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Mission Statement:

The objects of the Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club shall be to encourage and promote interest in, as well as to foster the art and enjoyment of, the sport of sailing by providing the opportunity and means for the development of individual skill and knowledge, encouraging excellence in seamanship and navigation, and by providing participative events wherein these qualities can be exercised under the aegis of the LHYC burgee.



            Things are happening fast and furious now that the spring season is upon us and we are beginning to peel back the winter covers on our beloved boats.   Frostbiting on JY 15’s ended on March 30, although a Long Island Championship will be held tentatively on May 4, at last year’s champ’s venue, by the Snapper Inn in Oakdale.  LHYC’s official kick off to the spring, our spring speaker, was presented to a full house of enthusiastic sailors, with Mark Washeim at his Doyle Sails loft giving us pointers on how to prepare for races and employ sound tactics (see below for more info).  The YRA of LIS, in their continuing partnership with Lloyd Harbor and Huntington YC ran Pat Healy’s speaker program on strategy, tactics and best practices at HYC on March 26 (see below for a list of recommended practices).  And your Membership Committee headed up by Theo Novak has been fielding numerous inquiries about membership and has presided on six new member interviews so far in the past month; the word is out about what type of club Lloyd Harbor is and it appears that we will be close to reaching our mandated cut off of 100 sailboat owners.  Personally, this is exciting to see this much interest in our club.  We stand to gain from the Huntington racing fleet excellent new prospects, who are excited to join and will pledge to assist the club in its racing, cruising and social activities.   It will be even more exciting seeing everyone for the New Members’ Gala at the Sterflinger residence, Saturday April 26 -look out for your invitation in the mail and mark your calendars!

            On a somewhat sad note, one of Lloyd Harbor’s friends and most loyal competitor in our events, Bob Brancaccio from Diane, passed away last month.  His wife Diane wrote us, “to thank us for the many years of fun, friendship and racing the Lloyd Harbor YC gave to Bob – it was a wonderful time.” Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Brancaccio family. 


Board Meeting Bullets: 

The March and April Board Meetings, hosted by the Sterflinger’s at their home addressed the following as part of our agenda:


Shakedown at KWRW As promised in the last Telltales, here’s a blurb from Jordan Mindich Overall, we finished in the bottom quarter of a very competitive 34 boat fleet, but were happy with our performance at our first Key West regatta. With our Huntington crew, we were among eight "newbie" J-105's participating and were encouraged to finish 3rd among the eight, with only one of the newbies finishing above the bottom quarter (5th overall).  We improved our position with nearly every race, with each leg and gained much valuable experience for the future. We were pleased to watch our fellow J-105 Fleet 6 (Southern LIS) competitors pick up 2nd and 3rd overall for the fleet, with the win again going to Masquerade for the third time in a row. We were also very proud of our fellow LHYC entrant PC John Storck and family for their impressive performance and win in the competitive J-80 fleet.  Shannon and I are hoping to bring Shakedown to Key West Race Week again, but we are currently focusing on crewing for a J-125 at the Heineken Cup regatta in St. Marteen beginning next week (for tales of that experience and more see below and Sailing Anarchy for those so inclined, The Editor).


Spring Speaker Series – Game Plan for Racing w/ Mark Washeim at Doyle Sails

The kick off of our racing season was held at the Doyle loft on March 13, with Mark giving the packed house some pointers on putting together our race programs.  Pre race prep includes checking the tides and weather (Mark recommends using Intellicast.com as one source) and then in the boat, checking how boats lay on their moorings, cloud movement, wind direction and velocity in various locations on the race course.  It was interesting to hear that he advocated not getting overly aggressive in various maneuvers, such as starting or at mark roundings, where that can often lead to a trip to the protest room; the race is plenty long and there are ample opportunities to sail better and faster than your competition than having to win through a protest or get tossed. The evening served to get our race schedule out to the fleet at large, which included sailors from Thirsty Thursdays and from various locales. Thanks to VC Joe Scarpulla and Mark for giving us a great night out and the opportunity to get our heads back into the game. 


Boats, Beer and Bob – Pied Piper Team Dominates at St. Maarten Heineken Regatta            

This past month PC Bob Storck took his crew, including sons Bobby (as tactician), and Tommy, Doug Vaughn, Mike Sterflinger, PC Charlie Powers, Jimmy Savan and Bill Lundequist down to St. Maarten for the 28th international Heineken Regatta.  Hosted by the St. Maarten Yacht Club, this year’s event was attended by 284 boats, mostly with European crew on boats ranging in size from 24 to 115 feet.  This was Bob’s third time racing in the regatta, but on their Moorings 494 with four luxurious heads, this proved to be his year.  Winds averaged well into the 20’s for races of 28 miles (around the island of St. Maarten), 18 miles and 17 miles in length.  Bob finished the regatta in 1st Place beating 20 boats in his division with a first and two seconds, winning the one race 20 minutes ahead of the next boat!  (His closest competition was from a boat crewed by a group from Poland.)  Each day you race to a different side of the island which is both French and Dutch.  The final race was from Marigot, on the French side, to Simpson Bay on the Dutch side, for a party headlined by the musician Shaggy and lots of Heineken and ribs.  As quoted from the Daily Race Results, “The Bareboat Div. 1 lead remains the domain of Bob Storck’s team Pied Piper which earned a second today to go with Friday’s bullet!”  Article and photo submitted by Doug Vaughn   


YRA Speaker Pat Healy at HYC – The Eight Best Practices

LHYC, working with the YRA of LIS and Huntington Yacht Club, cosponsored another in a series of Spring Speakers on March 26.  No stranger to us for his weather expertise, Pat Healy this time spoke of mistakes made on the race course and the eight best practices we should strive to follow.  After we were first asked why we chose to race the slowest form of transportation, we received the history of port and starboard (it harkens back to the Dutch and racing trading vessels in Great Britain in the 1600’s), we then ventured into the more practical,  getting back up to speed after a winter hiatus.  According to Pat, there is no substitute for logging hours in the boat, perhaps starting our season with multiple races, instead of one long race.  This creates muscle memory and the ability to then focus on tactics with other boats.   After briefly reviewing ladder rung strategies and certain mistakes we all make, we got down to the big eight: 1) practice your worst area first, 2) get time to review, revise & refocus, 3) set goals & peaking events, 4) keep things fresh – try change, 5) taper down before peaking-don’t cram, 6) take time off after peaking, 7) celebrate accomplishments and lastly, 8) SAIL ON THE LIFTED TACK!


Frostbiting Wrapped Up – The 2007-2008 season came to a close on March 30, wrapping up over 60 races between a Fall Series, a Spring Series and two regatta dates contained within those series.  This frostbiting fleet has now been going for a dozen years, having picked up where the now, slightly dated Penguin fleet left off.  For the first time in a number of years, we were not subjected to cancellations due to harbor freezes, however, our Fall dates were problematic with a northeaster, a no wind day and sub-freezing temps; March had only one cancellation due  to high winds, so, all in all, a pretty good season.  Our fleet will soon be tested on a regional level as we prepare to ship our boats south to the Great South Bay to compete in the inter-fleet Long Island JY Championships tentatively scheduled for May 4.  Having lost to the Snapper Inn fleet last year, we also lost the right to sail in our home waters, but we will hopefully have more temperate waters and better breeze than what we have been sailing in all winter long.  Due to increased demand for competitive dinghy sailing without the thermal protective layers, we will strive to organize regular season JY events throughout the summer months, which we hope will open up the class to new sailors and enable us to recruit more intrepid souls for the frostbiting fun.  If you’re interested in JY sailing, don’t hesitate to contact either Rich Rubel or Joe Scarpulla.   


Loose Ends:  This just in, the Memorial Day Cruise is shaping up with plans to overnight at the North Shore YC on Sunday, May 25; as information becomes available, Cruising Chair Mark Ambrosious will advise. _/) Our friends at the Northport YC want to advise us that they are again sponsoring a blood drive on Monday, May 5, from 3:30 PM to 8:30 PM and need our help.  For information and to register please contact Dennis Riddle at 757-8329, or Franklin LaBarbara at 262-5216, or the YC at 261-7633. _/) Lastly I would like to thank all of those who have contributed to the Melrose new engine fund. As space doesn’t allow me to personally thank you, you should know that your contribution is greatly appreciated and allows the club to continue in its proud tradition of running quality events.  If you have not contributed yet, or have overdue dues and mooring fees, please do not wait to send them. These fees are our life blood and allow us to keep fees at rock bottom minimum and still carry out our programs as you have come to expect. _/) As former NYC Mayor Ed Koch used to ask, “How am I doing” in a sort of run-on, New Yorkerish intonation, I’m interested as well in hearing from you. Please share your thoughts with me or the board and stay connected to your club.  I think I speak for the Board when I say that we are proud to serve you.                


Sincerely, Rich Rubel - Commodore, LHYC



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