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Mission Statement:

The objects of the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club shall be to encourage and promote interest in, as well as to foster the art and enjoyment of, the sport of sailing by providing the opportunity and means for the development of individual skill and knowledge, encouraging excellence in seamanship and navigation, and by providing participative events wherein these qualities can be exercised under the aegis of the LHYC burgee.



Have you ever wondered how various yacht clubs acquired their customs or operating rules?  Interestingly, a yacht club member from Marblehead MA. was cleaning out their institutional closet and came across the Lloyds Harbor Club {sic}Year book, from 1927!  After perusing it some, I recognize that our club’s genesis does not stem from this club, (perhaps our burgee with its red spinnaker morphed from the original red field triangle with a white hound) but their object was clearly inline with ours.  It states, “The object of the Club is to encourage the sport of yachting, and to promote good fellowship among the regular voyagers to Lloyds Harbor.”  In going over it further, you recognize that other similarities and perhaps rituals from that club, which was founded 101 years ago, may be well worth reinstituting.  Take officers for example, these guys didn’t adhere to the dictates of having Commodores.   They were led by the Chief Hounder, ably assisted by the Lord of the Keg, the Little Scallop and not to be outdone, the Big Clam.   Applicants to the club must adhere to a rigorous mandate: must be a good cook, sailor (apparently in that order!), dispenser of good cheer and a regular cruiser to Lloyds Harbor.  And no Roberts Rules of Order for this lot; Article X regarding Precedent, clearly states, “that a motion to have a drink takes precedent over all other business.”  Similar to our ground rules, in matters of racing they did in fact stipulate that the sailing rules of the YRA of LIS shall govern. 


But what I really admired in their year book and may seek to institute for our club are their memorial prizes that they competed for annually.  Voltz Prize - For the first sailing vessel of the fleet to anchor in Lloyds and remain overnight after January first of each year.  The Houck Prize went to the power vessel to remain overnight.  And the Sayles Prize – To the vessel making the greatest number of voyages to Lloyds in any calendar year and anchoring overnight on each voyage.   In keeping with the purpose of the Lloyds Club, with this issue of Telltales are included a most thorough outline of our cruising plans for this year. 


Newly inducted member Dan Corcoran from Breeze Pleeze, has graciously accepted our request to be Cruising Chairperson and has presented a cruising itinerary and plan, which is designed to get the membership involved and address any questions and concerns that new cruisers may have.  Similar to the Lloyds Harbor Club, we are not just about racing, and we will strive to bolster our cruising ranks this year.  Check out the attached and please share your thoughts with Dan and the board.  We think that there are many good ideas planned for the 2009 season and hope that you will avail yourselves to this reinvigorated program. 


Lastly, the Lloyds Harbor Club had a motto, which I wouldn’t mind appropriating for our club and using at this particular juncture.  “Always leave them smiling when you say goodbye.”  Got to start readying the boat with a pot bellied stove for that first cruise to Lloyds; looking forward to seeing everyone at the next event and in the harbor! 

Rich Rubel Commodore/Chief Hounder LHYC

Text Box: Bob & June Kendrick skiing "Out to Sea"

Jiminy Peak Ski Trip Big Success:  For those who have been wondering of the past three years what may have become of the LHYC annual Ski Trip, our run of bad luck came to a close on Saturday , February 7, with the successful ruining of our ski trip.  Thirty-three skiers (including some sailors pretending to be skiers) made their way promptly to the Gerrard St. parking lot by 6AM and took the 3.5 hour bus ride to the Berkshires for a great day on the slopes at Jiminy Peak.   It had snowed that week, the day promised to be sunny and mild, so a big crowd and big fun was in store.  The group quickly finds its way, where the experts sought out the black diamonds, and skiers like me, who do this only at club sanctioned events (note the lengths your Commodore went, risking life and limb, to share some special time with the membership)  to the less traveled and less steeply inclined beginner slopes.  Everyone must have had their fill, meeting promptly at 3:30 PM for apre-ski drinks and then getting to the bus promptly for our 5 PM departure.  Thanks to my daughter Chloe, sandwiches, snacks and beers were cheerily served up and then the crew promptly zoned out to the new Batman movie. 

After our long ski hiatus, it was rewarding to see our group out there giving renewed hope for the future of our winter ski outings. 


Board Meeting Bullets: The February Board Meeting hosted by the Sterflingers addressed the following as part of our agenda:

·         The Board had the pleasure of interviewing Bert Rubin-de-Cervens for membership; the board voted affirmatively to forward his name to the general membership for your approval. 

·         Our 2009 calendar of events was modified slightly (see the 1/29/09 version) to reflect the move back to Wed., July 29 for the Clash of Champions and the subsequent Wednesday night for the start of the Sunset Series.  We also have not yet a date for the Women’s Spirit Race and hope to find a suitable time later on in the season.

·         Approximately three quarters of the membership have paid their dues and a second and final notice will now be sent.  We received one resignation thus far and one request for a member to become a corresponding member.  And in accordance with Article VI of our bylaws I regret to inform the membership that the following have not yet paid their dues: Chillemi Jr & Sr, Coon, Fait, Fischer, Gill, M. Glackin, Hammer, Kampa, Kristiansen, Letica, Rebholz, Schirone, Todaro, VanEycken, Waldorf.

·         We have submitted our forms for our respective moorings and we anticipate moving the Pt Jeff mooring to a much more desirable location in the harbor.   I would also like to acknowledge the Goldsteins and the Kendricks for their mooring payments from last year.  Again, for those who have not yet paid, please go online for the easy link to the Event Manager 2008 LHYC mooring fee page.  https://event-manager.compete-at.com/lhyc/LHYC2008MooringFees1

·         The Jiminy Peak Ski Trip is destined for success with good skiing conditions predicted and the bus nearly full with 35 enthusiastic members and their guests.  The March Speaker was discussed and a few ideas were bandied about.  We have been invited to join the open house at the Willis Marine Center, our land based club house, and may get the opportunity to see some of their race boats on the lot. We discussed budgeting more money to this event in the future so that we may be able to secure a prominent speaker.  

Miscellaneous Illuminations:  From the Greater Huntington Council of Yacht and Boating Clubs we are advised that on Saturday, February 28, Senator John Flanagan with Assembly members from across Long Island are hosting an Education and Taxpayer Rally to tell Governor Paterson that his proposed $147 million cut in education aid to Long Island’s schools is unfair.  This rally, which will be held at the Ellsworth Allen Park in Farmingdale beginning at 11 am, is a joint effort with students, taxpayers, and education, business and labor leaders to provide all Long Islanders with an opportunity to have their voice heard in Albany.  As you are aware, the cuts that Governor Paterson is proposing would compromise the quality of education and result in school property tax increases for homeowners and small businesses. ~~__/)  Team Silver Panda Defends Title at 2009 ISAF Team Racing World Championship bested Australian 1 team in the finals, successfully defending their title at the 2009 ISAF Team Racing World Championship in Perth, Australia.  Team Silver Panda has proven itself nearly unstoppable over recent years and were heavily favored in Perth to defend the ISAF Team Racing World Championship title they won in Gandia, Spain two years ago. Despite fierce competition from the world's best team racing squads, USA-1 dominated the racing from the outset. Of their 52 matches against 14 teams spread over four round robin series, they won 47 - a 90% winning record - way ahead of second place AUS-1's 71% winning record. Team USA-2, Tannery Loungers, comprised of siblings John, Kaity and Erik Storck, Lyndsey Gibbons-Neff, Charlie Enright and Meris Tombari placed 5th at the event.  ~~__/)   Waterline Systems the current builders of the ubiquitous J -24 and J-105 is hosting an open house on Sat., Feb 28, with an array of go-fast specialists.  They will have lectures on maintenance topics, factory tours and performance forums.   Featured speakers include Terry Hutchinson, Brad Reade, Kerry Klinger and more.  With that much talent in one place, they promise you will step up your game and get faster just by osmosis.  For more information and to register, visit their website. ~~__/) Are you missing your pants?  Ski pants that is; a black pair of medium sized ski pants were left on the overhead rack of the bus and are in my possession.  If someone in your party left without their pants, please have them contact the Commodore. 


Please note a calendar change for our next event: The March Speaker will now be held on Saturday, March 14, presentation at 1:00 PM at the Willis Marine Center.  Come prepared with boat shoes and a desire to get our 2009 season underway. 


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