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Mission Statement:


The objects of the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club shall be to encourage and promote interest in, as well as to foster the art and enjoyment of, the sport of sailing by providing the opportunity and means for the development of individual skill and knowledge, encouraging excellence in seamanship and navigation, and by providing participative events wherein these qualities can be exercised under the aegis of the LHYC burgee.


Summer is in full swing.  The 4th of July cruise was a great one and we are looking forward to our August cruise on a daily basis.  Though we are having great fun, I always feel a little sadness in the back of my mind that the summer was too short.  I think this is a health thing, as it keeps me moving and filling every day with summer fun.  We have some great events coming up with the Little Brown Jug race and beach picnic.  The annual Labor Day cruise, aimed at getting people together from both deliveries home from vacations and people from the area just taking a weekend off is being organized.  All information listed below, enclosed, and on the web site.  Remember, as one of my favorite ski bums always says, if you don’t do it this season you’ll be one year older when you do it next year.


Upcoming Events


The Little Brown Jug race and picnic is this Sunday.  I love this event and hope for the traditional course of 11B and back every year.  The picnic is great fun for the whole crew and the family too.  As you know, we’ve been developing some ideas revolving around a grass roots effort to bring some more racers onto the starting lines.  One of the approaches we are going to try is to entice people that already own sailboats, maybe even race them in some lower key events like Thursday nights, but might feel intimidated to come out for a more formal race.  In this vane, we are going to try opening the LBJ up to non members this year and have a third “silver fleet” class.  If you know anyone that might fit this bill, please pass along the enclosed flyer, (also on the web page).  With this and the great picnic at the beach afterwards we hope they might become less apprehensive.  See you at the picnic


Sadly, the Labor Day cruise is also right around the corner.  Come join us for a nice weekend in Pt. Jefferson and Westport at Cedar Point YC.  The Pt. Jeff. Mooring has been upgraded to 500 lbs. with this cruise in mind, and Cedar Point is a great place to wander the docks and BBQ on the deck.  On Monday anyone unable to attend the whole function should feel free to join us at the Lloyd Harbor mooring, (flyer enclosed).


The up side to the end of summer is that the fall racing season gets going.  You should be receiving the Notice of Race for our fall events soon, and with all the different types of racing, one if not all should fit your schedule.  Weeknights are the Indian summer series, weekends there’s the CYC/LHYC collaborative Winkle/Katrina cups, and the LHYC Fall Sprint series.  On the lighter side is the Woman’s skipper race.  Hope you can make it and see you on the race course.


Past Events


True to it’s billing, the Commodore’s Cup was hotly contested, (results attached and on the web page).  It was nice to see the Cruising class giving the Racing class some cause for concern!  Congratulations to the Sherman’s on squeaking out the Perpetual and to all for a great race.  Afterwards, a record number of boats attended the raft-up and a fun time was had by all, (some more than others).


The J-24 Mid Sound regatta had some challenges to overcome this year.  The winds were light and due to the Block Island race week conflict not all of your usual suspects could attend.  A good job by the R/C in getting six races off, finishing with Mental Floss taking 1st overall, congratulations.


4th of July was a bumper crop for the cruisers this year!  Not only did we see record number of boats for the weekend coming and going, (we had to break up into two raft-ups!), but the weather was phenomenal throughout.  The day times were filled by sunfish, Opti and JY15 racing.  Monday night the fireworks were spectacular as usual.



Member News


The Membership committee is in the process of getting five new applicants going.  Please find their information below.  Any concerns or comments please pass our fearless Membership chairman, Jeff Wright a quick note, membership@lhyc.org.

~Ronnie Todaro and Mark Bigedow, Magic a Beneteau 305, sponsored by Rich Rubel and Leigh Sterflinger.

~Nicholas and Mary Ann Voulgaris, Solitaire a Tartan 3700, sponsored by the Prior’s and the Vascotto’s.

~Rich Correll, Loki III a S2 9.1, sponsored by Jeff Hammer and Charlie Powers

~Jim and Jane Savan, Obsession a Catalina 30, sponsored by the Powers’ and Dorr’s.

~Tom and Barbara Bolen, Spirit a Catalina 36, sponsored by the Novak’s and Leigh Sterflinger.


Block Island Race Week was incredible this year with wind every day and an Around the Island day that keep the sail changes coming with wipe outs the flavor of the day.  Our membership was hard at work, with very respectable results;  Sunday Driver, Carballal (2), Loki III, Correll, (applicant), (5), Resolute, Rave (10), Pied Piper, Bob Storck (6), Jonrob, John Storck (4), Playpen, Vascotto (7), Challenge IV, Willis (1).  Congratulations to all and great job!



Odds and Ends


We’ve had a little issue with the Block Island mooring this year.  When the new mooring ball went in this spring, LHYC was not stenciled on it as usual.  We are working on it, and it is probably done already, but if you happen to be out that way and are having difficulty finding it, please know that the location is exactly the same as always, (it’s been winter staked since we moved up to 800 lbs.) and has the permit number 221 on it.


The new roster is printed and we’ve been handing them out at different functions now.  They have a beautiful new look to them with many changes to the inside too.  They will be mailed within the week so look for them in your mail box soon.


Now for my favorite part, Boner and Grounder nominations…This month we have a mild Boner nomination.  A member, (they always remain anonymous), with a brand new play thing of a boat, found himself wandering about the Sound one dark and windless night.  “Oh, what a pleasure this new, more powerful engine is”, he was saying to himself, only to steal a look at the fuel gauge.  “Oh my, I guess I have to get used to the new burn rate too”, he said with only a hint of panic, for if the other half ever found out how close to empty they really were it would be nothing but pain for the rest of the trip.  Better to cross one’s fingers and march on silently than disturb anyone else on board.  Well it ends happily with the “fearless” skipper sneaking in under the wire and all making it home for bed time…NICE.


Please remember to drop me a line with any nominations you may have, I promises to keep the secret.


Lastly, I pass along some of our history as relayed to me by one of our single-handed skippers;


Pipe Down - means stop talking and be quiet.  The Pipe Down was the last signal from the Bosun's pipe each day which means lights out and silence.


By and Large - currently means in all cases or in any case.  From the nautical; by meaning into the wind and large meaning with the wind.  As in, by and large, the ship handled very well.


Slush Fund - A slushy slurry of fat was obtained by boiling or scraping the empty salted meat storage barrels.  This stuff called "slush" was often sold ashore by the ship's cook for the benefit of himself or the crew.  The money so derived became known as a slush fund."



See You Out There,




Charlie Powers




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