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Zzzooom, C & C 35 Mk 1,  Chance keel, broach proof rudder

Solid glass hull-no delamination worries!  2007 Rod rigging.  Diesel 2001.
Over $80K restoration, sails, gear, strengthening/maximizing performance
last 10 years. Trophy earner.

Mylar/Kevlar main, 3 headsails, 3 chutes, staysail, storm sails,

cruising/race sails. Carbon pole, Lewmar 48 and 43 ST, oversize wheel.

$29,995 outright, $15K half ownership.

Trade  S2 9.1, B32, J boat, Olson 30, or?

Joe@JAexecutiveSearch.com for full inventory, race record, photographs.

Joe Nakelski, 631 351-5805 X1