight oversight that since we didn’t include a return envelope this year the return address wasn’t included.  If you haven’t already sent it in, please return it to the PO box 60, Huntington, N.Y. 11743.


If you’re missing the sailing as I am you might want to visit the video library the Club maintains.  It is a box full of sailing videos of all types and is graciously keep at Willis Marine, (in the main office, to your right as you enter by the micro wave).

See You Out There,


Charlie Powers



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