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Mission Statement:


The objects of the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club shall be to encourage and promote interest in, as well as to foster the art and enjoyment of, the sport of sailing by providing the opportunity and means for the development of individual skill and knowledge, encouraging excellence in seamanship and navigation, and by providing participative events wherein these qualities can be exercised under the aegis of the LHYC burgee.



This fall we brought in 3 new members to our club. Steven & Martha Keller, Chris Fischer & Jenine Saccente, and Jordan Mindich & Stephanie Fowler.  We will welcome them into the club at our Annual Meeting on January 10th at Mangiamo in Huntington.  Cocktails at 6:30pm, we have arranged a dinner to begin at 7pm for $50 per person with a cash bar. The meeting will follow at 8:30pm, and all are welcome to join us just for that at no cost.  RSVP to Rich Rubel at vicecomm@LHYC.org or 631-754-0891.


Dreadlocks made another grand showing at the YRA Annual Awards, taking home the Fall Sappho PHRF >114 and the Competitors Trophy >117.  The Competitors Trophy requires racing in more than 12 events and both Dreadlocks and Zephyr qualified.  Thank you for making us proud!


    We also congratulate Bob Kendrick and his election as President of the

YRA of Long Island Sound.  This connection is invaluable to us as a paper club. There is an opening on the distance committee if anyone is interested in being a part of the YRALIS, contact Bob for more information.


I have heard that Dr. Harry Mayer (member #5) is in intensive care at Huntington Hospital. He, and his family, are in our prayers. If you would like to visit, they are currently allowing them.


It is that time again that we look for Sponsors for our upcoming year. Please see the enclosed letter and pass it around to corporations or persons that you might find interested in helping us maintain quality racing in Huntington Bay. We would also like to thank our 2006 Sponsors for their support, as their assistance greatly improves our racing program! See the roster or website for contact information.


·        Total Dollar Yacht Insurance, Tom Carroll  tcarroll@totaldollar.com  212-689-4477x335

·        Compass Rose Marine, www.compassrosemarine.com 631-673-4144

·        Coneys Marine, www.coneys.com  631-421-3366

·        Huntington Marine Services, Diver Diver Diver

·        Phil Walters DDS

·        Vex

·        Doyle Sailmakers, Mark Washeim

·        KV Carpentry, Keith Van Eycken

·        Law Offices of Donald T. Rave, Donald T. Rave, Jr.

·        Melaleuca - The Wellness Company, Leigh Sterflinger

·        Joseph J Scarpulla Architect

·        Nicky’s of Centerport

·        Willis Marine

·        Huntington Jeep Chrysler Hyundai

·        North Sails, Tom Castiglione



We also need to vote on a few club trophies. We are collecting nominations for our Boner, Grounder, and Crash & Bern Trophies.  If you have any that you can submit, please forward the story to me by December 29:

For those of you who just can’t get enough sailing between May and October, Centerport Yacht Club is once again holding a Frostbiting Series with 14 races beginning November 12th and continuing thru March 25 provided the bay does not freeze over. The boat of choice is the JY15 however with 3 or more entries there are provisions for Penguin, Ideal 18, Pixel or Laser classes. Harbor starts are at 12:30 and no race may be started after 15:30.  The race committee will attempt to get in as many quality races as possible for the given conditions. Please contact Rich Rubel at ensign1601@aol.com for more information.


Upcoming Events


Annual Meeting – January 10, 2007 – Mangiamo Huntington – details above.


Catamount Ski Logo



Ski Trip – February 10, 2007

Catamount, new quad chair added! 

www.catamountski.com - details to follow!





Don’t forget all the good times that you had on the Block Island club mooring this summer and send in your fees. This amenity comes at a huge cost to the club and we would like to be able to continue to offer it. The cost is only $20 per night. The Port Jefferson should be back in service next year; we apologize for its absence this summer.

LHYC will have a cruise to the BVI Jan 27th-Feb 3rd 2007.  Please e-mail if you are interesting in joining us. Sincerely, Roger Dorr RKDorr@hotmail.com


FYI – there is a box down at the Willis Marine Center sales office for LHYC that contains sailing videos and other information to share with the membership. Feel free to borrow and return in a timely fashion for others to enjoy!




If you are not receiving emails from us or would like to change your email please alert me at commodore@LHYC.org.

Although we attempt to get all news out in Telltales there are occasional needs for short notice bulletins.


Have news, a story, or a photo you would like included next month please send it on.


Proud to be at the helm,

Leigh Sterflinger

LHYC Commodore




Where did that come from?  Ever wonder where certain terms came from?

There are terms with nautical origins that are used every day.


Slush Fund…(general fund for small luxuries)

During the age of sail, fried salt pork was a staple food aboard ship. At the end of a voyage, the residual grease, or slush, was sold in port to candle and soap makers. Profits were put in the “slush fund,” a general account used to purchase little extras for the crew.


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