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Mission Statement:


The objects of the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club shall be to encourage and promote interest in, as well as to foster the art and enjoyment of, the sport of sailing by providing the opportunity and means for the development of individual skill and knowledge, encouraging excellence in seamanship and navigation, and by providing participative events wherein these qualities can be exercised under the aegis of the LHYC burgee.


Well, itís certainly the dead of winter.  I feel as though this is about as far away from sailing as you can get.  The Harbors and most of the Bay are locked so tight the frost biters canít even get out.  Hang in there, I keep telling myself, not to mention spring will be here soon enough and I wonít have enough time for all the new boat projects.  Makes me want to go crawl under the cover and get started.  The weather hasnít held us all back, so let me take this time to catch up on some of the latest.


Member News

First the good news, Austen Anderson was named in Sailing World to the Jobsonís All-Star Junior Team.  Congratulations Austen, this is quite an honor.  I hope to see you giving the J-24 guys a run for their money on Wednesday nights.


A couple of our members were down in Key West last month giving the J-80 fleet a serious go.  This was a strong class with over 15 boats on the starting line each day.  John Stork and company were in the mix of the top three boats all week.  This pack of three worked their way clear of the rest of the fleet by mid-week and the Rumor gang finished strong, with a first in the last race of the series.  Congratulations and good show.


One bit of bad newsÖRoy Sherman lost his older brother late last month to a serious blood infection.  As many of you may know, a number of the Shermanís are sailboat racers, avid MORC advocates, and his brother did very well in that venue.  Sorry to hear of his passing and our prayers go out to you and the family Roy.



On a more up beat note, Anne Coneys has started a new job over at the Waterfront Center in Oyster Bay.  She is very excited about this program and even has some opportunities for us;


I have an item of interest for all of our sailors.  I am now working here at the Waterfront Center in neighboring Oyster Bay, and we are looking for additional instructors for our adult sailing school.  The Waterfront center includes the Oyster Bay Sailing School, the historic oyster sloop Christeen (great for evening charters, by the way!!), and Classrooms Without Walls Marine Education classes.  The Sailing Instructor positions are not full-time, one would be called when lessons are booked, and asked if they could work that particular day.  Itís a great atmosphere, most of the lessons are on well-equipped sonars, and there is a great support staff here.  I would love to see some of that great sailing knowledge cruising around on Wednesday nights communicated to new recruits to the sport!!  Please contact me if anyone is interested.  Thanks!




Anne Coneys

Program Director, The WaterFront Center

P.O. Box 187, One West End Avenue

Oyster Bay, N.Y. 11771

tele: 516.624.7900 x24  fax: 516.922.3970

email: anne@thewaterfrontcenter.org website: www.thewaterfrontcenter.org


Good luck in the new job Anne, and let us know if any of the new sailors are interested in crew positions, experience not always necessary.


Social Events

We had our annual Ski Trip over Super Bowl weekend.  It was run to Catamount this year, which turned out to be a great day.  The sun came out and in contrast to last year, the thermometer reach way into the double digits!  It was my first time on this mountain, and I certainly will be going back.  Although a little smaller than Jiminy, it was about a half hour closer, (read start later in the morning next time).  Though we all had a great time, the bus didnít quite fill up this year.  Some people are talking of getting away from Super Bowl Saturday next year, some of trying a different mountain, (Windham?).

This brings me to my next item; I have enclosed a draft schedule of events for 2005.  In our continual effort to keep social events fresh and exciting, we are looking to the membership for new ideas.  In particular the Commodoreís Cup, (Friday night), the Little Brown Jug race and picnic, (Sunday in early August), Friday night raft-ups, and the ski trip are all things we are looking for ideas for.  Please take a look and give it some thought.  Any comments would be greatly appreciated, and should be addressed to our Program Chairperson, Leigh Sterflinger, vicecomm@lhyc.org (631) 757-0799 or any of our Board members, including myself commodore@lhyc.org (631) 549-2902.


Upcoming Events

The J-24 Fleet 106 group will be holding a boat handling seminar in April.  Joe Scarpulla is working hard on this and will be getting the particulars to us in the near future.

The LHYC Winter speaker is being put together for the end of March or early April.  Our fearless Vice Commodore should have an announcement for us in the March Telltales.  I hear rumor that she is working on an Americas Cup presentation, or maybe a rules seminar dealing with the new changes.

The Wright family has also been hard at work.  They have secured a discount for us at Watch Gear in the Walt Whitman Mall.  This store carries many sailor/racer specific watches, and for the month of March they have offered all LHYC members 15% off.  Just mention that you are a member to get the discount, and if you get Christopher Wright as a sailsperson you might even be able to do better ;-)



Iíve had some people asking for replacement burgees or ties, (thereís both blue and yellow).  The club has these items in stores, and they are under the command of our diligent Rear Commodore, Doug Vaughn.  He will gladly provide these items, and can be contacted at d-vaughn@msn.com or (631) 754-0862.


Donít forget, LHYC gear is here.  If youíd like any, just call Mary Anne at Interthread Embroidery and she can set you up with almost any gear you can think of.  If she doesnít have it, she will gladly embroider any thing you bring her with our burgee and/or logo.   www.interthread.com, (631) 549-1934 or interthread@hotmail.com.


The web site is still one of the best sources for recent information.  The Webmaster is doing a great job, and keeps the home page rolling with upcoming and current events.  If you havenít seen it lately, check it out at lhyc.org.


As springtime approaches and the flock of new member applications come in, please remember that all sailboat owners are welcome.  The membership is nearing our mandated maximum of 100, so lets also keep in mind that we should try and sponsor those applicants that show enthusiasm and are interesting in participating in both our racing and social activities.  The Board is in the process of selecting a new Membership chairperson, so in the mean time, all applications and inquires can be addressed to me at commodore@lhyc.org or the PO Box 60, Huntington N.Y. 11743.


Also, a reminder of dues that are dueÖif you havenít paid yet please send along $133.75 to the above PO box.  Any questions can be address to Roy Sherman at treasurer@lhyc.org.



Quote of the Month

Itís been a while since weíve had one of these, so I figured Iíd dig into the archives this month.  I stumbled on this one years ago, and it seemed to now fit in nicely with my next entry.

It came from an old friend and boat yard manager for over 7 years, (not locally).  He was always fond of saying while boarding a boat, ďCapín, has this thing been thoroughly checked out?Ē  I came to understand the translation over time, (he would say it on my boat all the time), to mean thisÖ

After having been aboard just about every boat in the yard, and seeing how some of them were maintained, he would become somewhat cautious of boarding some of them while they were afloat.  He would see the trap that some owners would fall into regarding the work on their vessels.  As the money would get tight the yard maintenance would get pared down to what could be afforded, not what was necessary.  This was disconcerting for him and for many reasons, not the least of which was keeping the industry healthy, would offer resources to anyone that would ask.  The peculiar thing to him was that if asked, the resource was usually just information on how to do the work yourself.

I love this anecdote because it reminds me of how lucky we are in this community of ours.  I canít tell you how many go fast tips Iíve heard at our many functions.  Iím reminded, (as I am often the one asking questions), of how much knowledge our members have, and of coarse how willing they are to share it, (sometimes even if you donít ask).


This brings me to some pictures I took recently from one of my winter meanderings along the docks.  Observant as I am, this boat immediately caught my attention, (not a LHYC boat).  Rats, I was hoping for an early Grounder or Boner nomination.  After snapping the shots I couldnít help but check my bilge pump.






Charlie Powers


See You Out There,


Charlie Powers















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