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Mission Statement:

The objects of the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club shall be to encourage and promote interest in, as well as to foster the art and enjoyment of, the sport of sailing by providing the opportunity and means for the development of individual skill and knowledge, encouraging excellence in seamanship and navigation, and by providing participative events wherein these qualities can be exercised under the aegis of the LHYC burgee.


            Labor Day has come and gone and apparently so has the warm breezes of summer.  Although I can be accused of being a glass half empty kind of guy, I am optimistic that our Fall events will be held in spectacular, sunny weather with hints of the summer that arrived only sporadically.  Over the Labor Day weekend we were afforded a stellar day on Saturday for the Lighthouse Music Festival (a kind of nautical Woodstock if you will, any of you out there remember 1969?), when hundreds of boats converged in our harbor to listen to calypso and rock bands playing from the lighthouse terrace.  A few dedicated LHYC souls came out early, staked out a spot and a club raft up was formed in proximity to the lighthouse; it was the perfect spot to relax with friends, listen to tunes and watch the nautical mayhem around us.  Fortunately, not a stitch of wind arrived all day and those anchored boats (and I use that term loosely) did not pose any problems.  I don’t believe that any cruising had taken place that weekend, although our valiant cruise chairperson, Dan Corcoran on Breeze Pleeze headed out east with thoughts of making it to the Connecticut River, but revised those plans underway.  And only a select few sought to gather at our mooring on Labor Day afternoon, making the last day of summer just a little sadder than it should have been; we still have another formal outing slated for the club mooring, our Decommissioning on Sunday Oct. 11, so please mark your calendars, plan on making an appearance to touch base and to help keep the glorious traditions of our club alive. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone out for the Fall sailing season,

Rich Rubel Commodore LHYC


Little Brown Jug:  Under grey skies and the threat of down pours, the Little Brown Jug club race and picnic was held on August 9 with four cruising and eight racing boats.  Fortunately, both race and picnic took place without a hitch, coordinated by VC Joe Scarpulla, and the rain held off until the very end of the day, by the time the picnic at the Willis Marine Center had been all cleaned up.   The dozen boats were sent off to 11 B and a back on an 11 mile course that was a broad reach out and a close reach home.  An outgoing tide and the need for speed sent some out to the east, but boats like Challenge IV and Jonrob that bided their time, sailed the rhumb line, ended up in first and second, respectively.   Sleepy Head, despite sailing a long course, showed blazing speed coming back and captured the third place slot. 


Of the cruisers, a perennial favorite, Ember, sailed by Roy and Doug Berg won their division, followed by Breeze Pleeze, and on their second showing, Bad Habit took third.  Tom Storck and Kirby Anderson, once dialed in and able to arrive at the race course on time will be garnering more awards than the two received thus far (in two events!) with their new boat.  Special mention goes out to John & Sue Belle on White Star, who sailed like hell to get to the race course on time for the 11 AM start from their CT overnight cruise.  All told, the race for the auld jug was a good one, thanks to the race committee work of Joe Nakelski and those who came out to support the 39th running of the race and post race barbecue. 


Rescheduled Clash: With looming, imminent thunderstorms, moderately high breezes and confused seas, the approximate dozen or so brave souls out to sail the Clash of Champions were turned back by RC PRO Rob Scancarelli, on July 29 and then resailed on Friday, August 14.  Unfortunately, perhaps due to vacation plans, a tight schedule and somewhat short notice, a scant fleet of three champions and four contenders sailed, making the coveted prize of the bedazzled belt easier pickings. 


Congratulations to the Willis team on Solution for their Clash victory and to Don Rassiger on Son of a Sailor as the winning contender.  While the race might have been less than one might have hoped for, the post race raft-up on the club mooring was held on a beautiful evening and the Breeze Pleeze crew rose to the occasion, winning the party, with chicken wings galore and mudslides a plenty.   

Ease of Qualifying for YRA Perpetual Trophies, by PC Charlie Powers

When asked to write an article for this month’s Telltales regarding the Yacht Racing Association of Long Island Sound (YRALIS), many things came to mind.  I could write how the YRA volunteers spend countless hours trying to promote participation in our sport.  I could have written about the thankless job issuing PHRF certificates, or perhaps about the constant representation of our local sailors’ interests in US Sailing matters.  Instead, I settled on an issue of which I am thoroughly informed: the ease of which it is to qualify for the very prestigious perpetual trophies offered by the YRA.


First, a little background: The YRALIS is the oldest yacht racing association in the country, founded in 1895.  Having Huntington YC as one of the original 17 clubs, we were up and running.  Oddly enough, the two main issues that this union was formed to focus on are still quite central to its operation today, coordination of a yearly calendar of all yacht races in the area and a standardized handicapping system.  This, of course, led to perpetual trophies handed out to yachts that competed in multiple events throughout Long Island Sound.


As the current scorer for the YRA, I can attest that these perpetual trophies are indeed easier to qualify for than you might think.  Last year, the number of races needed to qualify was lowered in an ever increasing attempt to get yachts to travel to events outside their home waters.  We as Huntington area sailors are blessed; there are more YRA qualifying races in our area than any other sailing venue on all of the Sound.  For instance, the qualifying number for the all the YRA fall trophies is five.  If you race in the four local fall races, that only leaves one more race to travel to in order to qualify.


This says nothing of the other trophies that are offered: IRC racing, non-spinnaker racing or Stratford Shoal events.  For instance boats will qualify after completing two Stratford Shoal races.  If you’ve already done our event, you can still qualify by competing in the Indian Harbor YC Gear Buster on October 10.  I urge everyone to take a look at the details at YRALIS.org and race in different venues, spreading the good name of LHYC up and down the Sound. 


After many years of dedicated service to our club, PC Charlie Powers volunteered to be on the YRA board, serving on the Racing Programs Committee and is also a Certified Race Officer for our area.   Charlie’s involvement in the YRA as well as the Kendricks and Leigh Sterflinger, has been a boon to our club for their advocacy of our club and members, and assistance with the placement of our events in the very crowded YRA race calendar.  


Board Meeting Bullets: The September Board Meeting was held at the Sterflinger residence after a two month hiatus.  The following was addressed as part of our agenda:

·         The Membership Committee and Board had the pleasure of interviewing Kirby Anderson and Tom Storck, proud partners in their recently acquired Grampian 26, Bad Habit.   Kieran Glackin and his new bride Antonia were also interviewed.   The Board voted affirmatively on their applications, which will now be forwarded to the general membership. With the eventual membership of these applicants our membership ranks will once again swell to a high of 95 full time members.

·         It is the time of year for the flag officers to review their budgets and make plans for the 2010 budget.  With a strong membership enrollment, we are financially sound and with under-spending in various line items, we are able to buy some of the equipment we have deferred, i.e., a $700 inflatable race mark, a new inflator and a time piece for the Melrose.  In addition, our calendar for the coming year will also be mapped out and coordinated with PC Charlie Powers, who is compiling the YRA LIS calendar and VC Joe Scarpulla

·         Discussions on promoting our different races and an assessment of the current race structure were held.  The board felt that the past year’s races went well, with comparable participation levels from the previous year.  There was discussion again about the possibility of stepping up the Spring Series, as a new opportunity has presented itself, as well as possibly starting a Friday Night series that could be supported by those with summer Friday holidays or hours.

·         The Rear Commodore reported that the Melrose was in good operating order (once again, Thanks to PC Bob Storck for his installation of the new fuel tank), and that constructive comments made by our volunteer PRO’s will be acted upon, e.g., making a laminated diagram of the Melrose’s systems to help people locate them. 

·         PC Leigh Sterflinger reporting on YRA business stated that Gary Jobson will be speaking in the western Long Island area on or around January 11 and announced the controversial new law requiring all occupants on boats less than 21 feet to wear a PFD.  See below:




Life Jacket Wear Requirements: Beginning November 1, 2009, Section 40, Subdivision 1 of the Navigation Law shall be amended by adding new paragraph (e), which reads as follows:

No owner or operator of a pleasure vessel less than twenty-one feet, including rowboats, canoes, and kayaks shall permit its operation, between November first and May first, unless each person on board such vessel is wearing a securely fastened United States Coast Guard approved wearable personal flotation device of an appropriate size when such vessel is underway.

            Failure to wear a lifejacket on such vessels will be considered a violation under Section 73-c if the Navigation Law and is punishable by a fine of not less than $100 nor more than $250, applicable to either the operator and/or the owner of the vessel.


Miscellaneous Illuminations: The Conanicut Yacht Club and the Jamestown Yacht Club jointly hosted the Club 420 Association 2009 National Championship Regatta at the Fort Getty State Park in Jamestown RI on July 27 – 29.  Ian Storck competed on a boat hailing from Noroton, CT and out of the 150 plus entries the Whitmyer/Storck team placed third, with their worst race out of ten races, a 9th being thrown out.  The 2009 C420 Nationals winner will be nominated to represent the class at US Sailing’s 2010 Championship of Champions. ~~__/) Aidan Vascotto got a 2nd in fleet at Larchmont Race week, was third overall after the 2nd day. ~~__/)   Jr. sailors competing in August’s Make– a-Wish  regatta, making their parents proud, include Emily Victorson who placed 4th in Opti green, Rachel Glackin winning the Opti white division, Peter Streflinger  winning the Opti Red division and Rebecca Anderson placing second  in the 420 class. ~~__/)   Lloyd Harbor racers participated in the YRA PHRF Championships over the weekend of Aug. 8 and 9.  Congratulations to all those who competed and partook of the revelry at Riverside YC:  Vex 3rd place, Brilliant 4th place, Rift 6th place and Rascal 5th place.  It is always good to see our boats racing under the LHYC burgee both at home and across the sound.~~__/)  Newport was finally blessed with some gorgeous sailing conditions for the annual Sail Newport Regatta, sponsored this year by Coastal Living magazine.  The regatta featured one-design classes, mostly dinghies, but included the J-105s and J-24s in the keelboat divisions.  In the J-24 class, Tim Healy from Newport, RI dominated the event with four firsts and two seconds to win by eleven points.  Aidan Glackin on Mental Floss was second with nineteen points and Paul Van Ravensway from Washington, DC was third with 23 points.  ~~__/) Congratulations to Don and Christy Rave and the Resolute team, on the August wedding of son Teddy to Liz.  The couple is off to a fitting, nautical start, having had the wedding pre-party at the Griswold Inn and wedding reception at the Essex YC in Connecticut.  And of course the J-44 Resolute and crew graced the dock of the beautiful club and served as the holding area for the newlyweds to meet their wedding party.~~__/) Also, congratulations to Kieran and Antonia Glackin on the purchase of their new home in Huntington.  As the Glackin clan had convened en masse to help get the painting and heavy lifting done, all that is left are the housewarming party preparations! ~~__/) LHYC fielded a team of eight boats in the 44th running of the Stamford Denmark Friendship Race.  Of the 100+ entries, Rascal, Soul Rebel and Vex will be receiving delft mugs in the mail.  We didn’t do too bad either in the consumption of Akavit, Havarti and smoked Gouda, Skoal!

Summer Series 2009 T-Shirts are still available for sale.  We mainly have kid’s sizes, mediums and larges.  Contact Comm. Rich Rubel if you are interested.  The holidays are right around the corner and they make great gifts for  family and crew!


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