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Mission Statement:

The objects of the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club shall be to encourage and promote interest in, as well as to foster the art and enjoyment of, the sport of sailing by providing the opportunity and means for the development of individual skill and knowledge, encouraging excellence in seamanship and navigation, and by providing participative events wherein these qualities can be exercised under the aegis of the LHYC burgee.




Can you believe that the Christmas and Chanukah holiday season is upon us?  It seems like we were just talking about covering boats and getting ready for frostbiting.  The LHYC Holiday Party is set and will take place Saturday, December 11th at Bel Posto (formerly Mangiamo’s) at 7 PM.  This is a more adult themed party and we hope that many of you take advantage of the new format with the rescheduled date to Saturday, instead of the original date on Sunday.  Come join us for some holiday merriment the LHYC way.  Contact VC Steve LaPorta for more information.



For those who could not attend, this year’s event was a very enjoyable evening, even for those non-winners in attendance.  The program went quickly and the food and hospitality of the Northport Yacht Club was terrific as usual.  I’d like to thank all those who attended as we rewarded the winners and celebrated another great season of sailboat racing with the LHYC.  We enjoy the thrill of friendly competition (most of the time) and the camaraderie of sailing with and amongst friends.  Thank you to the skippers for supporting the program and coming out each week, big thanks to the crew who make it possible to race and most importantly, our families for supporting our obsession and letting us play!! 


We had an exceptional season, with good weather and foulies, for the most part, not needed and good wind with only a few exceptions.  We held our first Race for the Case Regatta thanks to Doug Vaughn, RC Dave Willis, Glenn Suss and of course FC John Belle.   We had a great Summer Series with only one crazy, stormy Wed. night that blew gale force winds and knocked more than a few boats over. We had a MOB episode that was handled very well by crew and competitors in the vicinity – all should be commended.  There were a few weekend events where the wind went south or didn’t – but all in all – we had PLENTY OF GREAT LOCAL RACING!


Once again I‘d like to thank our sponsors – Willis Marine who commission and decommission and store the Melrose in the off season, Coney’s Marine who provides a mooring and launch service during the year, Diver-Diver or Sandy Langton who keeps the Melrose bottom clean, Tom Carroll of Total Dollar Insurance and Mike at Compass Rose Marine who make financial donations.  Please support them.


I’d like to personally thank all of the RC volunteers – who make it all possible!   Special thanks go to Leigh and Mike Sterflinger for all of their behind the scene assistance and for stepping up to PRO the big races for us when we needed RC.


Serving as your Commodore has been fun this past year, but I couldn’t have done any of it without the hard work of the Flag Officers and the board this season.  VC Steve LaPorta, RC Dave Willis, FC John Belle, Treasurer Bill Maher, Sec – Don Rave, PC Rich Rubel, Doug Vaughn, Glenn Suss, Billy DeCarlo, Jordan Mindich, Mike Olsen and Theo Novak – our membership chairperson.  Special thanks to Doug Vaughn and Glenn Suss who have completed their tour of duty and will be stepping down this January.


THANKS to VC Steve LaPorta for organizing the awards dinner event, to RC Dave Willis for putting together all of the trophies and to Sue Belle for the fantastic slide show with hundreds of photos taken by her and a bunch of great shots from the Roy and Marcie Sherman as well! 


Finally – I’d like to acknowledge the most important cog in the wheel – or best sail in the inventory! Our Fleet Captain – John Belle.  The Fleet Captain’s job is rather involved to say the least and he has his hand in just about every event we hold in the course of the year.  (I don’t really want to give a job description because we will have to fill this spot eventually).  But the job entails: managing the regatta committee, revising or writing the SI’s, preparing the NOR, registering racers for each race, dealing with COMPETE AT (which is a job in itself), preparing scratch sheets the night before each race, finding/organizing RC volunteers, communicating with sailors and volunteers, doing the scoring after the races, sending out results, computing scores for various perpetual awards, compiling the awards program and maybe a few more things!!!!


In addition to having a day job, racing on my boat and racing/cruising Belle Curve with his wife Sue, John finds the time and has done an amazing job of stepping up to the task, making the job look almost easy!!!  So BIG thanks to the man who made this season’s racing possible and so much more.  THANK YOU JOHN BELLE!



On behalf of the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club, its officers, directors, membership, friends and local racers I’d like to thank you all for a fantastic 2010 season on the waters in and around Huntington Bay.  It has been a very busy season with an opportunity to sail and participate in highly competitive racing, often several times a week.  I for one lost count of the number of times I found myself enjoying the camaraderie of a raft up on the club mooring in Lloyd Harbor, but do know we held 27 events and 34 races involving over 80 boats. What fun! A couple of highlights include:  • An expanded Spring Series relabeled the “Race for the Case;” yes with the winner getting a case of rum! Rear Commodore Dave Willis and Directors Doug Vaughn and Glenn Suss spearheaded the efforts to make this a two-day, well attended event.  • Commodore Joseph Scarpulla reinstated Friday Night racing, a past LHYC tradition. But this time we did so in a pursuit style format providing competitors a choice of going around the triangular course in either the clockwise or counterclockwise direction which led to some very exciting finishes.  • Through the urging of PC Rich Rubel, I tired to keep you all updated quickly on the results of an event. I hope you enjoyed all the e-mail messages!  All of our racing would not be possible without our members that volunteer their time, energy and willingness to forgo racing for a day for the betterment of the fleet by signing up for Race Committee duties.  To all, THANK YOU.  I must also thank the members of the LHYC board whose dedication to the sport of sailboat racing make the complicated task of planning, preparing and executing a successful racing program appear effortless.  It has been an extremely rewarding experience and a true pleasure to serve as Fleet Captain this past season. The sense of pride I feel seeing another great turnout of boats milling around the starting line before the beginning of a race is enormous. Thank you for the opportunity.  Finally, congratulations to all of the winners from the 2010 season.  Looking forward to more successful seasons on the water …



Storck Family Wins J/80 North Americans

September 10-12, 2010  Hosted by Beverly Yacht Club Marion, MA


Vene, vidi, vici. Five strong. The Jackson Five they're not, but they sure put on quite a show. The Storck family team again prevailed as J/80 North American Champions with a dramatic finish over a very strong fleet that saw competitors from Canada as well as from far-away places like Denmark, Hong Kong and Japan! It was an extraordinary event hosted by Beverly Yacht Club and superbly run by PRO Sam Vineyard. Three great days of sailing, 13 races and in wind conditions that varied considerably, providing a tremendous test for all 44 teams. And, it certainly proved to be an excellent "training" event for all teams participating in the J/80 Worlds happening in Newport, RI in early October. Perhaps what was most remarkable about the quality and depth of the fleet was the fact that EIGHT different boats won over the course of 13 races! Boats were loaded with talent with National, North American, World Champions, college All-Americans and College Sailors of the Year spread across the top 15 boats.

On the final day with the regatta on the line, it was clear the top five boats were very aware of their placement relative to one another. Johnstone's LITTLE FEAT drew first blood, opening the first two races with a 1-2 followed by Scott Young's and Terry Flynn's QUANTUM RACING Team from Austin YC (TX) with a 5-3 and Chip Johns' CAVITICA from host Beverly YC with a 3-5. The Storck's started the day slowly, getting themselves in trouble with a 16-6 while Darden started with an 8-7. The result of these finishes were that Darden's LE TIGRE could win the regatta if they could press Johnstone's LITTLE FEAT below 20th in the last race and simply hope that the Storck's RUMOR wouldn't get anything higher than a 2nd--- for the most part a pretty good bet. Darden succeeded in preventing Johnstone from getting a 20th or better but he could do nothing but watch the Storck's sail an incredibly dramatic race to win the last one, the biggest one, to take the regatta, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat right at the finish line! Nearly six boats all crossed the line in less than fifteen seconds for the final race! At the end, the top three were the Storck's RUMOR, Darden's LE TIGRE and Johnstone's LITTLE FEAT. Fourth was Scott Young/ Terry Flynn's QUANTUM RACING and fifth was Kerry Klingler and Robert Miller's LIFTED.

Story by Stu Johnstone



People pack the Coneys Marine vessel at the Huntington held its first annual Parade of Lights this past November 26th, the Friday after Thanksgiving.  The event was organized by the Pam Setchell and LHYC member Jon Ten Haagen for the Huntingtonlighthouse.org, and Craig Millnamow, skipper of Bayhunter and HYC member.  It was a brisk night but the forecasted cold and blustery rain held off and it turned into a beautiful evening as many came out to view the 30-40 boats dressed up in lights, inflatable’s, Santa outfits and more.  In addition to boat dressing, some sang, some danced, but all had a good time.  LHYC held an impromptu gathering at the Willis Marine docks which turned out to be front rows seats (thanks WMC) as we watched the parade around Huntington Harbor.  Started by Doug Vaughn who was there with some guests, we had Mike and Leigh Sterflinger, Billy and Nick DeCarlo, Mike and Bernadette Olsen and some friends, your Commodore with wife Diane and daughter Lena who braved the cold with Leigh’s hot soup and some warming drinks.  Some of us were still there to greet the semi-frozen Storck family when they came ashore from their parade excursion.  Sue Stork said, “This parade was so much fun!!! What a great way to kick off the Holiday Season!!! Can't wait to see what my husband decides to create next year (we were the dragon/sea serpent this year)!!! Thank you organizers!!!! 


This was a judged event with the judging taking place off the PRIME restaurant dock.  The mandate was clear and the judges all agreed – the winner of the first annual parade of lights went to Coney’s Marine.  They towed one of their barges flanked by four launches, all filled with lights, decorations and lots of Coney’s family members (and there are a few!!) many dressed as Santa’s (see photo).  Great job and a great night!  Organizers hope the Parade of Lights will become an annual event; I know I will be back next year and who knows, maybe I’ll get a ride on someone’s cool lighted (heated?) boat. (Hint, hint!)



Holiday Party – December 11th – (Saturday) – Bel Posto – 7 PM

Annual Meeting and dinner – January 12, 2011 – TBD



Again, don’t forget to send in your mooring fees if you used the Port Jefferson and/or Block Island moorings this summer.  You can send these fees in along with you dues payment. We were able to maintain the 2011 dues cost at the same great deal price that it has been the last few years, due to all of your efforts and the excellent financial management of the club by this board.  Please thank them when you get a chance.


As always, I welcome your feedback, comments, suggestions as well as the tales of yours or other members’ sailing experiences.  Please drop me a note when you get a chance, so I can share some of your stories with the rest of the membership.  Also, this is the very last chance to make your nominations for the much sought after Grounder and Boner Awards!  It seems awful quiet out there – there must be some stories that are being kept under tarps!  Not that we don’t have a very, very good nomination in the hopper at this time.  I just want to give everyone a chance to win this most coveted award.


I extend my most heartfelt best wishes to you, your family and all of the LHYC friends and family for a blessed ‘Holiday Season’ and for peace and prosperity in the New Year.



Warmest regards,  

Joseph Scarpulla

Commodore LHYC






Our proposed 2011 Slate of Officers and Board of governors is attached along with a Voting Proxy for your use if you will be unable to attend our Annual Meeting on January 12, 2011.






Your PROPOSED slate of Officers and Directors for 2011 is:


Commodore:                  Joseph Scarpulla                  Directors:

Vice Commodore:        Steve LaPorta                                    Rich Rubel-Past Commodore

Rear Commodore:        David Willis                          Leigh Sterflinger-Term expires 2013

Fleet Captain:                John Belle                             Bob Kendrick           -Term expires 2013

Treasurer:                      Bill Maher                             Michael Olsen         

Secretary:                       Don Rave                               Jordan Mindich

                                                                                         Billy DeCarlo                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Member:____________________________ For:____ Against:_____ Nomination:____________



If you cannot attend the meeting, please email or fax Commodore Joseph Scarpulla with your proxy to commodore@lhyc.org or fax (631) 424-8414







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